Daisy Ad Redux


Want a sign that the Clinton campaign is getting desperate?  Look no farther than Daisy Ad 2.0, featuring the little girl from the old ad, now all grown up and doubtless just as much an expert on thermonuclear war as she was in the 1964 ad.  The Daisy Ad in 1964 was regarded as over the top and only ran once.  The Johnson campaign, and most of the media, portrayed Goldwater as reckless and a crypto Nazi.  Ironically it was Johnson who was planning to ramp up the Vietnam War.  This led wags to opine that they were warned in 1964 that if they voted for Goldwater that the US would go to war, and sure enough they voted for Goldwater and the US went to war in Vietnam!  In regard to Trump and Clinton, Clinton is the one itching to lock horns with Putin.  If anything my criticism of Trump would be not that he is too bellicose, but that I think he would bend over too far to avoid foreign conflicts.

Due to closing polls and the reopening of the Clinton e-mail investigation, big money is beginning to flood into the Trump campaign, twenty-five million from one donor, and the Trump campaign is flooding the battleground states with ads.  For the first time in the campaign, Trump will be spending more on ads than Clinton.

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  1. “Clinton is the one itching to lock horns with Putin” You wonder what she is thinking! she talks about the Russians hacking e-mails and she is the one who may have made that easier for them since she didn’t go under the protection of the government secure server, but used her own which was not secure, for government business.

  2. Analyze, she was thinking that she is untouchable & can do whatever she damn well pleases at any time because she is a Clinton. And she hasn’t been held accountable to date.

  3. Anzlyne and the Christian Teacher-

    Darn toot’en!

    Self deception left unabated is narcissism at full throttle. She might as well be looking into the mirror asking it; “…who is the fairest of them all?”

    She is ill.

    If elected president, the Frankenstein monster in an ugly pantsuit will try to destroy America one village at a time.

  4. Trump needs to take a generic ad of Clinton’s (particularly one that prominently features the obnoxious “H” logo) and just tape over the sound with AC/DC’s Highway to Hell.

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