Schadenfreude: Soon to be Unemployed Obamacrats

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Ah well, in the vibrant economy that Obama created, I am sure they will have no trouble finding jobs in the private sector to pay their attorney fees for the various felonies so many of them committed while in government.   With old time hard-case federal prosecutor Rudy Giuliani likely in charge of the Justice Department in the coming Trump administration, I can imagine they will be having sweet dreams for the next 71 days that remain of the regime that I am sure they thought was merely the first of endless leftist control of the White House.  Remember ladies and gentlemen to have your attorneys get the terms of the immunity deals in writing first before you start ratting out your colleagues.

  An object lesson for the incoming Trump administration:  always remember that some day your political enemies will be where you are now.

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  1. Not Guliani please! Jeff Sessions would be a much better AG, he has the legal expertise. And definitely NOT Chris Krispy Creme Cristi for anything.

  2. The People’s Mayor would be the People’s Attorney General. I think we need to see a strong reaffirmation of the Rule of Law.

  3. If the Trump Admin is smart, it’ll unleash the hounds various inspectors general across the executive branch and limit the AGs office to compelling cooperation. After the reports are allowed to speak for themselves, it should let Congress clean up the mess (e.g. repeal or greatly revise Civil Service Protections, strengthen the Hatch Act so that invoking the 5th is like refusing to take a blood alcohol test).
    Somehow I doubt they’re going to smart though.

  4. Ernst, you are right on. Clean house! Heard from friends inside Justice that Bush didn’t clear out the die hards from the Clinton administration and we all know how that turned out.

  5. Just heard Pence has replaced Christie as head of the transition team, so maybe Trump is going to turn out to be smarter than I currently think.

  6. O happy day to see that tribe so droopy. I place them in the hands of God. There, that’s done. Now, off with their heads!

  7. Wow! That is quite the photo! I’ll bet that is a group shot post election. After the inconsolable crying and gnashing of teeth. Am I right? Or I’m just reading the defiance and confrontational FU into it… A rogues gallery for sure.
    They got a lot of cleaning up to do. They expected to turn over their evil machine to Clinton and no one would be the wiser.

  8. Had trouble cutting and pasting but here’s the caption on a picture of a morose looking Hillary: “Hillary is finding out how it feels to be aborted just before delivery.”

  9. We must pray for our enemies and so we pray the Lord to turn their hearts and if they will not turn their hearts to turn their ankles so we can tell their coming by their limping. (Irish of course)

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