PopeWatch: Letter to a Dying Girl

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Paolina Libraro was taken from this world by cancer on November 22, 2016.  She was ten years old.  Pope Francis wrote her a letter on September 22:


Dearest Paolina,

Your photos are on my desk, for in your truly special gaze I see the light of goodness and innocence. Thank you for sending them to me! Read this letter together with your mother, and the kiss that she will give you now will be a kiss from the pope.

I join my hands to yours and to those of all who are praying for you. In this way, we will form a long chain which, I am certain, will reach all the way to heaven. But remember that you are the first link in this chain, because you have Jesus in your heart! Remember this! And so, speak with him, talk to him about yourself, but also talk about your mother and father who need very much to be helped and comforted in the face of the very difficult steps ahead of them. You shall certainly be very good at suggesting to Jesus what to do for them! Remember, please, to tell him what he should do for me, as I remind him of what he should do for you. I give you a big, big hug and I bless you with all my heart, together with your parents and loved ones.



The letter was read at the girl’s funeral.  May she now be enjoying the Beatific Vision.

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  1. I’m sure she had a plenary indulgence with Extreme Unction but in general, saying while doing the sign of the cross obtains officially a partial indulgence. You’re at a red light…do and say a sign of the cross for those entering Purgatory today.

  2. it is good to hear something positive about Pope Francis for a change. I liked that he asked Paolina to ask Jesus what He should do for Pope Francis. That’s a blank we could all fill in.

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