Father John Hollowell Calls Out Head of Planned Parenthood


Hattip to Matt Archbold at Creative Minority Report. 

Father John Hollowell of the Archdiocese of Indianapolis calls out Cecile Richards, head of Planned Parenthood Worse Than Murder, Inc.

The money quote:
“We have no doubt that in 20 or 50 or 100 years, other societies and other civilizations will look back and will lump your organization in with the slave traders, the Nazis, the communists, all those groups that have always sought to oppress people.”

Optimism for the future and a fighting spirit:  ever the authentic voice of the Church Militant.  Bravo Father Hollowell!


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  1. May his spark ignite an unstoppable fire to consume this so-called “woman’s reproductive health” issue, more accurately know as killing children…in less than 20, 50 or 100 years from now.

  2. Truly, there may be such a “lumping,” but Planned Parenthood will be distinguished in hsiroty, and the differences between Cecile Richards and Hitler, Stalin, and slavers will be starkly clear. Planned Parenthood has done things the Nazis did not dream of. Yes, the Nazis cut the hair from those who were entering the gas chambers and used it for socks for the Reich’s submariners and as delay devices in bomb fuses. Yes, the Nazis used Jewish non-persons’ skin as lampshades; used fat from Jewish cell masses for soap, and removed all gold fillings from the mouths of the dead Jewish subhumans. But Nazis never recovered and sold Jewish body parts, nor did they harvest human organs from still-living Jews in agony. I am unaware of history revealing Nazis selling any body parts or organs. At least the Nazis had the human decency to hide their evil, and not celebrate it with applause in the Reichstag. Stalin was considerate enough to keep secret the 20,000,000 murders he oversaw, rather than seeking praise for them. And the slavers assiduously tried to keep everyone from ever viewing the interior of a slave ship, and hoped no one smell the stench from them when they came into port. It is, in a way, a desecration of their legacy and an insult to the memory of the Nazis, the communists, and the slavers to accuse them of being like Cecile Richards, her coven, and Planned Parenthood. Guy McClung, San Antonio, Texas

  3. Guy McClung,

    Tough words. And they deserve every letter of it.

    There is no other conclusion than what you draw; assuming your premises are true. Your assumed premise is that the biological matter, shredded in the trash can, is (IS), a human being; an immortal soul.

    That is the core issue now, no less than then. For slavers and nazis both the violence depended on FIRST de-humanizing the object of their oppression. The objects of their violence were either less than human (2/3 human in the case of the negro) or not human at all in the case of the Jew and the unborn.

    Any debate I’ve ever had on the topic ends at the opening statement on first principles. If the thing in the womb is like a tumor or an appendix; if the thing being led to the gas chamber is like a dog or a biological disease; then how to dispose of it is indeed a minor personal choice, or perhaps even a social imperative.

    If, however,(s)he is a life made in the image of God, FROM God, going back TO God. Well, my goodness, what we are doing in this country is the greatest evil in the history of mankind.

    That is why the Priests and Faithful must lead. The solution to this evil is NOT political. It is Spiritual. We must convert those among whom we live; one, by one, by one. They must be made to know God again, FIRST. And then, all the necessary conclusions will fall into place.

  4. I HAVE A SAY also. As an old woman (78), barely educated (high school only), I still can fight with my wallet, and so can anyone, if they really give a damn about this issue. Go online (if a tech retard like me can do it, anyone can), find out who the corporate sponsors of PLANNED PARENTHOOD, and of their non-profit supporters like Susan G Komen, American Cancer Society, ASPCA, etc. are. Then INFORM all their like-minded friends and actively BOYCOTT these abetting partners of baby killers. Write to the local president of Chase Bank, the manager of your local Walgreens, Kohl’s, etc. and to the national headquarters,
    informing them of what you are doing and why.

    General Mills should be especially targeted, because they have bought the consciences of all the bishops and school superintendents who participate in the Boxtops for Education program, for the big bucks each school can get.

  5. Edie Eason.

    Your wisdom can overshadow many a college graduate so please don’t underestimate the ingenuity of a 78 year young soul like yourself.
    Great points.
    I will Google boxtops for education program after work today.
    Thanks for your suggestions.

  6. Brian-Ditto re “spiritual.” But so often I find myself longing for a kick-butt Mesisah to come RIGHT NOW! That’s easy compared to trying to live a daily life of virtue. Edie Eason: love a gal who has the fortitude and conviction to sign her name – from one “tech retard” to another-still I am only a youngster in my seventieth year. Please make my “prayer deal” with me – I have a feeling God knows your voice-You pray for me and mine, I pray for you and yours. God bless all in this house. and Y’all: Keep on havin’ a fullofwonder weekend. Gug McClung, San Atnonio Texas

  7. Thanks Edie.

    I just started looking at General Mills boxtop programs…over half a billion $ since 1996 conception went to school programs…
    The question of course is what programs?

    So sad how many large donors give to Worse than Murder Inc. Bank of America being one of them…. funny because their reputation is gutter sludge so it’s not surprising that they contribute.

    As for any employee’s of B of A….my condolences.

    No more Ben & Jerrys….. thanks ALOT Edie.
    Seriously…your right about the $.
    I can do without their line of ice cream.
    Well….for that matter, all ice cream until I drop more weight.

    Peace Edie.

  8. Philip – I appreciate your kind words. They inspire me to keep up the fight against Planned Parenthood, and Susan G. Komen, one of their more deceptive partners. The research I’ve done shows that General Mills has been a supporter of abortion since the eighties. When some Catholic school districts learned of GM’s contributions to PP, and threatened to pull out of the Boxtops program, GM stopped giving DIRECTLY TO PP, and went through the back door, giving a MINIMUM of $1m annually to Susan G. Komen. General Mills covers over 100 brands, so boycotting it is not easy – but really worthwhile goals seldom are. Recently, the partnership list on Komen’s website dropped the name General Mills, and now shows Yoplait – a product of GM-as a major donor. My archbishop, Gregory Almond of the N.O. diocese and his Supt. of schools justify participating because some so-called ?Catholic ethicist said its OK because General Mills does not contribute DIRECTLY TO PP. To me, its akin to approving doing business with a shop in Berlin that sells lamps with human-skin shades, because you do not buy directly from the death camps. Relativism?

  9. “Do not think that I came to send peace upon earth: I came not to send peace, but the sword.” Matthew 10:34 and Luke 12:52 “For henceforth in one house five will be divided, three against two, and two against three.” Sad to say, we are a nation divided, even amongst members of families. The call is nonetheless clear, as clear as a certain trumpet, to battle evil, to overcome evil with good.

  10. Father Hollowell’s powerful words are inspirational. I only wish the video would get wide distribution.

    His comparison of Planned Parenthood to slave holders is something that was expressed by one of my favorite authors, Andrew Klavan, last year.

    Here is part of his essay:
    “There will come a time when the people who run Planned Parenthood will be viewed as we view slaveholders today.

    “Today, you hear young people say, ‘Why should we listen to the people of the past? Why should we admire their accomplishments? They held slaves. They were racists. They conquered other nations. Who cares what books they wrote? What discoveries they made? What governments they created? They owned people. They owned human beings as property. Why should we do anything but despise them?

    But the young have no pity. They have no compassion. They feel them, but they don’t have them. That only comes with time. The people of the 18th century saw themselves as the forgers of new ideas and new nations and new ideas for nations. The young take all those things for granted. They see the men and women of the past only as slaveholders and racists and conquerors. Which they also were.

    We see ourselves as inventing new machines, new medicines, new art forms, connecting human minds in new ways. The young of the future will take all those things for granted. They’ll see us as the slaughterers of the helpless, the butcherers of the silent, the small, the weak. The cannibals of our own children.

    Which we also are.”

    Here is the rest:

  11. Slavery took many forms, or we should say takes, as slavery is not fully erased. See ISIS enslaving young women as we live and breathe. Do not the young have pity on them either? Not all forms of slavery were as demeaning as that in the New World of the period under discussion. Slavery in the ancient world could be worse but often very much better, even genteel. One half the population of the Roman Empire was enslaved in one form or another, yet some slaves had slaves, and were wealthy.

    More apt than seeing us as mere slaveholders, we have come to resemble the pagan people of Canaan who sacrificed children to their demonic idols. Our idols are not of wood or stone, mere graven images. Our idols are money, convenience and little luxuries. And for these things some will sacrifice their unborn sons and daughters, until the land is polluted with blood.

  12. William……the land IS already polluted with blood. At an conservative estimate of 3oz of blood from the …ok well you see the math. 1,406,250 us gallons…not pints…if blood. Innocent blood on the hands of our sisters, aunts, cousins, girlfriends, wives, mothers and men who convinced them it was “the final solution.”

  13. Philip, you are correct. Is it sixty million since Roe v Wade? I doubt the population of the world was that many in 1,400 B.C.. In fact, It seems by some estimates, there were only 40 million people in the world at the time of Moses. It makes one shudder to think of it. Time to pray, “Oh Lord, I am but dust and ashes but if there be……………..

  14. WPW.

    I recall the Genesis reading from only a few weeks ago at most.

    It’s a fact that the Lord has chosen to allow the weeds to grow along with the wheat in relationship to the new Sodom and Gomorrah.
    Jesus Christ, owner and purchaser of our souls, has various countermeasures that haven’t been used yet in the miracle of converting weed to wheat.
    His patience is the model we must imitate.

    I get anxious about the continuation of innocent blood being poured out of babies designed to fulfill God’s purposes. If HE can be patient with this slaughter of his own children…then I must be patient. That of course doesn’t mean to be silent or complacent as the plague marches on, but it does fill my heart with an urgent sense of sounding the alarm for the young that I work with. Consistently and with conviction.
    Our responsibility to inform, instruct and be concerned is serious matter.
    Lives are in the balance.

  15. This is a great video and powerful words from Father. They’re as true and inspirational as they were when he first published this video. It’s probably 4 or 5 years ago that I first saw this YouTube video. And in the intervening years, what’s happened? Sorry for being so pessimistic but ugh.

    I recommend Father do a 2016 version to bolster this older video.

  16. Abortion in the Western World is mass murder and also demographic suicide. When we sin against natural law we risk natural and supernatural punishment.

  17. I’m not sure where “stand” the Pope and USCCB on abortion.
    The Dems (all lies all the time) and their press lackeys (all swear to Dem lies all the time) jumped President Trump for joking about removing a crying baby. The irony of such criticism by people who promote the sales of murdered baby parts can only be missed by idiot liberals (I repeat myself again) and their dishinest, equally dimwitted media enablers.
    These people are worse than Hitler – but not as smart. The annual PP “Maggie” Award is named after the fourth worst piece of human flotsam to ever draw breath – PP founder Margaret Sanger.

  18. T. Shaw-and now the dems and their democatholic supporters have Judas Benedict Kaine-who will be a heartbeat away from being the most powerful man in the world-assuming he does not self-identify as asexual, ourang, or female after he is sworn in.

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