A Clear and Present Danger to the Republic

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As faithful readers of this blog know, I am no fan of Donald Trump.  I think he will be a bad President.  I view him as a man of low character, a man who has amassed a large fortune utilizing frequently methods of dubious morality, and whose sexual morality would offend honest rutting pigs in a mud sty.  His lack of basic knowledge regarding so many aspects of being President is alarming.  His born again conversion to conservatism I find highly suspect.  His pro-life protestations ring hollow to me.  I finally agreed, very reluctantly, to support him solely due to the abortion issue.  While I doubt Trump’s sincerity in regard to his claim to now be pro-life, I do not have any doubt of the sincerity of Hillary Clinton in being a pro-abortion fanatic, who would attempt to bring the weight of the Federal government against pro-lifers.  For me, that is enough.  However, I have concluded that there is another strong reason to favor Trump.

Ross Douthat, who is a conservative and a pro-lifer, argued yesterday in the New York Times for the defeat of Trump:

A vote for Trump is not a vote for insurrection or terrorism or secession. But it is a vote for a man who stands well outside the norms of American presidential politics, who has displayed a naked contempt for republican institutions and constitutional constraints, who deliberately injects noxious conspiracy theories into political conversation, who has tiptoed closer to the incitement of political violence than any major politician in my lifetime, whose admiration for authoritarian rulers is longstanding, who has endorsed war crimes and indulged racists and so on down a list that would exhaust this column’s word count if I continued to compile it.

It is a vote, in other words, for a far more chaotic and unstable form of political leadership (on the global stage as well as on the domestic) than we have heretofore experienced, and a leap unlike any that conservative voters have considered taking in all the long years since Roe v. Wade.

Go here to read the rest.  Douthat, in short, views Trump as a danger to the Republic.  Douthat is correct that there is a candidate who is a danger to the Republic this year, but it isn’t Trump.  If Trump is elected next Tuesday he will start his term in office with most of the media, academia and the entertainment industry against him.  He will have few firm allies in Congress.  Many of his supporters, and I will be firmly in that category, will cast a jaundiced eye on him, ready to oppose him instantly for any hare-brained or wrong-headed ideas he tries to implement.

Now let us contrast that with Hillary Clinton.  Her entire career, and that of her odious husband Bill, has been a testament to using raw political power to escape the consequences of one’s actions.  They have committed felony after felony, amassing a vast fortune in the process, selling out the public interest time and time again for personal profit.  What has been the reaction of the political establishment of both political parties to this?  Are the Clintons regarded as pariahs, moral lepers?  Why no, these two transparent crooks are regarded as members in good standing of the comfy Club of elites that run this country.  This was underlined by the news that both Bush 41 and Bush 43 plan to vote for this villain.  For members of the Club the political stances they embrace are, at bottom, mere shams, to most of them at least, that they recite in election years in order to gain political power and not really to be taken seriously by other members of the Club.  What is to be taken seriously is some outsider, like Trump, who threatens the comfy world of the Club.  If Clinton is elected, either Obama or she will use the pardon power to relieve herself and her associates from legal liability for their manifold crimes, and the destruction of any notion of rule of law in this country will be gone, with it having been made utterly clear that there is law only for people outside of the Club, and that our ruling elites may do as they please.  She will do this to the enthusiastic cheers of almost all of the media, the entertainment industry and academia.  Democrats in Congress will applaud her.  Republicans in Congress will huff and puff and, most of them, then go about business as usual, recalling their outrage only in election years.

Enough of this Kabuki theater of our elites that is destroying what the Founding Fathers bequeathed to us.  It is highly ironic that Trump the crony capitalist, the ultimate insider, may be the instrument to destroy the cozy world of the Club that is rapidly transforming our Republic into an Oligarchy, at least on the Federal level, but such is the case.  Vote for Trump to send a message to the members of the Club in both parties that we are not all totally fools, that we see what is going on, and that this Republic of the people is not going down without a fight.

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  1. Agreed.

    Shake it up!
    The Club is killing us.
    When the Club buy’s opinion through deceptive manipulation of journalism and distorts history, know that the enslavement of Americans is at hand.

    The Trump card is our play.

    At the very least it’s a play that will keep us in the game, buying time, until the cheating opponents can be sent packing their bags.
    Saul Alinski’s practitioners beware.

    We smell your stench cloaking the likes of Hillary Clinton. We are disgusted and disappointed with you. Those who wish to grant a free pass to a criminal and betrayer of the public trust. All in the name of feminism.
    All in the name of women’s health care.
    All in the name of freedom, that is nothing but enslavement and execution of the innocent.
    Your freedom is enslaving millions of women and killing millions of children, and you want US to fund your stink!


    God help this Republic.
    Flush out and keep out the destroyer’s of True Freedom!
    God’s TRUTH is marching on!
    Professional swindlers in public office hear this; Your running out of time!

  2. There is nothing about the NYT that can truly be described as conservative. I know Mr. Douthat stands up for pro-life principles, but coming out against Trump can only help elect someone who would make Dr. Mengele proud. I mean, PP monetized the slaughter of children and Hitllary proudly defends it and will appoint enough “justices” to the Supreme Court that pandora’s box will fully be open. Surely Mr. Douthat knows this. Every single pro-life leader would tell him he’s wrong.

  3. When he was younger, Douthat seemed in discussions to almost apologise for what he was advocating, a habit garnered, I suppose from spending too much time at Harvard and among Harvard alums at The Atlantic, He’s generally gotten over that, but you do see in these implicit (and quite nonsensical) defenses of Clinton that people live very much in a social matrix and seldom have much critical engagement with what’s taken for granted in that matrix. (By way of example, nearly everything said about Sarah Palin is a function of haut bourgeois attitude, not anything she ever did or did not do).

  4. The Supreme Sovereign Being gives mankind Being, that is, existence. We have only one Supreme Sovereign Being, one God. Two Gods would preempt one another and neither would be supreme, nor God. The non-existence of God is a non-sequitur as the atheist exists. In his existence, the atheist gives testimony to the existence of God.
    In God, mankind has its being. In the image and likeness of God, man is created. WHO is God? The Supreme Sovereign Being is three Persons in One God. The character of the Persons of God are: the Father, our Creator, the Son, our Redeemer, and the Holy Spirit, our Sanctifier. The Supreme Sovereign Being is a community of Persons WHO love and are Love, WHO exist and are existence. Persons Who are Beauty, and Truth, and Justice. Persons Who are all Virtue and Goodness. God is Perfect.
    ““We, the people” are independent because of our dependence upon God” Archbishop Fulton, J. Sheen in his Life is Worth Living series: THE GLORYOF BEING AN AMERICAN.
    Man, in the image and likeness of our God, is endowed with free will, intellect, sovereign personhood and reason. The Person of man is unique, sovereign, irreplaceable and self-determined, while at the same time, man is burdened with the Original Sin of Adam, concupiscence. Man is frail, finite and faulty. Mankind must pursue his perfection to accomplish himself and attain his destiny. Man must acknowledge our God and his endowed humanity to become who man is to be. Humanity, mercy and compassion, is the buried treasure in the field of our mortal existence and worth the price of all that the person owns.
    The state has defiled man’s mortal existence, his humanity in mercy and compassion with the murder of our constitutional Posterity, 60,000,000, with the obliteration of the Word of God from the public square, with the imposition of the capital punishment ban, the death penalty, which demands that the murderer expire with grief over his crime, with taxation without representation by the powerful to regulate our innate human rights, “the Laws of Nature and Nature’s God”.
    As there are human rights endowed by “their Creator” not enumerated in our Constitution, but explicitly acknowledged in our Ninth Amendment, there are violations of every innate, human right inflicted on the American citizen, from the denial of his rational, immortal human soul, to the assault of his privacy in public restrooms, to the piracy of his possessions, to the disenfranchisement of his citizenship, to the reallocation of all free lands and waterways that are the heritage of all citizens in joint and common tenancy, our national lands and waterways that are held in trust for our constitutional Posterity by “We, the people…” as are our innate, human rights that become our civil rights, our right to acknowledge our “Creator’ and the freedom to acknowledge to each our sovereign personhood, a civil right that is our First Amendment, our right to self-preservation that becomes our civil right to self-defense to declare war, to legislate capital punishment and insure peace through power and weaponry, a civil right that is our Second Amendment. The American citizen’s right to our Founding Principles, The UNANIMOUS DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE and our CONSTITUTION FOR THE UNITED STATES, ratified by every state. These are our Founding Principles.
    Anyone who would revoke the sovereignty and citizenship of another innocent person condemns himself.

  5. In 1948 I believe, there was a book written by Father James Keller called “You can change the World” with a forward by Cardinal Spellman. Said that people go into 4 spheres of activity to sway people, education,government, labor and media entertainment and that normal decent citizens of America can be found who are willing to get into the mainstream of American life and work as hard to restore to it the Divine truth and human integrity as the left/liberal (the one presenters)are striving furiously to eliminate those values. One of the best ways to get rid of those weeds is to plant something in their stead. The big need is to encourage people with good ideas to go into the marketplace rather than to concentrate too much on those with evil designs. To go out with the simple task to insist on truth where others are intent on furthering falsehood,to establish order where others are spreading confusion.Striving to implant more firmly the fundamentals which others, media, educators, unions and government are trying to uproot.
    My thoughts and prayers go out to bring those people into our lives. Sorry to see the Bush’s are not one of those people. Devotion, day-by-day hard work and sacrifice with a driving purpose. Sorry for the long comment. First time. Had to get off my chest.

  6. …stands well outside the norms of American presidential politics [spouses of Presidents have never before attempted to gain the office themselves], who has displayed a naked contempt for republican institutions and constitutional constraints [Mrs. Clinton again], who deliberately injects noxious conspiracy theories into political conversation [such as a “vast right-wing conspiracy”], who has tiptoed closer to the incitement of political violence than any major politician in my lifetime [Mrs. Clinton’s supporters include paid thugs sent to conduct political violence], whose admiration for authoritarian rulers is longstanding [Mrs. Clinton again], who has endorsed war crimes and indulged racists and so on down a list that would exhaust this column’s word count if I continued to compile it [and Mrs. Clinton again and again and again].
    –Ross Douthat

    I pity the fool.
    This is an election between the deplorable and the unacceptable. Somehow Mr. Douthat is blind to the latter.

  7. Douthat’s right. Trump is a clear and present danger to the republic. Having a 70 year old adolescent with no impulse control, and up until a few years ago had a cozy relationship with the Clintons, in the White House is scary. It’s just that Hillary is an even greater danger to the republic. Not by a whole hell of a lot.

    Trump getting elected president will be a major blow to the conservative movement within the GOP.


    If I lived in a battleground state, I would snap a pair of vice grips to my nose and vote for Trump. But since I don’t I won’t.

  8. “Trump getting elected president will be a major blow to the conservative movement within the GOP.”

    Bull feces! Your average Republicans like Paul Ryan and the previous speaker of the house (aka give Obama everything he wants) are the threat to what is left of the conservative movement in the party. The 2 former Bush presidents have clearly shown their conservative principles are a joke–what is more destructive to the conservatives than that? NOTHING

  9. Douthat used to be worth listening to. Unfortunately he has been infected by New York Times liberalism or perhaps he was threatened with loss of job. He sold his soul to the company store. Here is a comment I sent to the Times in response to his column last Sunday.

    Ross, you worry too much. You have mitigated the downside of Hillary while embellishing that of Donald. Here is an alternate view.

    —Donald has shown himself to be a shrewd and very successful in the business world which bodes well for a successful Presidency as the business of America is largely about business. Hillary has no examples of success in anything other than lying, deceit and corruption.

    —Donald would bring world peace as he would quickly make friends with all the key world leaders especially Russia and China. Donald is all about business and war and dissension are not good for business. Hillary on the other hand would have no respect among world leaders.

    —Donald would bring hope to the poor and the middle class as he has done already. Hillary brings despair.

    –Donald has greater moral integrity than Hillary and would do what he has promised especially on the Supreme Court. Hillary is an extreme Saul Alinsky progressive who would work towards an atheistic world government which could only be ruled by hellish totalitarian measures.

  10. What I believe is that we are electing “an administration” Sure… a person is running for the job, but it is UNDENIABLE that pro life and conservative people in The Trump administration ( people who will advise him!) will make decisions on issues which the readers of this website CARE deeply! US Supreme Court and lower federal courts all will be influenced by Trumps people ! …. and dear Catholics you don’t want those people to be Clinton appointees!!! Phyllis Shlaflay … our dear Catholic lady who passed recently , was for Trump from the start!! She was pro life ALL the way. I say for Trump’s people!!! Because Clinton’s people will be our nightmare!!!

  11. Christian Teacher, you nailed it. The conservative movement within the GOP has repeatedly been sabotaged by the GOP establishment. I mean, consider our last 2 GOP nominees for president, the last 2 chairmen of the party, the last 2 speakers of the House. I could go on. Trump is merely a symptom of the anger out there. Moreover, on the 2 most important issues, I believe he will be way more conservative than our last 2 candidates. On appointing pro-life Justices, I guarantee he will put forth more conservative Justices than either Romney of McCain ever would. They both seemed to care quite a bit about what the NYT thought of them. As far as open immigration, there is no more USA if we don’t begin to stop the flow. Both Romney and McCain want to see our country “fundamentally transformed” by immigration, or at least they would do little to stop it. A president Trump will do more than any other candidate of either party to slow our national suicide.

  12. I’m no fan of the Ryan/Boehner cabal of the GOP. In fact, I believe they are what caused the rise of someone like Trump. These guys are bad, but a 70 year old adolescent with no impulse control like Trump is even worse. Furthermore, Trump has been able to do what Boehner wing of the party hasn’t: cause hitherto solid conservatives like Jan Brewer, Jeff Sessions, and Joe Arpaio, and several others to prostitute their integrity for a seat on the Trump Train.

  13. Father of Seven-You have besmirched the Legacy not only of Dr Mengele but of, Hitler, all Nazis and the Third Reich by your odious comparison of him and them to Planned Parenthood, Hillary, and the Democrats. The Nazis may have harvested human hair for bomb fuses and submariners socks, but they NEVER sold the hair. The Nazis may have made lampshades out of human skin and soap out of human fat, but they never carefully removed the skin from living human beings for sale or cut the fat from a living baby to sell so that an executive could get a luxury automobile. Planned Parenthood does things daily that the Nazis, in their evil that resulted in the deaths of some millions, never dreamed of. And the 3,000,000 killed every 1000 days by Planned Parenthood has already far exceeded the Nazi body count. There is this similarity-the concentration on the killing of what they believe to be subhumans: , the Nazis-the Jews, Planned Parenthood-what their St Sanger called “human undergrowth” -black and Hispanic babies. In short, the Nazis were paragons of virtue compared to the patron saint of barbarity, Patrona Sanger, the champion of intrinsic evil Hillary, Democrats of the Party of Death, and those who vote for them. Not to worry, fairly soon we will have Pres Kaine, and then when he appoints the new VP we will know the real plan and strategy of the Party Of Death. Guy McClung, San Antonio, Texas

  14. I looked it up; “Clear and present danger was a doctrine adopted by the Supreme Court of the United States to determine under what circumstances limits can be placed on First Amendment freedoms of speech, press, or assembly.” bad

  15. Thank you LQC. I listened to the audio and am much impressed, enough to make the hair stand up on the back of my neck.

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