Potty War: Let’s Pretend

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David Solway at PJ Media gets to the heart of not only Potty War but what ails the West in general:  a pernicious, wholly political, game of let’s pretend:


It is as if the Soviet pseudo-scientist Trofim Lysenko has risen from the grave and, by a mordant historical irony, infected not the burgeoning Russian empire but a weak and decadent West that has succumbed to a sterile and perilous sort of intellectual vernalization—a term glibly misused by Lysenko to describe the process, mistakenly thought heritable, of forcing winter cereals to behave like spring cereals. As plant biologist Richard Amasino writes, Lysenko’s belief that vernalized transformations could be inherited “fit the Marxist ideology that…a Marxist society could produce heritable changes in attitude, and, thus, if the proper environment was provided, future generations would consist of improved citizens. Lysenko’s efforts,” he continues, “to obtain or fabricate results that supported a political ideology…had disastrous consequences for Russian genetics.” Where the speculative and the real are in flagrant contradiction, the results are almost always catastrophic.

The West is now busy at work across the entire field of social, cultural and political life promoting its own version of Lysenkoism, a misconceived exercise of supposedly vernalizing reality by transforming fact into fantasy and truth into lie for the purpose of creating the perfect society and the redeemed human being, transferable across the generations. Its assumptions about the world are guided not by common sense or genuine science but by the precepts of ideology and political desire.

Examples abound of the ubiquitous tendency to replace ontology with myth, the determinate with the fluid and the objective with the delusionary. A modest inventory of such noxious miscontruals would include:

  • Biological sexual differentiation must yield to voluntary gender identity.
  • A cooling climate is obviously warming.
  • The demonstrable failure of socialism wherever it has been tried is proof that it has not been properly implemented.
  • Democratic Israel is an apartheid state.
  • Islam with its record of unstinting bloodshed is a religion of peace.
  • Illegal immigrants are undocumented workers.
  • Terrorism is workplace violence.
  • A child in the womb is a mass of insensible protoplasm.
  • The killing of the old and the ill is merciful, even when the recipient of such tender concern is not consulted.
  • There is no such thing as truth, an axiom regarded as true.
  • Green energy is a social and economic good irrespective of crony profiteering, exorbitant cost, wildlife devastation, and unworkability in its present state.
  • Storms, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, floods, tsunamis and mortality itself are natural phenomena, but Nature, which cares nothing for human life, is nonetheless sacred, vulnerable and at the mercy of human indifference.
  • Women are disadvantaged in the workforce, academia and society at large despite the fact that high-end hiring practices, legal judgments, custody protocols and university appointments, as well as student enrollment, wholly favor women to the detriment of men.
  • An enemy is a friend.
  • Criminality is innocence.
  • Losing is winning.
  • Prosperity is avarice.
  • Redistributing wealth, i.e., robbing the affluent and productive, is a form of compassion and basic justice.
  • Those who claim victim status are always credible.
  • Accumulating debt is an economic stimulus.
  • Big government is a boon to mankind.
  • War is passé (so 19th century).
  • Diplomacy and talk—the higher Twitter—will prevail over barbarism.
  • The most gynocentric society ever created is a rape culture.
  • Palestine is a historically legitimate nation.
  • Uniformity of thought and action equals cultural diversity.
  • An exploded lie merely confirms what it lies about (e.g., Rigoberta Menchu).
  • Morality is relative.
  • Merit is an unearned distinction.

Or in other words, what is, is not, and what is not, is.



Go here to read the rest.  Pope Leo XIII saw all this coming back in 1878:


But the boldness of these bad men, which day by day more and more threatens civil society with destruction, and strikes the souls of all with anxiety and fear, finds its cause and origin in those poisonous doctrines which, spread abroad in former times among the people, like evil seed bore in due time such fatal fruit. For you know, venerable brethren, that that most deadly war which from the sixteenth century down has been waged by innovators against the Catholic faith, and which has grown in intensity up to today, had for its object to subvert all revelation, and overthrow the supernatural order, that thus the way might be opened for the discoveries, or rather the hallucinations, of reason alone. This kind of error, which falsely usurps to itself the name of reason, as it lures and whets the natural appetite that is in man of excelling, and gives loose rein to unlawful desires of every kind, has easily penetrated not only the minds of a great multitude of men but to a wide extent civil society, also.

When God is taken out of the equation, Man is left to his own devices, and we see how well he manages now on his own as ideologues of the left seek to impose ever more political fantasies onto the reality of human existence.  We have been down this road for quite a long time and, like all examples of human hubris and folly, this will all end in disaster and human tears.



Then the Gods of the Market tumbled, and their smooth-tongued wizards withdrew
And the hearts of the meanest were humbled and began to believe it was true
That All is not Gold that Glitters, and Two and Two make Four
And the Gods of the Copybook Headings limped up to explain it once more.

As it will be in the future, it was at the birth of Man
There are only four things certain since Social Progress began.
That the Dog returns to his Vomit and the Sow returns to her Mire,
And the burnt Fool’s bandaged finger goes wabbling back to the Fire;

And that after this is accomplished, and the brave new world begins
When all men are paid for existing and no man must pay for his sins,
As surely as Water will wet us, as surely as Fire will burn,
The Gods of the Copybook Headings with terror and slaughter return!

Rudyard Kipling


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  1. How to beat Hillary who portrays herself as the first woman candidate for President but is little more and a lot less. Following upon Obama’s ridiculous transgender gambit, have Sanders or Trump simply self-identify as a woman. There it is. No need to vote for Hillary.

  2. “Those who claim victim status are always credible”.
    — Except if giving credence to the claim inconveniences the left. For
    example, Bill Clinton has had claims of sexual assault made against him
    since his college days. Paula Jones, Kathleen Willey, Juanita Broadderick
    and Gennifer Flowers etc. etc. have all claimed to be the victims of his
    sexual aggression. The left’s response has always been to circle the wagons
    around Bill and attack the women’s reputations. Ted Kennedy was also
    a beneficiary of the left’s selective willingness to listen to the claims of victims
    of sexual assault.

    Universal deceit. Blacks, gays, illegals, muslims, transgenders, et al must always come first – you have no right. Their rights trump all of your rights. Anyone who disagrees is a racist and must be punished.
    The aristocracy (Hillary, Obama, et al) call speaking the Truth, “hate speech.”
    George Orwell: “in times of universal deceit (‘political correctness)’, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act (‘hate speech’).”

  4. Cardinal Sarah said ‘God or Nothing’. To be without God is to be without reason and thus nothing. The above litany of irrational formulations are perfect examples. Until the world returns to God we will continue to descend into chaos, into nothingness. And the reason the descent has accelerated is because the Catholic Church has appropriated the wisdom of the secular world and lost conscientiousness of it’s God given mission. With Pope Francis this “achievement” is now even being celebrated. Conclusion: Only divine intervention will be effective now.

  5. While this post covers many more topics than the public restroom debate, on that matter, I propose that a far more simple solution than “let people who are transgender use either restroom” (which is how the changes have been phrased in everything I’ve seen on the matter). Simply declare all public restrooms gender neutral (Put me on the “we should at least not do nothing” side, for the dangers of physical attack that individuals who are transgender face are very real. And to say “well they should not display their difference then” is to justify violence. To say “they deserved it”).

    This might seem like its basically the same thing. However, there is a crucial difference. This way does not get into the discussion of gender identity/what we are born as vs. consider ourselves at all.

    As far as “propriety”? End the use of urinals. What is more, it is not like we don’t have gender neutral restrooms anyway. That is essentially what all of our restrooms at home are. And the lines are already allowed to be blurred. Parents will take little kids into restroom of their own gender.

    Essentially, there is something for everyone.

  6. @7789

    “And to say, well they should not display their difference then, is to justify violence. To say, they deserved it.”

    I do not condone violence towards mentally challenged individuals.

    I also do not believe in creating dangerous environments for child molesters to prey on the innocent.

    The influence of one Muslim President to recommend that public schools allow confused children to use either bathroom OR the school system face financial blowback from Federal government assistance is criminal. As the governor of Texas said;”President Obama can keep his thirty pieces of silver.”

    What’s worse?
    If a transgender person is attacked in their respective bathroom or a teenage girl is raped because a paedophile legally is allowed into a woman’s bathroom?

    The safety of both is important, however Obama has placed the innocent children in danger so a very small segment of society can feel better about themselves. A segment that refuses to accept their natural gender and in essence, demands society to accept and provide money to change their plumbing.


    Please read the DR’s comment pertaining to his field of psychiatry and the “madness” in caving into the sex change craze. He is right.
    They are to help them with their mental illness, not advance it and call it good medicine to spend $20,000 to buy a vagina and think all will be right from now on.

    Obama’s decision has hindered the mentality ill. He has placed wolves inside the chicken coop. The blurring of Obama’s recommendations will be focused clearly and plainly when assaults increase in restrooms. When young girls are raped and terrorized because a mentally ill individual would feel better to use a bathroom of his/her choosing, then will you understand the great injustice this Muslim has created by opening all doors to predators.

  7. 1. “mentally ill” There is a WORLD of difference between being transgender and being schizophrenic, various forms of autism, needing special education or in home care, etc.

    2. the stats tend to suggest the whole of some sort of explosion of violence idea is a myth,

    3. Make all restrooms gender neutral and eliminate the use of urinals, and the above hypothetical isn’t a problem anyway. The “danger” is no greater than anywhere else in public.

  8. “1. “mentally ill” There is a WORLD of difference between being transgender and being schizophrenic, various forms of autism, needing special education or in home care, etc.”

    Thinking you should be the opposite sex is on par with thinking you should be a dog or a tree. It is clearly a mental illness and so would be recognized if not for the politics surrounding this matter.

    “2. the stats tend to suggest the whole of some sort of explosion of violence idea is a myth.”



    “3. Make all restrooms gender neutral and eliminate the use of urinals, and the above hypothetical isn’t a problem anyway. The “danger” is no greater than anywhere else in public.”

    Here is a thought. Males use male restrooms and females use female restrooms. A miniscule number of mentally ill people should not be allowed to alter an arrangement that serves well the vast majority of the population. Catering to the fantasies of the mentally ill does them no good.

  9. Donald.
    Your link provides 5 cases.
    How many more since that article?
    5, 25?

    The common sense that prevailed years ago is now an uncommon occurrence. The “leftovers” are infesting the populace. Political correctness is the name of this virus.

    As always…. prayers and courage.

    Courage to always stand up for Truth when popular fashion has been promoted to remove Truth from the minds and hearts of men and women. Paganism will perish.

  10. 1. i contend they are no where close to being the same. What is more, being transgender does not impact the quality of ones perception of the world around them or ability to follow the rules of society.

    2. a few cases does not make an epidemic.

  11. J.S. Person 1 stated; “2. A few cases does not make an epidemic.”

    If you are speaking of the 5 cases presented then I would consider the frustration you might feel if one of the “cases” involved your mom, wife or daughter. You might not feel that an epidemic is at hand, however you may well feel the angst of a parent who lives under absurd rules that place your loved one in harm’s way.

    Abortion wasn’t considered an epidemic in 1973. Nearly sixty million deaths since then might just qualify legalized abortion as an epidemic of great proportion.

    btw…..do you have any adolescent daughters?

  12. “1. I contend they are no where close to being the same. What is more, being transgender does not impact the quality of ones perception of the world around them or ability to follow the rules of society.”

    It involves the same refusal to face reality and an embracing of a complete fantasy instead. The mentally ill people called transgenders, at least the activists among them, not only refuse to follow the rules of society they seek to alter the rules to cater to their madness.

    “2. a few cases does not make an epidemic.”

    Oh come off it! What do you think is going to happen when you give license to men to go into female restrooms by claiming to be transgender? This isn’t rocket science.

  13. make all restrooms gender neutral rather than keeping the binary and letting people choose, and there is no greater danger than there is anywhere else.

  14. “make all restrooms gender neutral rather than keeping the binary and letting people choose, and there is no greater danger than there is anywhere else.”

    No need to do that if we simply do not cater to a small fragment of the population that is mentally ill. Additionally the idea that we should go through the expense of modifying the public bathrooms throughout the nation to accomodate people who disbelieve their DNA is loony tunes.

  15. There may be very few cases of sexual confusion but there will likely be numerous cases of abuse of women and girls in restrooms, even shower rooms by dangerous or depraved persons who will take advantage of the utter nonsense coming from the current President. A sane citizenry would question the sanity of this man.

  16. while one would have to go through expense to remove old urinals, in situations where this might be too much for a time, one doesnt actually have to go through much expense. more or less just declare bathrooms gender neutral.

  17. “while one would have to go through expense to remove old urinals, in situations where this might be too much for a time, one doesnt actually have to go through much expense. more or less just declare bathrooms gender neutral.”

    Well getting rid of urinals would certainly inconvenience all males in the country and add vastly to lines at male public rest rooms. Additionally that does not solve the problem of multi-stall restrooms which both males and females under your plan would be using together. This is completely nuts.

  18. Its the near future. There are public restrooms without urinals. All that is in these restrooms are sinks and stalls.

    What is so nuts about this future?

  19. “There are public restrooms without urinals.”

    In almost all male public restrooms I have been in there are urinals. It is nuts to go through all this simply to cater to a small group of mentally ill people.

  20. So now we have to change billions of dollars of plumbing to satisfy a handful of disordered people who are confused about their own “plumbing”. That is crazy.

  21. William P.Walsh.

    The future!

    I dare not guess what the future progressive will come up with 20 years down the road.
    Ok….one guess. By then the liberal thinking..yes thinking..(going out on a limb since thought seems to be sewage material for many,) will be how to accommodate the animal he or she is wed to.
    After all..the pony Sally married will have “rights” to choose to go to the mall with her if she wishes. Then comes the restroom use.
    Re-plumb for Billy the pony, Sally’s mate.

    Just look around.

    “Lets make all public bathrooms gender neutral.”

    Here’s one better.

    A porta potty will be available for all transgender individuals everywhere around the country, for their exclusive use. We will save the taxpayer millions from having to change public restrooms, and give the transgender community a private room…all to themselves.

    No risks from paedophile’s going into the wrong public restrooms to harm our children.
    Surely Obama could compromise, and leave the boys room for boys, and likewise for the girl folk.

  22. First, tell Obama, The Man Who Would be King, that he is not. And then remind him that where Title IX says “No person in the United States shall, on the basis of sex, be excluded” , it does not mean on the basis of a mental disorder, that sex is scientifically simply sex and not some subjective distortion of reality. And then let us consider the abolition of the US Department of Education as an unnecessary and rather toxic formula concocted by our second worst President James E. Carter. Finally, never – never – never – Hillary.

  23. Reagan June 1982, “Tear down this wall.”
    Obama June 2016, “Tear down this stall.”
    Mr. Dowd, Truth. All this socio-psycho garbage is meant to destroy our faith, our families, and our way of life. The liberals are circling for the kill. Resist as best you can.
    PS: The magnificence of Hillary’s (and Trump Derangement Syndrome/establishment GOP) “dream economy” is Venezuela, where they do their food shopping in dumpsters. Be prepared.

  24. Somebody wrote; “Hell is the impossibility of reason.” Charlie Sheen’s character in Platoon.

    To me…this obscure quote fits perfectly with the subject matter.

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