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E-bay sellers around the globe thank you Newsweek for this classic Dewey beats Truman moment:

“President-elect Hillary Clinton ‘went high’ when her opponent and his supporters went ever lower…”; “on election day, Americans across the country roundly rejected the kind of fear and hate-based conservatism peddled by Donald Trump… The highest glass ceiling in the western world had finally shattered.”

Most Leftists view history as a straight line progression, and are continually shocked when the muse of history, Clio, stubbornly fails to perform the role they have assigned to her.

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  1. The “a-ha… gotcha,” moment is caught on print.

    Perfect. I did wonder if there was any printed materials that, like Truman’s victory, caught their foot in their mouth. Wonder no longer.
    Thanks for the find.
    Just perfect. Madame Egg-face.

  2. “President-elect Hillary Clinton ‘went high’ when her opponent and his supporters went ever lower…”;

    Must be nice to live in an alternate universe of your own making – until you crash into the real one. Of course that could just be a typo and they really meant “President-elect Hillary Clinton got high….”

  3. The Clinton campaign went high all-right –smoking the mediacrats dope
    while the media drank the Clinton Kool-aid.

  4. Thanks. I heard about the President Clinton magazine cover on the NYC new stands shortly after midnight on the 9th, but didn’t catch the name; thought it was New York or the New Yorker. Newsweek is even a better, bigger oops.

  5. Odd isn’t it – the supposedly free press of the US backed the fascist Clinton, and the supposedly controlled press of Russia (Pravda) backed the freedom candidate Trump. Go figure.

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