David Daleiden Cleared of All Charges

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Via Red State:

The man behind the undercover sting videos that exposed Planned Parenthood’s baby parts for profit scheme, David Daleiden, was indicted on sham charges of attempting to purchase baby parts from Planned Parenthood. These charges are viewed by many as a smoke screen to pull attention away from Planned Parenthood, and cast shade on Daleiden.

But now, Daleiden has been cleared of all charges by the Harris County DA. This after a Harris county judged completely dismissed the case against Daleiden.

This is a logical conclusion, seeing as how Daleiden and his associates followed the law when creating these videos. It should also be noted that the DA who filed these charges against Daleiden was working with Planned Parenthood to discredit and hopefully, end Daleiden’s career.

The damage has already been done, as intended. Purely political prosecutions such as this are not about actually getting convictions – though if you can get one, as in the case of Tom Delay, all the better. Daleiden has effectively been Rick Perry’d, as his work has been discredited in the eyes of an ignorant public who likely will not see stories about the charges being dropped.

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  1. In the mean time, Hillary Clinton had no intention to willfully disregard the law when she negligently sort of accidentally on purpose left a crapload of classified information lying around on her homebrew email server that wasn’t at all about circumventing public records laws.

    But don’t you dare try pulling that off. You have to be a professional screw-up to get away with that kind of larceny!

  2. Praise the Lord! Prayers answered. An innocent man goes free.
    Justice is not complete: what about the court costs, the lawyers’ fees, loss of the indicted’s income, etc.? The DA should be disbarred and dismissed from her office. PPH continues to operate in the state of Texas; the slaughter of innocents continues.

  3. Contributing to his attorney’s fees was one of my best spent donations. I don’t say this as prideful self glorification, no. I mentioned it because when a man stands up to battle Goliath and doesn’t balk at the repercussions, he is a living and breathing hero in my book.

    The farce from Houston knew this wouldn’t stick from the very beginning as Don had pointed out. They were sending their best effort to try to keep others stagnant and deter others from whistleblowing or setting up “gotcha” moments. To hell with them!
    If anything, their offensive move just proved what slacked jawed morons they are.
    Dead baby parts for sale and distribution.

    Hate is too strong…but I do hate the Worse than Murder crowd. They stink.

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