Yawn, Trump Wins Electoral College


The attempt, predictably, to generate an Electoral College revolt against Donald Trump failed miserably yesterday.  The College met around the nation on Monday and Clinton suffered the defection of five faithless electors to two for Trump.  Here is the tally:  304 for Trump, 227 for Clinton, three for former Secretary of State Colin Powell, and one each for Sanders, Paul, Kasich, and Faith Spotted Eagle (yeah, you read that last one correctly).  Now the deranged Left can spend their time coming up with cloud kukooland schemes as to how the Republican Congress will fail to certify the Electoral College votes and Trump will thus be denied the Presidency.  Leftist special snow flakes simply do not inhabit the same frame of reality the rest of us occupy.

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  1. Failure to accept reality is a sign of madness. Let’s just hope they keep it up which will guarantee they will never win again. These guys need a paradigm shift very badly.

  2. The god of liberalism is Caesar. But who is Caesar changes. When liberals get a Caesar whom they don’t like, their god becomes their demon. This is fitting. Trump will remember who opposed him and will respond in kind. He has already said that his favorite Bible verse is the one about an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth. I believe he was being honest. The IRS investigations into conservative non-profit organizations under Obama will pale in comparison. Again, how fitting. Snow flakes will not just melt but be vaporized into wisps steam.

  3. . The morning briefing from the nytimes in my email didn’t mention that Clinton had more defectors ( lib doing briefing) but their longer article today did with the granular detail I like about their data reporting and ( about their recipes). Trump related stocks have been stalled for a week around this electoral thing I suspect. We’ll see today if the banks continue upward since futures on Bank of America are positive this AM….though they can be a delusion many mornings.

  4. Big banks today are up double the market rise….that is the result of this electoral worry being over on Wall St.

  5. Had I been an elector pledged to Hilary, I would have not only changed my vote to Trump, but encouraged all my colleagues to do so as well in express repudiation of the crybullies trying to game the system. Let a unanimous vote for Trump be a cold slap to sore losers.
    Hey idiots, we have a day you make your voices heard. It’s called ELECTION DAY and you go VOTE. It was funny to see Mark’s last gasp of hope die.

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