Bird-Dogging Democrats Part III


Part III of James O’Keefe’s look at the criminal machinations of the Democrats.  Bob Creamer, the convicted felon husband of Democrat Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky, head of Democracy Partners, and a visitor to the Obama White House 342 times,  in this video talks about how Hillary Clinton personally signed off on the sending of agents in Donald Duck costumes to Trump rallies to highlight Trump’s refusal to release his tax returns.  Coordination between Creamer’s organization and the Clinton campaign would be illegal.   Go here to view part 1 of the series, and  here to view part 2.




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  1. I guess now we know why all those Democrat persecutors in Wisconsin were convinced that the Republicans were breaking the law.
    After all, it’s how they do it.

  2. The news the morning after the election is going to be all about how Trump cheated in order win the election the Democrats already stole fair and square.

  3. On Democrat phony–voter suppression– polling, it would be useful if someone published the actual calculations for the survey data to prove the polls were intentionally misleading. But maybe that kind of info is impossible to get.

  4. You’re looking for the assumptions that went into the sample selected for the poll(s): party registration, sex, race, etc. Polls have been oversampling registered Democrats forever.

    Not mention whether the sample is adults, registered voters or likely voters.

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