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  1. bill bannon … have proven that less is more.

    (Illegal immigrants)

    I’m asking one question.

    Why on earth doesn’t the United States of America help rid the factions that are in bed with corruption that is Cartel Mexico, Central America and South America?

    If the Government’s below our borders are bought and paid for buy the Cartel’s then can we help to overthrow the governments that are doing nothing to protect their people, and by doing this help them to thrive in their homeland?

    No immigration issues from Mexico if we help to clean up the problem in Mexico. Corruption and violence in a Government that is to suppose to provide protection and fairness is only going to lead to exodus.

    Obviously, I’m not a student of political science, but my simple guess is that Mexicans Central Americans and Southern Americans fleeing their homelands are because of corruption within the government.

    Good guess or poor guess?

  2. Philip,
    Mexico et al is a bottomless pit like Afghanistan….which has swallowed billions of our dollars in aid and is still a corrupt culture. We need to spend money on the US. Mexico has plenty of money and is not considered poor by the IMF etc.

  3. She’ll make a boatload of cash giving speeches to left-wing Amen Corners. She is probably glad to get the hell out of the White House.

  4. Mexico is its own victim. She rejected Christ and His Church Whom she actually persecuted under Plutarco Elias Calles. She has shown the whirlwind. Until she repents, no amount of money can improve her lot.
    PS, this is a foretaste of what is in store for us were we to elect one such as Calles, hateful of traditional Christianity. We came close this time.

  5. At least Michelle has a job worth refilling. Her last job before First Lady was as Director of Community Outreach for a Chicago area hospital. When her husband won election to the US Senate, her salary was tripled. Not coincidentally, that was also the first time in her life she was proud of her country. When she then went to Washington as part of her husband’s election to the presidency, her position was not refilled.

  6. Don’t hold your breath waiting for Obama, Crooked Hillary or this witch to condemn the post-election violence.
    Michelle Antoinette is being replaced by an immigrant that doesn’t hate America and white people. Good riddance.
    She and her nincompoop husband are proof that affirmative action (a low and moderate IQ mind is a terrible thing to waste) is a failure.

  7. @bill bannon

    Is there such a thing as justice for the average José in their respective countries?

    If the people have extremely limited access to justice, and are threatened by Cartel’s on a regular basis, you can’t help but to sympathize with them. If these living conditions are unbearable, deadly in some cases, then what can we do to create a safe environment in their homelands?

    If we don’t help them we can expect millions more seeking refuge in the land of the free.
    Walls can slow the process but won’t stop the flood of illegals from digging there way in.

  8. I don’t hthink Mexico is as bad as Afghanistan…but it can come close. The entire country out to be under military occupation as Japan was under General McArthur. It is a failed state.

    The US cannot absorb all the poor of Latin America. The USA is $20 trillion in debt. Our economy is stagnant and not enough of our own citizens can find work. Our health care system is under the strain of Obumblercare. Our education system is failing us. The USA is not a bottomless pit of money. The Catholic bishops of the USA and Latin America need to hold the Latin American governments accountable for their corruption and their failures. They are to blame for the poverty and misery.

  9. Philip,
    ” What can we do to create a safe environment in their homelands?”. We….we….we are not even securely housing our mentally ill in asylums in New York and as a result they are pushing commuters in front of trains…several just recently. We….we….we are giving the mentally ill the delusion that they can live in society and we…we are giving them sufficient welfare rent to live near ghetto predators. America first. Pay for asylums here. Jose should band together with other Jose’s and clean up their own countries. That’s what Iraqis are doing in Mosul right now…because we…we are not doing it.
    Scarface….” I didn’t tell you to say you were in sanitation…I told you to say you were in a sanitarium.”

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