I am Shocked! Shocked! Hillary Clinton’s Campaign Engaging in Vote Fraud in Primaries!


Who could possibly have thought, even in his wildest imaginings, that Hillary Clinton, of all people, married to that paragon of rectitude Bill Clinton, would have engaged in vote fraud?

Most infuriating is the Nevada primary, where Hillary Clinton won by only 700 votes. Among the issues reported there were shortages of ballots as well as ballots already pre-printed with Hillary Clinton’s logo. Also, several Clinton supporters were shown on video walking past poll workers while wearing Clinton T-shirts, which is illegal. One of the voters was heard to say that they weren’t registered, but would do so after they voted, which is also not allowed.

Which brings us to Kentucky, where the Attorney General’s office fielded 76 calls to the election fraud hotline. Fox 19 states that the calls came from 31 different counties and included issues with voting machines, illegal electioneering, buying and selling votes, and poll disruption as well as voter registration issues and procedural and legal questions.

Even more concerning are the discrepancies between the exit polls and the actual results of the elections. According to Money Morning, Edison Reporting is responsible for conducting the exit polls, and they are considered to be incredibly accurate as they are conducted at polling stations on the day of the election. This year, the results have been far beyond the expected margin of error in 17 primaries. Of those, nine had a margin of error of greater than 7 percent. In each case, the margin of error was in Clinton’s favor, and the cases with the highest margin were also the cases where the voting machines were over 10-years-old and therefore susceptible to hacking and other forms of tampering.

One should be able to expect his or her commander-in-chief to act within the bounds of the law and with respect to their constituents. Should Hillary win the presidency, if the primaries are any indication, this will not be the case.

Go here to read the rest.  Ah vote fraud.  It is part of being a Democrat, just like race-based appeals, stirring up class hatred and Union thugs.  It is always amusing during Democrat primaries when they deploy their usual filthy tricks against each other.

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  1. Madame Gross Negligence is shocked!(?)

    “Who cares?” Or, “What difference does it make?” Hillary Clinton.

    To see these scummy bottom feeders preying on each other isn’t funny to me, because they are just practicing for the main event when their refined unlawfulness will be commonplace at ballot stations across Amerika. What then?
    Who Cares? What difference does it make?
    These same words will dribble out of the Medusa’s mouth and her heartless soul-less followers will claim Madame Gross Negligence as their above the law Goddess.

    What do I really think of Hillary Clinton?

    Nearly sixty million corpses, rotted and mutilated, with a stench that bleeds through the clouds will reach the throne of God.
    As it does, Hillary Clinton will be called to give testimony. Final testimony.

    After the facts are gathered and denial is no longer a resting place, the woman who asked, “what difference does it make?,” will find her answer…

    The filthy tricks of the left expand the number of future inhabitants of the lake of fire. These tricks will be looked upon as a resource. A roadmap for victory at all cost. Lie. Cheat.
    False testimony. Deceive. Undermine. Sell your soul.

    Hillary Clinton?
    Another minion.
    Another looser with fake countenance.
    Another reason to pray for the conversion of sinners.

  2. I think we can see why the Democrats are so very resistant to the idea that
    one should present a photo ID to vote. They maintain that requiring ID
    disenfranchises poor people and amounts to “vote suppression”, but they’ve
    never explained how these off-the-grid poor people with no ID manage to
    apply for government assistance or cash the resulting checks.

  3. The Dems have been dancing with the devil in the form of Marxist reactionaries for years, using them as the foot soldiers in their war against everything traditional and foundational in Western culture. As Machiavelli warned, any mercenaries worth their salt will eventually turn on the Prince that employs them.

    This is that moment for the Dems. The convention will erupt in violence as the foot soldiers turn. They have been given every permission and afforded every excuse over the last few decades for all manner of violent and disruptive behavior, all in the name of advancing the Progressive (Marxist) agenda. They have been trained in the art of revolution.

    Hillary’s normal scummy way of doing business seems to be the spark that will ignite the blaze. And Sanders seems to be piling up all the kindling and firewood he can to make sure the fire burns with the intensity of his Marxist ambitions.

    Buckle up.

  4. I’m waiting to see what happens in Philadelphia in the November general election. In 2012, in 57 precincts in that town, Romney did garner one single vote. Oblo got 100 percent. I’m not sure there were even any votes for third, fourth, and so on party candidates. Statistically, I am told, that is a virtual impossibility. The Democrat party has become the Communist party!

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