Norman Conquest Thanks to My Bride’s Family

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Nine hundred and fifty years since the Norman Conquest and it may be all the fault of my bride’s family!  She is a descendant of Norwegian King Harold Hardrada (Hard Ruler), a true swashbuckler whose exploits ranged from Constantinople to the Arctic Circle.  He lived as a Viking although after he became King he was sympathetic to Christianity.  The golden age of Hollywood missed a great movie on his life with Errol Flynn in the starring role.  The Norman victory at Hastings may not have been possible but for his invasion of England in alliance with Tostig, the brother of English King Harold Godwinson.  Harold Hardrada was defeated by Harold Godwinson at Stamford Bridge in Yorkshire, losing the battle and his life.  The battle was fought on September 25, 1066.   Harold Godwinson left much of his forces in the north to guard against any further Norwegian raids.   By the time of the Battle of Hastings on October 14, 1066, Harold’s force was weary from fighting and forced marching and much smaller than it would have been but for Harold Hardrada’s intervention.  If Harold had won, who knows, perhaps my bride would now be part of British royalty!  However, in that reality she almost certainly would never have married me.  I selfishly prefer this reality!

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  1. Funny thing is Mr. McClarey, you and your bride are, in all reality, part of the Royal Family.
    The blessed assurance you receive when you partake in the Holy Eucharist worthily should be another reminder that this family and it’s King are far above the royal’s who walked this earth.

    Congratulations Sir. 🙂

  2. Thanks.

    I’m preparing to give witness, again, for and in support of our Royal Family. In the face of a society that see’s only bigotry and scorn when I place the banner; God’s Marriage = 1 Man + 1 Woman, at our village center in front of the American flag, I take courage knowing that I’ve been called to active duty.

    It’s not Afghanistan nor is it a fire zone where mortal wounds are common. It is though, a front line of sorts, where silence in the face of public sins is nothing more than being an accomplice in this fight for religious freedom.
    God willing, I hope to join you and your bride at the Royal Banquet one day when the King has summoned us home. I hope my small contributions will survive the test of Holy fire when all men’s actions will be scrutinized.

    Noon to 1pm today.
    Public Square Rosary.
    16,300 plus cities.

  3. The sovereign person’s civil right to be acknowledged by the government he institutes is our Constitutional First Amendment. Princes and Princesses practice our Founding Principles. and insure that all sovereign persons are acknowledged as free citizens.

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