Quotes Suitable for Framing: George Washington



If Historiographers should be hardy enough to fill the page of History with the advantages that have been gained with unequal numbers (on the part of America) in the course of this contest, and attempt to relate the distressing circumstances under which they have been obtained, it is more than probable that Posterity will bestow on their labors the epithet and marks of fiction; for it will not be believed that such a force as Great Britain has employed for eight years in this Country could be baffled in their plan of Subjugating it by numbers infinitely less, composed of Men oftentimes half starved; always in Rags, without pay, and experiencing, at times, every species of distress which human nature is capable of undergoing.

George Washington, letter to Major General Nathaniel Greene, February 6, 1783

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  1. It very well could be that the half starved, lower income, outdated fashion, God fearing Americans with rosaries and faith will befuddle the tyrants of today. Correction.
    Not could be….it will be.

    In the end, Our Lady’s Immaculate Heart will Triumph!

    BTW…..Many good and honorable Christians are above the poverty threshold. They are blessed to have and share their wealth with neighbors. They too, are the new Minutemen.

  2. Then, God was with us. Read the histories.
    Today, the rulers and their enablers have turned aside from God.
    Washington with God’s help won independence.
    Lincoln with God’s help saved the Union.
    FDR beat the Japanese Empire and German Nazism.
    JFK put men on the Moon.
    Obama put men in the Ladies Room.
    In the end, all will be well for those who constantly pray for, and strive to obtain, God’s gift of grace to do His will.

  3. Currently reading David McCullough’s book, 1776, which includes a lot of primary source info re: Washington and detailed battle plans and decision making on the British & American sides. Good stuff. Thank you for posting this.

  4. Christian Teacher, I think that is an excellent book. I came away convinced that Washington truly was a great man and that God was on our side; otherwise, we’d be Canada.
    The Battle of Long Island was fought on 27 Aug 1776, 240 years ago tomorrow. Several commemorations are planned.
    The Army’s successful evacuation (by whale boats in night fog) from Brooklyn can be ascribed to Divine Assistance.
    One of the (few) benefits of living just outside of NYC is being able visit Greenwood Cemetery, which not only holds the remains of many famous and notorious New Yorkers, but is the site of the Americans’ main line of resistance in the Battle of Brooklyn Heights. At the high point, there is a bronze statue of Minerva pointing toward the Statue of Liberty, which wasn’t there when erected. Law forbids erecting a building to block the view. Also, close by in the area is the site of the famous stand of the Maryland Regiment.

    Barnet Shecter wrote the book, The Battle For New York: The City at the Heart of the American Revolution. I have been on tours he led through the battlefield in and around Greenwood Cemetery.
    An aside: Mr. Schecter also wrote, The Devil’s Own Work, which is a detailed history of the 1863 NY draft riots. It’s a good exposition of evil Democrats (I repeat myself again), then and now.

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