Charles Martel Lives

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This brought a smile to my face:

Blog Catholique reports that the unknown man approached the group and began blasting music to stop the Catholics from completing their prayer. It was then that one of the worshipers rose from his knees and turned to confront the man before delivering a monstrous punch that instantly knocked out the Muslim.

Go here to read the rest.  Catholics, stand up!


Triumphant Daughter of the Father,

Pray for us.

Triumphant Mother of the Son,

Pray for us.

Triumphant Spouse of the Holy Ghost,

Pray for us.

Triumphant Choice of the Most Holy Trinity,

Pray for us.

Triumphant in Thy Immaculate Conception,

Pray for us.

Triumphant in Crushing the Head of the Serpent,

Pray for us.

Triumphant Over All the Children of Adam,

Pray for us.

Triumphant Over All Our Enemies,

Pray for us.


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  1. About damn time, I say.

    YouTube has several vids of people chanting anti-Islam slogans at soccer games and elsewhere in Poland. I won’t post links to them. The language does not fit this blog.
    Islam understands one thing….force. Hit them in the mouth and they will run.

  2. . The problem with the full force sucker punch though and this variant which signals by body approach a bit before being thrown….is the concrete sidewalk meeting the head like that. We have two guys in this NY harbor area from different years…serving sentences in prison for manslaughter for this kind of surprise or almost surprise punch which killed their opponents…one guy died several days after the punch.
    These black/ white…migrant/native fights in Europe are far more extant ( see youtube…migrants attack….etc. ) than we realize from our sanitized US news and have many there on edge and ready for the next one. This Catholic was stewing about the whole matrix or syndrome long before throwing this left hook….that punch had emotional history behind it but realistically, in the US, he could have ended up in jail or paying a law suit or both because the other had not attacked him physically.

  3. I saw the video, too, and without an explanation, would not have understood it. I wonder if the fellow who threw the punch knew the other fellow. There seemed to be little time to say “Hey, buddy, leave us alone. We don’t want trouble,” etc.

  4. And not to be dismissed is the that the whole thing was a set-up. The knock-out came just too fast after the guy showed up. Catholic agitprop.

  5. One man threw a punch. The rest of Europe is out to lunch.
    Obama would prosecute it as a hate crime, scream “Islamo-phobia,” and issue an executive order banning more guns
    The elites and leftists are at war with “the West.”

  6. Notice how much bigger the aggressor is, yet our hero scores a KO with 1 punch.
    How?…Because God is behind that punch all the way. Don’t kid yourself otherwise.
    A small answer to our many prayers.

  7. The blood of the Hammer runs in his veins.

    I had a commenter lamenting on the rise of the beta male in the Church overall. I think the pendulum will begin to swing in the other direction.

    I think the punch thrown was based off all the righteous anger that is beginning to build within many there in Europe. Notice he was observing the threat early on in the video. For all he knew that guy was going to pull a knife or some other weapon.

    After studying Iraqis up close during my deployment, the tribal use of force seemed to be the only way to get their attention. Raw, naked force is the only thing they respect.

  8. Someone forgot to turn the other cheek.

    That wasn’t insult– that was preparation for an attack.

    Was he supposed to wait until the woman on her bare knees in the front was bloody on the ground before he responded? She would be a prime target– tall, focused, and obviously dedicated, to be kneeling like that without even fidgeting.
    The guy who walked up trying out drown out the prayer walked by at least once before that we have on video; the sound would keep anyone from being able to hear him approaching for another attack until after there was at least one body on the ground, and it is not improbable that he had someone there with him.
    The little guy apparently has some exposure to modern threat/defense training.

  9. (Incidentally, last research I heard into ancient culture, “turn the other cheek” is one of several insulting wrongs where His suggestion did the same sort of harm to the one wronged– but also turned it around so the other was insulted; my favorite is the one where Roman military was allowed to force you to carry things for the initial distance… so if you carry it twice as far, they could get in trouble; the culture Jesus was dealing with was so tied up in insult and honor that it is really, really hard to wrap your mind around it. Imagine an entire culture of touchy gang-type thugs that don’t have the judgement issues that go with that weakness in our culture.)

  10. Didn’t St Nicholas punch that heretic Arius in the face at the Council of Nicea?
    That Musloid got what he fully deserved.

  11. Arminius, you learned in Iraq exactly what was learned by the Church in ages past, and thrown away by Nostra Aetate. Punch Islam hard enough in the mouth and it will recede.

    Islam, sub Sarahan Africa, India,China…none of them did what Christian Europe did, which was to seek out and colonize the New World (this happened while Christian Europe punched Islam in the mouth).

  12. The other guy was taller, but our slugger was not really small – he looked pretty solid and put every ounce of it into that left hook. WOW!

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