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Whoever finds his life will lose it, and whoever loses his life for my sake will find it. Matthew 10: 39  

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  1. . Stephen Bannon from the Trump camp and Breibart has been roasted for 24 hours now here in the NY harbor media cult….for saying something in Breibart about a “renegade Jew”. David Horowitz, a Jew, actually wrote it and zings them all here: http://www.breitbart.com/2016-presidential-race/2016/11/14/horowitz-anti-bannon-hysteria-more-evidence-the-left-has-lost-touch-with-the-american-people/

    Hopefully this will kill the Bannon hunt by the 6:30 news….naaahhh.

  2. (chucke)
    So will Donald Trump. Obama really just doesn’t get it – can’t understand why anyone – let alone Trump – would think he is the worst president in US history.
    Just look at his legacy out there rioting – distraught because they think they will lose all their baubles that were promised.

  3. PBS tonight at 7 PM used the “renegade Jew” headline along with two others as though Bannon was involved in it and as though a Jew did not write it about another Jew ….hours after its author, Horowitz, explained. Nor did the guest experts know of the real story.

  4. Obama read something other than a teleprompter? I’m amazed…I don’t think he ever read a book in his life.

  5. Worst President? Hmmmnnn!
    Let’s have a contest. Jackson? Maybe a good beginner. Wilson? Good runner. And Obama? Finishes last, or should we say first. PS: President on his way out after two terms and we don’t know enough of his prior biography to fill a single page.

  6. President on his way out after two terms and we don’t know enough of his prior biography to fill a single page.

    We know plenty. It’s just none of it is very interesting. Two undistinguished years in Congress. Eight undistinguished years in the Illinois legislature (helpful to Michelle’s compensation, though). A failure at the Chicago Annenberg Challenge. Twelve undistinguished years on the faculty of the University of Chicago Law School (verry undistinguished: he published nothing – at a research university!). About 4 years (pro-rating part-time and seasonal work) working in law offices as a clerk or associate. Three undistinguished years as a salaried public nuisance for some Alinskyite outfit in Chicago (I think they got the Chicago Housing Authority to do something-or-other about asbestos), and a couple of years as a copy editor at a company which produces corporate newsletters. You seldom encounter someone who has spent their adult life ticket punching this way.

  7. Not to quibble Art, but that took but 106 words. Is it not galling that he is declared a genius but his educational records are concealed. and Hillary, whom we are told is one of the one hundred smartest lawyers in the country, failed the D.C. Bar exam.

    Bobby Driscoll, I hate no one except for Old Scratch. I do hate the sham, deception and cant that has come to serve as political discourse for nigh unto a generation. I hate sin, most especially my own but I Hate no one. That does not mean I have to like anyone in particular. On this I plead my case; one is an act of the will, the other is merely an emotional reaction.

  8. Is it not galling that he is declared a genius but his educational records are concealed.

    He graduated magna cum laude from Harvard Law School (which uses blind grading on examinations, I’m told). His general intelligence is more than adequate. He’s just not interested in much of anything. There are some interesting curios re BO’s career, but they all related to the period of time after 2003. People have spent years trying to manufacture mysteries that just arent’ there (the hoo ha about Frank Marshall Davis, for example).

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