Ted Cruz Names Carly Fiorina as Veep Running Mate

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Taking a tip from Ronald Reagan’s playbook, Ted Cruz names Carly Fiorina as his running mate.  Back in 1976 Reagan was behind Ford.  Prior to the Republican convention he named Senator Richard Schweiker (R.Pa) as his running mate.  Schweiker was a moderate Republican, although a strong pro-lifer.  Reagan came close to taking the nomination away from Ford at the convention.  Interestingly, Schweiker’s voting record became much more conservative thereafter.  In 1981 President Reagan appointed him as Secretary of HHS.

So, will this work?  Quien sabe?  It will get Cruz a lot of publicity going into the crucial Indiana primary.  Fiorina is an articulate and tough campaigner, and she should be getting intensive coverage for the next few weeks.  Trump, in the truly classless manner that he normally displays, will probably go over the top in his attacks against Fiorina.  All in all, I like the move.  It is unusual, but when you are behind doing the usual is a recipe for slow defeat.   Better to be bold and do the unexpected.

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  1. Ted certainly has nothing to lose here. It looks about certain that DaDonald is gonna get the nomination. Perhaps Carly can bait Trump into a classless rant. But that hasn’t hurt DaDonald yet. I don’t know what worries me more, a Trump nomination or a Trump presidency.

  2. One major network pointed out that Trump won in an affluent county of Maryland where Republican leaders live and in Bucks county PA which is affluent…meaning he won in areas that were not angry middleclass this week and he won at percents above those predicted by polls in many cases…and in a week wherein he reached 50% favorability for the first time. Strangest election ever. Convention leaders will have no leverage to deal with him if he goes above the 1237. ISIS staging an attack in September or October in Europe might put him in the white house easily. Pope Francis in the Vatican…Trump in the white house…Kim Jong-un in North Korea. The young have a shaky world before them…..but it all proves that God alone is one’s real security….so it is a very religious time in which to live.

  3. I was pro Carly early, and thrilled at how pro life she was. I was also pro cruz. I’m thrilled that Cruz will have another engaging, pleasanr, smart person on his team able to genuinely articulate what’s wrong with Trump’s position on abortion, on trans identity in elementary school, tariffs, national security, etc.

    It may be a Hail Mary pass. But I’m saying a whole lot of prayers to Our Lady for our nation. Trump v Hillary is too terrible to contemplate.

  4. Carly was best candidate but was treated shabbily when it came to the debates. It may not work but it was a classy move.

  5. Like the move. She is an articulate, smart woman who achieved her way to the top. She is an example of the American story. She is a classy, solid person who could fill the Office well. She has articulate answers to current problems. She seems prepared to meet the pressures, anger and violence of our day and lead in such times, as well as anyone.

  6. I like the ticket – 2 people with principles. People who can’t stand Cruz, like John Boehner, don’t have principles.

  7. Brian likes Carly. Bad move Brian. Carly only makes Ted look desperate and weak. The classy thing for Ted to do now is pull out and try to heal all the wounds. Since he has no chance this would do the honorable thing to do.

  8. “The honorable thing Michael would be for Trump to realize he would be a disaster as President and for him to withdraw as an act of patriotism.”

    Good luck with that!

  9. Trump might realize he shouldn’t have been so loose with his lips during this a campaign and he might have been able to have such a great running mate.

  10. Donald’s right, Michael.

    What professional team do you know that walks off the court or the field with nine more games in the season left to play, and a chance to make the playoffs? This presidential delegate nomination system has been in existence for well over 150 years, with each state party having control over how they want it to occur. According to your “reasoning” in this 2016 Republican presidential nominee contest, if it were followed 156 years ago, as you suggest Cruz do, Abraham Lincoln would never have become President. He won a contested nomination contest because nobody won the minimum number of votes to necessary to win it outright. Lincoln, who was way behind the leader in 2nd or 3 place in delegate votes, won the nomination on the 3rd ballot in a contested election.

    Lets let the process work its way out, instead of caving into a spoiled brats demanding to be given the nomination even though he has not obtained the minimum number of votes required to win it outright.

  11. Michael, I don’t think a guy who has won 9 U.S. Supreme Court cases out of 9 is an “idiot.” However, I do think people who don’t recognize the seriousness of this election and are falling for Trump’s antics are idiots. If Hillary Clinton gets elected she will have 3 picks for the U.S. Supreme Court and that will destroy the Supreme Court, and our Constitution forever. Polls indicated Trump will lose 48 or more states if he is the Republican nominee. Trump’s “pattern” in his life is “buying influence.” He is the epitome of “inside Washington D.C. crony capitalism.” Furthermore, Trump has said “Hillary Clinton is a great Secretary of State” and has contributed to her campaigns. How will he ever be able challenge her effectively? And now, John Boehner’s saddling up to Trump as a “texting and golfing buddy” confirms Trump is the “establishment” in the flesh. And speaking of “flesh.” Boehner (the former GOP Speaker of the House run out of his job by conservatives the people elected) saying Cruz is “Lucifer in the flesh” and a “son of a bitch” is all Cruz has to run on TV ads as proof of who the real anti-establishment conservative is who will honestly fight for the peoples’ well being both in jobs and safety of the nation.

  12. Stilbelieve:
    Excuse please. Just trying for a little humor to lighten things up what with all this ideological madness and all. No slur on Ted’s intelligence intended.

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