Prepare to Be Assimilated

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Dave Griffey at Daffy Thoughts views the Clinton campaign e-mails about the Church as not anti-Catholic, but rather a demonstration of the Borg quality of contemporary liberalism:


There’s quite a buzz about some of the emails dumped from Hillary’s camp.  Admittedly you have to sift through the news hours to find mention of these.  It isn’t necessarily 24/7 coverage.  Don’t know why, but except for FOX, nobody is really talking about this.  In any event, allow me to point out that these emails are not anti-Catholic.  They’re basic, modern progressive 101.   They’re not trashing Catholics or Catholicism.  They’re trashing that which isn’t liberal.  They’re not saying the Catholic Church sucks.  They’re saying the Catholic Church that doesn’t conform to liberalism sucks.  They’re not saying Catholics are stupid or wicked.  They’re saying Catholics who don’t convert to the liberal gospel are stupid and wicked.  There’s a difference.

The strength of liberalism is that it invites all people into its fold.  Everyone, from all walks of life, all beliefs, all backgrounds.  It merely insists that certain non-negotiables be accepted.   Do that, and you’re accepted.  Steven Colbert is a fine example.  No Catholic is more lauded in our popular culture for his Catholic faith than Colbert.  That’s because everyone assumes he is also quite liberal, and accepts liberalism on the key, important issues.

I realize the double standard.  I get that if this email said the same things about Muslims and was passed along between GOP workers, then this would be 24/7 outrage.  It would be the Fluke Revolution all over again.   I get that.  It is what it is.  If you don’t realize where most of the press is at this point, then there’s not much sense discussing anything else.  But keep the outrage in perspective and keep it accurate.  In the end, it’s all about that progressive model of reality.  These emails are not trashing Catholicism.  They are reminding us of the Romification of liberalism.  Just as Rome said all you needed to do was pay your taxes, keep the peace and bow to Caesar, and then you can keep what gods you want, so the modern Left says the same.  And based on the number of Christians beginning to see the progressive light, I’d say it’s turned out to be an effective bargain.


Go here to read the comments.  Perhaps the Borg is not the proper reference.  I am sure that Geek liberals think of themselves as building a benevolent, all encompassing Federation that will take all of humanity and place them at the service of noble leftist causes.  To them, my response will ever be that of Commander Eddington:

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  1. I couldn’t disagree more. Liberalism is the antithesis of Catholicism. Progressives want to be their own God. Catholicism recognizes the one true God. Liberalism only accepts Catholics who are actually not Catholic. Colbert is the perfect example of this. He’s already excommunicated himself from the Catholic faith. So, it may be a small point, but one that is worth making. There is no intersection between Progressives and Catholics who are actually Catholic, not just self-identified.

  2. Seen on Instapundit:
    “To repeat, the head of Clinton’s campaign has been organizing to fracture a major religion. Clinton claims to be for all Americans… what if Podesta had created organizations to foment ‘Revolution’ among the American Muslim community? Would that be worthy of dismissal?… how much of his plans to fracture Catholics did Podesta share with Hillary as a campaign strategy? Does she agree with his strategy now?”
    “Thou shalt have no other gods before Progressivism.”

  3. Funny how Progressive (there’s nothing liberal about modern Liberalism) non-negotiables are antithetical to Catholic ones.

  4. I refuse to be assimilated.
    1st Maccabees chapter 2.
    Leonidas to Xerxes at Thermopylae:
    μολὼν λαβέ !

  5. LQC translated: “Hell no, I will not go.” Into what? Plagiarism of the Word of God. by secular humanists, better known as atheists? Usurping of the infinite power of God to subjugate the human being’s innate, unalienable human rights enumeration and protected in the Ninth Amendment of our Constitution, the absence of humanness is a sign of devil possession. Progression to hell is not freedom, but the subservience to perfect evil. Do not let Hillary damn us into hell, unless we, the PEOPLE choose. FREEDOM

  6. It’s not like the “go in and subvert everything” tactic was unknown from them, it’s just startling to see it openly and consciously discussed.

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