Happy Thanksgiving!


Happy Thanksgiving to all the readers, commenters and contributors of TAC!  I have an endless amount to thank God for, but I will limit myself to my bride of 34 years and counting, my two kids home with us for Thanksgiving Break, the fact that we are all in good health and that we are free men and women in a free land.  Please leave what you are thankful for in the comboxes.

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  1. That the Supreme Court choices of the near future are safe from Hillary Clinton. Yes…yes…yes. That the orchestrated Democratic push by the nytimes and cnn and celebrities and the View failed miserably. That Trump is resetting expectations to the less extreme…though he better stop that tendency prior to becoming Hillary Clinton…himself.
    That stocks are rocking…perhaps til April. That interest on the 30 year bond is ascendant and now over 3%….at 6% I might bail on stocks and switch to 30’s because the world is getting too many black swans. That God is using this Pope to remind Catholics that infallibility is rarer than thought… which they should have known by the death penalty hustle of his two predecessors….which Francis of course hyperbolized even further.

  2. I’m very grateful for our family.
    My wife Mary Kathleen is a blessing that words alone cannot fully express. She is a natural wonder of the universe. My faith. A gift that comes directly from God is truly amazing, and I’m forever indebted to His kindnesses and Mercy.

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone.
    Peace to your households.

  3. For the first time since last Christmas, I had all of my family back home last night including my son at the Air Force Academy. We went to see Hacksaw Ridge. If Thanksgiving itself doesn’t make you thankful, watching the movie with loved ones surely will. It was amazing, and an incredible witness to the power of God in each of our lives. I couldn’t be more grateful to those who deny themselves for the benefit of others, whether in the armed forces or not. We are truly blessed in this still great nation of ours. Happy Thanksgiving!

  4. Gratitude for the fact that there have existed Roman Catholic clergy ( ex. Sheen above ) who actually subscribed to the Church teaching that patriotism ( love of country ) is a true virtue and not a politically incorrect mortal sin.

  5. I am most grateful that our Blessed Lord and Savior got me sober from heroin, cocaine, marijuana and alcohol some 30 years ago, and in spite of all my efforts to the contrary over the last three decades He has kept me sober. All other things in my life – wife, children, job, house, car – flow from that one act of mercy on May 16th, 1986 (the date of my last drink and drug). Thank you, Lord Jesus. Thank you, Blessed Mother Mary.

  6. Tonight, I am grateful for family and friends (living and deceased) and for my sons.
    And, grateful that (God bless him and his) Mac has the courage and wits to do the great work he does here.
    Every night I am thankful that God Almighty’s only begotten Son by His life, death, and Resurrection purchased for us the rewards of eternal life.
    I am grateful that my President is Christ Jesus and no man (not so sure about woman) can move me.
    Finally, (Praise the Lord!) at the Thanksgiving dinner table no one that voted for Crooked Hillary was present.

  7. Thanks Donald for all you do to defend the Catholic faith, our Constitution in a way that is both helpful, wise and always with the right touch of humor.

    May you and your family enjoy many more Thanksgivings and the Blessings of God.

  8. My family of course, I have everyone close by.
    The ability to attend Mass with a smart, kind and compassionate Priest.
    I read so many stories of my brothers and sisters around the world denied this precious gift.
    I need to keep all things in perspective.
    Many ,many thankfuls.

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