Notre Dame: Obama Yes, Trump No

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I am shocked, shocked.  Matt Archbold brings us the news that Notre Dame, which gave pro-abort Obama a thunderous reception as their guest of honor at the 2009 commencement, is considering not inviting President Trump:

In surprising comments reported by The Observer, Father John Jenkins, president of the University of Notre Dame, said he is considering not inviting Donald Trump to speak at this spring’s commencement ceremony — a break from the university’s tradition of inviting new presidents to speak at graduation.

“I do think the elected leader of the nation should be listened to. And it would be good to have that person on the campus — whoever they are, whatever their views,” he said. “At the same time, the 2009 Commencement was a bit of a political circus, and I think I’m conscious that that day is for graduates and their parents — and I don’t want to make the focus something else.”

“My concern a little bit is that, should the new president come, it may be even more of a circus,” he said.

Fr. Jenkins infamously hosted and honored President Barack Obama, the most radically pro-abortion president in our country’s history, in 2009. The Cardinal Newman Society garnered more than 367,000 petitions against Notre Dame’s honor of Obama in 2009, and 83 U.S. bishops publicly opposed the commencement honor. Fr. Jenkins has defended honoring Obama on multiple occasions since 2009.

Go here to read the rest.  Remember how the leftist powers that be at Notre defended Obama’s invite on the grounds of tradition?  Apparently they don’t.  Why one might assume that this is nothing but leftist politics at work, and one would be right.

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  1. Fr. all due non-respect, go fly a kite!

    What a farce and bold face hypocrite.
    His leadership reminds me of the Religious souls suffering in hell. If Fr. Jenkins makes it to purgatory it would be a shock!

    Please pass on giving Norte Dame support until this university is Catholic. Not Catholic in name only. For the good people who work and study in Norte Dame, God bless you. Remember Fr. Norman Weslin! Please remember him. The hero of May 16th 2009. Hand cuffs and all.

    To the board members of Norte Dame..SHAME on you.

  2. “he pro-infanticide president is welcome but the pro-business guy is not?”

    Because they are likely pro-infanticide and anti-business.

  3. I’m not sure where abortion ranks anymore on the Catholic morality priority list, but it could be seen that this is saying no to Trump because of Obama. Because of the ‘circus’ that swirled around the Obama appearance, perhaps he doesn’t want it repeated.

  4. Dave Griffey.

    Catholic University Dave.

    I disagree with the excuse that Fr. John Jenkins is truly trying to avoid the “circus.”

    The circus has three rings, and in the center is himself, barking the social justice doctrine that squashes the rights of the innocent by awarding Joe Biden the highest honor bestowed by the university in humanitarian excellence. In the ring to the right is the clown act. Obama, the most pro-death president to date. Not just pro-death, but willing to penalize businesses that won’t supply their employees with insurance coverages that contain abortifacients. The left ring Dave?
    Well that’s reserved for mom and dad. They pick up the colossal excrement left over by the dog and pony show that is liberal progressive inteligencia that can not accept the teaching of the Catholic Church regarding abortion, but gave no problem pretending to be Catholic.

    That Dave is B— S—!

    Their the circus.
    Grab some cotton candy and enjoy the show.

  5. ND fought tooth and nail to host and honor pro-abortion Obama. ND was
    happy to weather the protests from over 100 US bishops, ignored and side-
    lined the objections of their then-Ordinary Bishop D’Arcy, had faithful Catholic
    students and even priests arrested and prosecuted for protesting, and expended
    a great deal of their ever-diminishing credibility as a Catholic institution defending
    their determination to host and honor our baby-killer-in-chief.
    Notre Dame loves abortion and sees nothing wrong with it. All of their sophistries
    aside, that’s really what ND is about here. I’d sooner cut off my hands than let
    someone i loved either attend or send them a dime. A pox on the once-Catholic
    Notre Dame.

  6. Here is a case where NOT being invited is a greater honor.

    Notre Dame is the Archbishop Cupich of “Catholic” Colleges.

  7. My husband and I belong to a club and enjoy social time with several good people whose children are just at that age they are going to college (we ourselves are somewhat older, but our children just younger due to late marriage.)
    Ah, the college application and decision process!!
    I smile, or something, whenever I hear that Little Johnny (or Jane) is going to Loyola or ND, or Fordham or whatever Catholic University. They will receive a remarkable education there, surely.
    As far as I know, my husband and I are the only committed Catholics. Granted, my commitment lacks considerable enthusiasm these days. It just would not occur to me to allow my child to go to undergrad at a Catholic university.
    As I type this, my second child just finished up reading the Bible at the breakfast table. Off to take the ACT in an hour.
    They children’s father reads the Bible daily. I’d like the boys to continue with that. I fear it won’t happen if they go to a Catholic University. Worse, I fear they will completely lose what little Catholicism they have, and will be lost completely.

  8. @ Tim.

    Agreed. The Grotto might have had a make over. Out with our Lady and in her place a likeness of Margret Sanger. ND. A victim of identity crisis.

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