Democrat Trifectas


Political junkies refer to states where one party controls the legislature and the governorship as trifectas.  The Democrats have four states in which they have trifectas.  The Republicans have twenty-four such trifectas.

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  1. That is simply astonishing. I disagree that our country is getting more conservative. I’m a pessimist who thinks things are getting worse. So for Republicans to hold either the governorship, lower or higher house in 46 states is just incredible. Every east coast state minus one has Republicans controlling one of the three. Wow.

  2. Hawaii’s Democratic Party is less caustic than the national party. It’s pretty much anodyne. And it’s not absolute. The Republican Party has won control of county and statewide seats and leadership posts. I wouldn’t worry too much about them.

  3. It’s probably no coincidence that the two largest Dem trifecta states are the ones with newly organized secession movements.

  4. “I disagree that our country is getting more conservative.” True. Between the influence of the media and the power of the Federal government, 24 Republican trifectas don’t mean much.

  5. The Federal government is now in Republican control. T

    The floor leader in the Senate is Addison Mitchell McConnell. Unless he faces a massive intramural revolt in his caucus, nothing much will be accomplished in the next two years. Recall the vitriolic remarks made by Lindsey Graham and John Boehner about Ted Cruz? Well, that’s the sort who hold most of the gatekeeper positions in Congress.

  6. With a Republican president Art everything is different. Neither the filibuster, nor the Democrats nor McConnell is going to stop the avalanche of Republican legislation that has been bottled up from years from crashing forth from Congress to be signed by President Trump.

  7. This morning Greg Phillips of claims the results of a study of the 180 million voters on the rolls shows that 3 million illegals voted Nov. 8th, likely overwhelmingly for Pantsuit Mao. That rather destroys the concept of Hillary legitimately winning the popular vote. says also there are at least 4 million deceased voters on the rolls, prima face evidence itself of corrupted and unverified voter rolls.

    These facts of themselves show what a stunning victory was Trump’s, and on a sinister note, perhaps why Podesta refused to concede with Michigan’s and other states’ tallies still outstanding, even tho clear indications revealed a Trump win in the electoral college after PA fell to Trump.

    What I noted was, with 95% of MI’s vote in, Trump was ahead by 309,000 votes Nov. 8th pm. According to the NY Times own site, Wayne County and others had uncounted ballots estimating about 700,000-800,000 still outstanding. Trump ended up winning by about 13,500. For that outcome to have occurred, Hillary had to win about 2:1 or 66% of the remaining vote: almost a statistical impossibility.

    The copy machines may still be running hot, still printing up absentee ballots in Wayne County.

  8. Steve Phoenix, Thanks. Very informative.

    I’m looking to find out how many states do not count absentee ballots if a candidate is so far out ahead that the absentees wouldn’t change the outcome. It would make a difference in the popular vote however.

  9. The separatist movement in Hawaii is splintered. That and they are very hostile. Which is anathema in genteel Hawaii. Everyone goes out of their way to not offend, but when these Hawaiian Nationalists rear their ugly head, everyone just rolls their eyes and endure them. They are a thorn in our side and goes against everything Hawaiian citizens are known for, hospitality and aloha.

  10. Donald, my point was that federalism is an almost extinct concept in practice. Things have been federalized to the point that the legislative power of the states means less and less. Wait till California and Illinois are deemed too big to fail, and we will have effectively destroyed federalism.

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