Quotes Suitable for Framing: Leviticus 19: 15

Thou shalt not do that which is unjust, nor judge unjustly. Respect not the person of the poor, nor honour the countenance of the mighty. But judge thy neighbour according to justice.

Leviticus 19:15

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  1. @1:56 “What difference does it make if a few political extremists lose their rights?” “What difference does it make if a few racial minorities lose their rights?” “Forward”
    “What difference does it make if Ambassador Christopher Stevens loses his life? The Progressives under Hillary Clinton: “It doesn’t matter now. What difference does it make?”

  2. The Pope would agree with not honouring the countenance of the mighty if they are rich white conservative American capitalists, but if they are him (or even the elitist lily white rich liberals whose adoration he so craves), then that’s a horse of a different colour.
    The Pope would disagree with not respecting the person of the poor so long as they are Hispanic or Muslim immigrants into America or Western Europe, but if they are white conservative farmers in the heartland who voted for Trump or white British factory workers who voted to exit the EU, then the Pope would agree – don’t respect them.
    I hate liberalism. I truly do.

  3. As a Veteran, here is my answer, Hillary. It is a matter of Honor ! And Honor obviously cannot be taught in Ivy League Prep Schools !
    Timothy R.

  4. What a lesson in the lines by Lancaster– motivated by fear- of each other and selves “….the old old story of the sacrificial lamb.” “Hate and Power! “Take it!”
    but the lines about love of country are the false premise also used by EU.. and the globalists… that nationalism was somehow at fault–
    Maybe definitions are difficult between patriotism and nationalism..
    Each one acted personally because they wanted to– or as Lancaster says- it is because “we didn’t want to know” the truth. People bought the lies of their elected leader which misconstrued what their beautiful national identity really was. A beautiful gifted people together- Jews and Gentiles who produced much good in this world– but led completely into evil by fear and self interest- not really national interest, not for love of Country, but each one in his own self interest and self protection. Remember that quote about not responding to defend various ones, until “they” came to get me. That is still a scary precipice for all of us today.
    I am so glad Mike Pence is V-P elect and there are good Catholic advisors to Trump to help keep religious liberty and the understanding about how to be truly a democracy as well as religious ( recents comments from Kerry about Israel)

  5. When one of us is cut off from the Sacraments, which are the nourishment of the Soul, it is like the Anorexic who slowly starves herself to death. The prestigious doctors cannot give us an empirical diagnosis; but, it is there nevertheless. If it is someone you love, you can see it, in their eyes.
    Timothy R.

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