Bishop Sheen on the True Meaning of Christmas


First broadcast in 1956, Bishop Sheen puts his own unique spin on the eternal mystery of Christmas, God becoming Man, Creator becoming Created.  It is interesting how philosophical and complicated Sheen’s presentation is.  Recall that his show was broadcast on commercial tv and enjoyed very good ratings.  Ah for a time when mass entertainment sought to ennoble rather than to debase!   Life Is Worth Living was the name of his show, a name worth remembering.  Many Catholics today almost seem to enjoy wallowing in despair.  Bishop Sheen would never have been in their number.


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  1. JMJ
    Every thing Bishop Sheen said – Amen!
    In 1958 or 1959, my mother and widowed grandmother (who had to work in midtown Manhattan) took four of us little boys (from the Bronx) to see (I think) “Snow White” in Radio City Music Hall. Of course afterward we made a visit to St. Patrick’s Cathedral. The youngest, named John went scooting around the pews and was “lost”. Mom and Nana were quietly calling “John!”, when Bishop Sheen came to them and told them his mother called him, “John.” You can imagine how thrilled were these two Catholic mothers. I carry this memory today.
    Again, many years later upon Bishop Sheen’s death, I was given the grace to be able to attend his “wake” in the Cathedral and be among the thousands to pay our respects for his life of service to God’s people.

  2. T. Shaw.
    Great story.

    I too have a fondness for the great Sheen.
    Great, because his wit, charisma, love of God and love of neighbor was extraordinary to say the least.

    One of my favorites quotes; “Sometimes a cloud can hide a star and sometimes our selfishness can hide God. Despite the clouds and despite our selfishness, the star still shines and God still loves.”

    He IS a treasure for all time.

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