Bird-Dogging Democrats Part Two

(Language advisory as to the tape:  lots of swearing Democrats.)  James O’Keefe at Project Veritas gives us the second part of his look at the thug black bag boys of the Democrat Party.   Go here to look at the first video. This installment focuses on the Democrat tactic of getting illegal voters to the polls.  Scott Foval, the national field director for Americans United For Change, seen on the video has been fired by his organization, the Democrats seeking to use him as a scapegoat, along with Bob Creamer, the convicted felon husband of Democrat Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky, head of Democracy Partners, and a visitor to the Obama White House 342 times, who announced today that he was stepping down from working with the Clinton Campaign.  This thing is starting to explode.  O’Keefe is a master at this, and is worth a thousand of the usual worthless political consultants who drain funds in GOP races.

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  1. Popcorn and Jameson…not usually a good mix, but in this case the Jameson makes a good chaser. Burp. Excussse me.

    The pigs are scrambling.

    I love it.

  2. Yes- there will be no investigation unless there are charges. I don’t know enough of the legal system to know how and where and by whom those charges should be made.

  3. Focal and Creamer might have been fired by the DNC/Hillary campaign
    to preserve the optics, but rest assured that some cushy sinecure has been
    found for them, and they’ll almost certainly have their “services” retained
    by future Democrat campaigns.
    The Democrats are not at all sorry they’ve resorted to this, they’re just sorry
    O’Keefe got them on tape.

  4. Remember when Donald Segretti when to prison for things like ordering unwanted pizzas for local Democratic headquarters? (Put that in the same file with Randolph Thrower telling the White House that Mr. Nixon’s enemies would not be audited).

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