Bear Growls: What is the Common Denominator?

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I was afraid that our bruin friend was in hibernation at Saint Corbinian’s Bear, but he just posted a barnburner:

This is why I love this country. The vaudeville acts. True, they’re amateurish and predictable, but the old “Searching for a Reason” (sometimes “Motive”) routine never fails to crack me up. But note the new gag. It’s kinda okay because he was “scared to pray in public.”

So, Muslims are scared to pray in public because… no matter what they do, America will roll over and show its cultural belly? Because when they’re bent over praying, they might get trampled from everyone kissing their a**es?

Hey, I’ve got a great PR strategy for scared Muslims. Murder as many innocent people as possible shouting Allahu Akbar. Because then no one will have any reason to mistrust you or dislike you when you’re praying.

And the big hook drags yet another loser off the stage of life, to make room for the next hilarious act, Muslim leaders failing to make an unqualified condemnation of terrorism while singing the ever-popular “Backlash” song.

BTW, can I be the first to blame the election of Trump? I mean, seriously, what CHOICE did poor little Amtar have? Muslims are the cuckoo in the American nest. The Bear just doesn’t trust them, and never will. It’s not just here. The Bear has the Green Eggs and Ham approach to Pope Francis’ “Great Abrahamic Religion That Worships the Exact Same God We Do and are Practically Catholic.”

THAT is the Bear’s litmus test. Slobber all over Muslims, and you are forever written off as an unserious person who values your PR above truth – even revealed truth. The Bear will waste no further time on you, because you’re an idiot or a liar. The Bear has simplified his life by crossing off nearly everyone in the world with a title in front of their names.

Muslims kill far more people in America than Bears. But when someone gets mauled to death by a Bear do we start whining about “Bear Backlash?” The Bear supports non-violent, cultural backlash. Remove Muslims from top place of America’s Culturally Protected Groups. It’s been a long time since Blacks were there. They are really far back in the pack. The Bear says give them a turn at Number 1 again and take Muslims off the list entirely.


Go here to comment.  Old political orders tend to fall through the sheer weight of lies.  One of the biggest lies in the contemporary West is that we could have large scale muslim immigration with little impact on our societies.  Our soon to be ex political leaders sowed the wind, and we are all reaping the whirlwind.


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  1. “The Bear will waste no further time on you, because you’re (either) an idiot or a liar.”
    Thank you. My wife is always referring to me as “such a bear”, now I finally understand why.
    She also tells me “most people don’t think like you do”, to which I, an engineer reply -why is it my fault that other people don’t think. 😉

  2. Hah! “The Bear has the Green Eggs and Ham approach to Pope Francis’ “Great Abrahamic Religion That Worships the Exact Same God We Do and are Practically Catholic.”
    Bear that made me look up a few sources on the deeper meaning of Dr. Seuss! Always learning when I read this site.

    I never did like Dr. Seuss– drawings or words. Just uncomfortable.

  3. God mortified me as I verbally attacked a big black panhandler this week outside a bodega….saying, ” why aren’t you working, trucking jobs are going unanswered.” ( I’m large and athletic ). He answered me with a speech defect that almost made him unintelligible. I melted in 1 second and gave him money twice…talk about stereotyping.
    Muslims though serve in our military and in the NYC police force and can really be moderate because they don’t really believe in the Koran 100% just as a high percent of Catholics don’t believe in wifely obedience which is 6 times referenced or mandated in the NT…heck…read St. JPII on it…he was with the high percent.
    We…we non muslims… believe ardently in the Koran mandating conversion or else…..but apparently Muslims in our army and police are as cafeteria about sharia as many Catholics are about the death penalty or wifely obedience. Most Catholics and most Muslims are cafeteria….in the second case….thank God.

  4. The Bear is two months behind schedule on his novel, Judging Angels, and is devoting time to contractual obligations, rather than his ephemeris right now. Two Muslims the DOD forced my son to serve alongside with in Afghanistan due to the same massive denial of reality almost killed him, and did kill his sgt and teammate on night one at their FOB. Thanks to HESCO and the distracting effects of his 40 mm grenade launcher, and a coin toss that had them take over his friend’s tower and kill him, instead of my son, he lived. I won’t bore everyone with my own qualifications, but I feel I have a sufficient insight into worldwide and domestic Muslims to have an opinion.

  5. The Bear has been devoting all his time to his dubious novel, Judging Angels, which involves contractual obligations, and not been maintaining his ephemeris. He’ll be back, just as soon as final edit is done and the thing is submitted.

  6. Bear,
    . The problem with personal experience and anecdotes ( and I’ve had it with blacks…escaped from 4 in a telephone truck; scared a 6’7″ easily 300 lb. one off with a weapon after he challenged me twice to a fight; and had a near lethal street fight with one in 2013 )….is that one is probably going to see like I do…90% of them as dangerous while the data might be different by ? 40% in my case.
    As of 2015, there were abour 5800 Muslims in the US armed forces but Michelle Malkin in National Review came up with less than ten incidents like your son’s…not a hundred or fifty or twenty. 15,000 served in WWII for the US….as noted in the wiki article on Muslims in our armed forces.

  7. ps…the real figure could well be a hundred but my brother while Captain in combat was marked for death by a white soldier he had stopped during that white’s fornication with a local woman. His master Sergeant sent the man to the front immediately. The number of such fragging murders by fellow white Baptized is also iffy.

  8. Breitbart is reporting the good muslim was in a class where his assignment was to write about microagressions on campus. I guess he took the class because he already had the macroagression thing down pat.

  9. Bill Warner has a channel on Youtube titled “Political Islam” which I have learned a lot from. The Bear’s words are those of wisdom.

  10. On Microagression… if you tell someone they should be offended by something, most emotionalists will eventually talk themselves into being offended. Since society and culture took God and “offering it up” out of society and culture, we’re left with the perpetually offended, whose only recourse is violence (which is 100% ironic). One of my childhood wounds was hearing my dad say, daily, “sticks and stones will break your bones, but words will never hurt you.” Sadly, I think the pendulum has swung way too far & fast in the opposite direction.

  11. As someone who has worked on campuses for 20 plus years and having taught many Muslims, I would like to note that universities try very hard to accommodate prayer for Muslims. Some provide special places. Yes, there are some complaints occasionally if the students are disrupting the normal course of business. But that is normal for any student, not just Muslims. So this student’s complain is bogus. I have had students seek to opt out of class so they can go pray. In other words. they believe the instructor should give them special benefits for this. Even in the Vatican of Islam, Saudi Arabia, students must be in class during prayer times. The students AND the schools know requests for special consideration on campus is not practical and most Muslim students comply. But, this Somali fellow was not among “most”. He was clearly a troubled young man.

  12. I did finally hear a justification for the “Muslims follow the same God we do” that I can accept as not some sort of make-nice — basically, because they believe they follow the God of Abraham.
    They might be wrong in every single ever loving detail about what Himself wishes, they may make the Westborough Baptist activist/funding group look like nice people, but that is the same God.
    Did I emphasize really, really wrong in description a few times? Not nearly enough, and definitely not too much.
    It’s a little like talking to someone who “believes in science,” but when you get to talking with them they don’t support the scientific method, or logic, or rules of evidence, or even have the idea of theories right…they do it by following what “scientists say.” They’re wrong, which is a different thing. *grin*

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