Who Is the Buddy of the GOP Establishment?

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One of the frustrating thing about this campaign for sentient observers is the absurd claim of the crony capitalist Donald Trump to be an outsider running against the establishment.  John Boehner, former Speaker of the House, put paid to that notion yesterday:

A few months ago I asked a Washington insider for the scoop on Ted Cruz. His first words were, “No one likes Ted.” Well, John Boehner certainly doesn’t:

The longtime Ohio powerhouse had not been very outspoken on the race since retiring last year, but he held little back when asked about the Texas senator and underdog GOP presidential candidate during a forum at Stanford University.

“I have Democrat friends and Republican friends. I get along with almost everyone, but I have never worked with a more miserable son of a bitch in my life,” he said, according to The Stanford Daily.

Boehner also called Cruz “Lucifer in the flesh.” Trump, on the other hand, he described as a “texting buddy.”

Go here to read the rest.  If the voters want a man to shake things up in Washington, that man is named Cruz.  The more of the same candidate is named Trump.

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  1. After 40 years a registered Republican (that’s after being a South Chicago born 3rd son of Catholic Democrats whose older brother was the VP of Will County Young Democrats who introduced John Kennedy to the Joliet town center rally in 1960) I registered out of the Democrat Party as a “non partisan” because of the Democrats support of legal abortion. When the Republican Party adopted a Right to Life constitutional amendment, I registered Republican to support their principled position. last year, 40 years later, I registered out of the GOP because of disgust with the lose of principles the Congressional GOP leadership exhibited after we voters gave them the leadership positions in Congress to fight Obama and his dictatorial actions as President, which they said they would do if they won the majority. Well, we gave them the majority, first the House, second the Senate, but they never would fight for what they said they would when running for reelection. The only person who did fight Obama was Senator Cruz. I had to re-register as a Republican this year in order to vote for Cruz in the CA primary this June 7th because it is a closed election for Republicans, i.e., only registered Republicans can vote in the CA Republican Primary.

    John Boehner’s resent public comments about Cruz is the best evidence that Ted Cruz is the best and only man running who will change what is happening in Washington D.C. That is why the Republican leadership despises Ted Cruz. Cruz, given the power of President, will force the Republicans in Congress to fulfill their campaign pledges to their constituents or they will not get reelected. They will be replaced with men and women that Cruz endorses.

    We Catholics need to back Cruz to win back our freedom of religion rights and to have a very knowledgeable person in the White House to fill Scalia’s vacancy plus those of 2 or more Supreme Court vacancies in the next 4 years, to be sure our original Constitutional Rights will be protected for decades to come. He will also push and sign an anti-funding bill ending taxpayer support of Planned Parenthood saving the lives of hundreds of thousand of unborn babies we say we believe God created . A Democrat president, no matter who it is, would pack the court with more anti-constitutional judges, like the 4 on there now, and they will destroy our Constitution and the unborn will never get their rights back to be born.

  2. Opps, a bit of confusion in what I just wrote concerning when I registered out of the Republican Party, and prior to the that, the Democratic Party I was “born into.” I left the D party in ’74, and was registered “non- partisan” while working in a grass-root pro-life political organization electing pro-life Congressmen all of whom were Republicans. I registered Republican because of their principled position in adding a RTL Constitutional Amendment to the GOP platform. I stayed registered Republican up until March of 2015 when they controlled both the House and the Senate but wouldn’t fight Obama and the Democrats on anything. I re-registered Republican last month when I was notified by the Register of Voters office in O.C. that not being in the GOP Party I won’t be allowed to vote for their Primary. The CA GOP Party has closed their primaries to only registered Republicans.

  3. I do find it odd that a billionaire is not somehow part of the “elite,” that the GOP “dumps” Boner as speaker and replaces him with Ryan, who is just as bad, and thinks sentient people won’t notice, and Ted, while being vilified by fellow GOPeratives, still has a Goldman Sachs wife but is an “outsider.”

    Appears to me they are all insiders to some degree or another. Perhaps Ted is less of one, but there is no politician who can be trusTED.

  4. A “Goldman Sachs wife”?
    Horrors, is she supposed to be a librarian? A model? A community organizer? Stay-at-homes aren’t allowed, we know, and likewise unmarried isn’t OK– but what, exactly, is the wife of a candidate allowed to do?
    Is Cruz supposed to have divorced her for being an investment banker?

  5. @c matt “Perhaps Ted is less of one, but there is no politician who can be trusTED.”

    It there ever is a politician that can be trusted in our day and time, LION Ted Cruz is the one. If you can’t see that, that only goes to show how poorly informed you are. And that is what is wrong with our system, people have to inform themselves to defend against getting what we have been subjected to these past 8 years. Boehner’s disgusting attack of Cruz’s character is a testimonial Cruz is for real the guy who will return the power of government to the people; that is why he is hated so much by the establishment. For gosh sake, a number of them are saying they will vote for Hilary if Cruz gets the nomination. That means they care less about our country and more about keeping their establishment in tack. It is disheartening so many Americans don’t see that.

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