Saint Augustine on God as Father

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THE  SON OF GOD, our Lord Jesus Christ, has taught us a prayer; and though He be the Lord Himself, as you have heard and repeated in the creed, the only Son of God, yet He would not be alone. He is the only Son, and yet would not be alone; He wishes to have brothers. For to whom does He say: “Our Father who art in Heaven?” Whom did He wish us to call our Father but His own Father? Did He begrudge us this? Parents sometimes, when they have had one, or two, or three children, fear to give birth to any more lest they reduce the rest to beggary. But because the inheritance which He promised us is such as many may possess and no one be impoverished, therefore has He called into His brotherhood the peoples of the nations; and the only Son has numberless brothers who say, “Our Father who art in Heaven.” So said they who have been before us; and so shall say those who will come after us. See how many brethren the only Son has in His grace, sharing His inheritance with those for whom He suffered death. We had a father and mother on earth, that we might be born to labors and to death: but we have found other parents, God our Father, and the Church our Mother, by whom we are born unto life eternal. Let us then consider, beloved, whose children we have began to be; and let us live so as becomes those who have such a Father. See how that our Creator has condescended to be our Father!

The core truth of Christianity is that God is our loving Father.  Something to remember on Father’s Day and every day.

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  1. To the “numberless brothers who say, Our Father, Who art in Heaven..” Happy Father’s Day!

    Picking out a Father’s Day card for the parish priest is an expression of appreciation.
    Our Priest is extraordinary, Fr. Libby. He has helped create vocations to the priesthood. One example is Father Jarvis, who will be celebrating Holy Mass at 11am this morning in the Latin Rite. His first one.
    What a Father’s Day gift to God the Father Almighty.

    “Our life truly is a gift from God the Father, and what we do with our lives is our gift back to Him.” Author unknown.

  2. A quick note of thanks, Mr. McClarey, for this fine blog and your eclectic offerings that are so good for the soul. I realized that I just take it for granted; just pop on to your site and consume all the fine things you present every day. The least I can do is thank you for it. So, Thank You!

    St. Augustine started me on the path (through his “Confessions”) that ultimately led me out of Protestantism in which I was raised, into the Catholc Church some 15 years later. I always (especially these days) appreciate wisdom from the “good Doctor” in his unique and personal, precise, logical, progressive, discoursing style. Leave it to him to open up a new avenue of appreciation for our Heavenly Father through His Son

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