Thanks for Nothing





Hattip to one of my favorite science fiction authors, John C. Wright. 

How would we plebs lead our lives without Hollywood Glitterati, taking precious time out from between trips to Betty Ford, giving us their invaluable insights?

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  1. The first one was three minutes and one second too long.

    Hollywood should be converted to an Air Fore bombing range.

  2. Hey, they are “following their heart” as liberals love to say. Which means it is all about FEELING and not THINKING. Feeling is what drives most folks including our dear Pope. It is the primary cause of our on-going demise in our culture and our Church.

  3. Speaking of Hollywood, now that it’s October the month of Halloween, the trailers for new series and movies are worse than last years’s grotesque offerings with all sorts of gore, bondage, torture and the occult. Hollywood and the music industry have a lot on their consciences, if they have any, for the sickness of our culture.

  4. Anything I have to say to or about the Hollywood actors and actresses in the 1st video should not be printed. Baby murderers, sodomites, lesbians, fornicators, adulterers the lot of them. Disgusting worthless refuse of Western Civilization’s end that they have so willingly brought to pass.
    All the more do I want Trump to win, so that I can scream at them, “Get the hades out of my country! You’re not welcome! Out! Get out, the lot of you.”

  5. Penguins Fan. They are not worth the powder to blow them to Hell.
    I don’t take advice from people that earn their bread repeating words (they likely don’t understand if they’re longer than four letters) written by other imbeciles, while making faces or tearing off their clothes.
    The only exception is Charlton Heston. He played Moses.

  6. I really resent being told, urged, instructed to vote. This baffles me. Voting is a duty, a privilege, a civic responsibility. I don’t need a sh*t load of famous people telling me to do it. it’s also my right not to vote. Am I an idiot that I don’t realize the importance of something unless famous people point it out? I guess they think so. I resent these directives from government agencies as well. “Drink water!” “Don’t smoke” “Don’t forget to breathe”
    I registered to vote at DMV when I was 18 or so.. Everybody just did it. Then everybody voted ON ELECTION DAY.
    When I started to see them out with their clipboards soliciting about 12 years ago I knew something was up. I live near Union Square (I call it Red Sq. I’m wondering ‘Who are these people? Democrats I assumed. Who is paying them to do this? Then followed the Acorn scandal, the ‘Republicans are suppressing the vote’ meme, states granting voting rights to felons, early voting, same day registration/voting, absentee voting, mail voting and every state is different. Too much room for fraud. I think there is no vetting once a person is registered to vote. They are entered on the books. There is really no vetting when you register. No proof of citizenship is required- only an address. The Muslim mall shooter from Turkey voted in the last 3 elections even though a non citizen.

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