The Clinton Archipelago v. TrumpLand

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  1. Whoa. I knew South Texas (The Valley) was democrat, but I didn’t know they voted like this. All those good hispanic Catholics, always voting pro-choice.

  2. When the body is experiencing serious trauma the extremities are the first to suffer the effects of blood reallocation variance, in order for the major organ’s to function as normal as possible.

    The extremities, receiving less blood, start to discolor and loose function.

    When viewing the Clinton Archipelago I’m reminded of the heartland of this great country. The great people. The God fearing poor and rich who are interested in remaining one Nation Under God in the hope that future generations will be blessed by the God who’s Son we adore and celebrate next Sunday.

    Appendages are important, but if the hand causes you to sin it is better to cut it off. Better to enter into Heaven without the hand than find your whole body suffering the eternal flames of hell. If California cut itself off from the United States of America we would not loose. We would gain.

  3. I once saw an Associated Press photo of Pres. Obama signing a Bill supporting Planned Parenthood and abortion. Standing next to him, in full support, was catholic Joe Biden. It was taken on Ash Wednesday and Joe still wore fresh ashes on his forehead.
    I emailed Biden and identified myself as Catholic. I told him that his wearing of the Ashes during such an event troubled me greatly !
    Follow my lead guys !
    Timothy Reed

  4. Truly good news : There are vast areas of America to which we may emigrate out of Obamastan, the inglorious socialist worker’s paradise: land of abortion, gun control, gay privilege, and redistributed/stolen wealth.
    Crooked Hillary won in only 52 of 3,141 US counties. The four richest US counties are wealthy because they are suburbs of the national capital, which (like one massive blood-sucking tick) sucks in far too much of the fruits of Americans’ labors.
    If they count the absentee ballots and throw out the millions of illegal and fraudulent votes she’ll be way below President Trump.

  5. The Democrat’s insistence on Trump somehow rigging this election could
    well be a stance they’ll later regret. If Republicans take the Democrats at
    their word and use it to push for increased safeguards for both voter rolls and
    at the polls, the Democrats might find it harder to rely on using voter fraud
    down the road.
    In this circus-like atmosphere the Democrats have created, how could they
    now object to increased safeguards for the integrity of our elections?

  6. Pity the poor believing and conservative souls stranded on various islands of the Clinton Archipelago. Perhaps if we expunged voter fraud as suggested by Mr. Clinton above, we might reconnect to the better world called TrumpLand.

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