Roe V. Wade and the Right to Rule Ourselves

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On January 22, 1973 the United States Supreme Court in the case of Roe v. Wade and in the companion case of Doe v. Bolton made up a Constitutional right to abortion out of thin air.  There was nothing in the Constitution forbidding the states from regulating abortion, and the states had so regulated, and often criminalized, abortion since the inception of the Republic.  Roe and Doe were terrible crimes against the unborn, but they were also blows against the most precious civil liberty Americans possess:  the right to rule ourselves.

If Roe were overturned, the abortion regime of abortion on demand would be limited to a handful of states.  Some states would ban abortion outright in almost all cases.  Most would bring abortion under ever growing restrictions that would shrink the number of abortions performed.  One of the prime defenses of abortion currently, that is a Constitutional right, would be no more.  Pro-lifers would be free to focus on the ugly reality of abortion without fear that Federal courts by judicial fiat would upend hard won pro-life legislation at the state level.

How do we get there? Two main paths that I can see. 

Gain a majority on the Supreme Court to accomplish this.  Assuming that President Trump nominates a pro-lifer, we will be one vote away from this goal.  Considering the ages of the justices it is quite likely that Trump will have another two nominations in the next four years.

The second is to have the States call a Constitutional Convention.  The Republicans are quite close to having the states necessary to call for a Constitutional Convention.  A radical step?  Indeed.  However, unless we wish to have our government descend into rule by black robed oligarchs, it may be necessary,

Congress could also simply expand the number of Supreme Court justices or could strip jurisdiction over abortion cases from the Supreme Court.  FDR’s attempt to pack the Court left such a bad taste on expanding the Court, I doubt if the Senate would do it.  Court stripping legislation has never been fully tested in the Courts.  Once again these are radical steps, but they may prove necessary.  The drawback with this approach is that what one Congress can do, a future Congress can undue.

In any event, the pro-life forces are now in a position of political strength greater than any time since 1973.  Now is the time for action.

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  1. Agreed.

    The forces opposed to Life have made their presence known;

    This is invoking treason.
    A public figure talking like this is a threat and should be dealt with accordingly.

    Today all of my prayers are for the Right To Life March. God protect them from the Evil that has shown up. The Evil that is restless because they sense their demise.

    God help us in this battle for Life.

  2. Remember what it took to end slavery and think not that sadly human error won’t require the same to end abortion today. I pray I am wrong. But I fear that the left will never surrender abortion till it is utterly defeated. The recent march by feminist lesbian and abortionist murderous perverts on DC prove that.

  3. Court-stripping does not need to be tested. The authority to determine jurisdictions in right there. In truth, judicial misfeasance in this matter and in so many others that anything short of putting out contracts is legitimate means in a war on the courts.

  4. The woman’s march was a celebration of Roe vs. Wade, the right of women to kill their own children.

    “Our Lady of Fatima, help us in the year 2017, intercede for us please. Our world has gone insane.

  5. Keeping in mind that our Society is actually run by Lawyers ( no offense Don R. ) and Lawyers, ancient Greek Lawyers, invented Sophistry. That’s the Cop in me speaking. And yes, I have known some really great people that happened to be Lawyers. But the Sophism yet remains. Timothy Reed

  6. When the Supreme Court violates our Founding Principles, the Court miscarries Justice. “We hold these truths to be self-evident that all men are created equal.” (not born equal).
    Roe v. Wade violated the principle that all men are created equal and never called for the burden of proof that the newly begotten sovereign person had no sovereign personhood. It was assumed and under pressure, the fix was in.
    The newly begotten human soul must actively will to survive. This act of the will is proof of sovereign personhood. The newly begotten sovereign person’s innate freedom to freely will to survive is his civil Right to Life. Any newly begotten sovereign person who cannot survive is a spontaneous abortion or miscarriage.
    Roe v. Wade violates the newly begotten human being’s free will to survive.
    The Constitution for the United States provides “the blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our (constitutional) Posterity…” all future generations.
    Roe v. Wade slaughters our constitutional Posterity and the mob marches on our Law of the Land.

  7. Mary De Voe…do I have your permission to print up your comment and share with friends at our Church ?
    I find it brilliant and convincing. Timothy Reed

  8. Timothy Reed: Public domain is public, for the public and by the public. Public domain is held in joint and common tenancy by each and every sovereign person. Go for it or I have failed. Timothy means Honor of God. My maiden name translates from the Polish to Timothy. God bless us, one and all and The American Catholic forum.

  9. All that is necessary, at least as a first step, is for Congress to issue a resolution stating that Roe v Wade was an illegal seizure of power by the courts, as was Obergefell. Then, pass a statute stating that impeachment proceedings will be brought against any judge who invents constitutional rights, uphold any decision that uses the doctrine of substantive due process.

  10. Roe v. Wade is worse than a miscarriage of Justice, malfeasance in office and dereliction of duty, Roe v. Wade is the imposition of tyranny over the sovereign citizens being denied the acknowledgement of their sovereignty, acknowledgement of their institution of the sovereign nation and the sovereignty of government of the people, for the people and by the people. The rise of the administrative state is government against the people.
    Roe v. Wade never bore the burden of proof that the newly begotten innocent soul of Baby Roe had no sovereign personhood. Had the Court acknowledged “that all men are created equal”, the Court was to assume Baby Roe as a ward of the Court and defend Baby Roe’s right to Life, hence, the charge of dereliction of duty.
    (There can be no religious test for public office. There must be a Founding Principles test. How can a judge tell those who come before him who they are, unless he knows who he is? Every America citizen is a constituent of the American President. When the president becomes partisan or refuses to represent his constituents, the president impeaches himself.)
    Roe v. Wade refused to acknowledge the sovereign personhood of the infused, rational, immortal soul of Baby Roe, his free will, his intellect, his right to choose life. Baby Roe’s right to choose life, his will to survive and his choice are the cause of Baby Roe’s soul being scraped from the womb.
    Roe v. Wade refused to acknowledge the infused soul endowed with unalienable, innate, human rights that become Baby Roe’s civil rights. Baby Roe was refused acknowledgement of his freedom to entertain the gift of Faith from God. Baby Roe’s response to the gift of Faith from God is his intimate and personal relationship with God called religion, protected and guaranteed in our constitutional First Amendment.
    Roe v. Wade imposed atheism, the Supreme Court’s atheism on Baby Roe. Atheism is a belief that must be chosen by the free will and conscience of the sovereign person for his soul. The atheist must be tolerated as a death bed convert as a member of the human species, Homo Sapiens, the wise man.
    Atheism as the atheist’s ungodly choice is patently totalitarian and antithetical to our Constitutional First Amendment, as the belief in atheism, denies every sovereign person, his sovereign soul, his unalienable human rights, and his freedom to have a relationship with his “Creator” in thought, word, deed and peaceable assembly, thereby being the first and foremost cause of a War for Freedom.
    Sins and crimes against humanity diminish and eradicate the sovereignty of the person and the sovereignty of the nation. That is, that the criminal and the sinner cannot institute the sovereign state. The criminal and outlaw has forfeit his sovereignty, that is, his discipline over himself.
    Addiction to sodomy, avarice, lust, gluttony and pride do not constitute and cannot institute the sovereign state. Addiction to sodomy is not a civil right. Addiction to drugs confounds legal informed consent. All addiction is a violation of free will and freedom. The sovereign nation and government cannot be instituted by individuals lacking informed consent.
    The sovereign state is not instituted by addicts, criminals and despots to impose atheism and totalitarianism. The sovereign state is instituted for healing and the common good.

  11. Mary De Voe…Thank you for the info. And I’m itching with curiousity about how your maiden name could equate to Timothy. I don’t know whether or not I told you about my book. It is an autobiography titled : “Wings held up by Hope” by Timothy Reed. It is available at most book outlets. The cover was designed by my daughter, a professional artist, Jill Reed Render. Also, I’m working on a second book. And it has a lot to do with Policework and the Rosary. When I shared the title with Jill she said, “Only a Cop could get away with that title, Dad !” Curious ? TR.

  12. Timothy Reed: I am about buying Wings Held Up by Hope and some of the other books you have authored. Tyszkiewicz is the Polish form of Timothy. Brother John’s son is an artist. I love you, too.

  13. Jan 25 Dred Scott, decided by Roger B. Haney, was never rescinded. Dred Scott was never declared a mistrial nor a miscarriage of Justice. The Dred Scott decision must be declared a miscarriage of Justice as The Supreme Court refused to acknowledge the sovereign personhood of Dred Scott (“created equal” a self-evident truth from our Unanimous Declaration of Independence, ratified by every state) and further refused to protect Dred Scott’s civil rights as Scott became a ward of the Court. This must happen now, even after the Civil War.
    Roe v. Wade must be declared a miscarriage of Justice by The Supreme Court again for the same reason: the self-evident truth that all men are created equal and that they are endowed with certain unalienable human rights to Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness, the accomplishment of their destiny.
    Declaring the unjust decisions, Dred Scott and Roe v. Wade as mistrials and miscarriages of Justice will prevent another civil war, a war that is already in our streets with mobs of ferocious protestors running amok with nothing but the Roe v. Wade Court decision as their sole purpose.
    Prayer ban too, must be confirmed by the Supreme Court. The Court said that the atheist “May go her own way” as we all might. The Main Stream Media bannered PRAYER BAN.
    Individuals who get their information through the MSM and the MSM itself cannot figure out why President Trump testifies to the MSM’s artificial facts.

  14. When any individual or institution, as in government, runs afoul of our Founding Principles, they incur ostracism, impeachment and sanction. They are free to leave and they are free to get three quarters of the states to ratify their opinion for their opinion to become the Law of the Land. A Founding Principles test must be given to any individual seeking any government office.

  15. “So wonderful is the Lord, that HE accepts the dreams of Children, as prayer.” From “Wings held up by Hope ” by Timothy Reed Page 18

  16. Timothy Reed.

    Today I received my Amazon shipping notice that your book is on the way here.

    I too am looking forward to reading your story.

    God be with both of you, Tim and Mary.

    btw……I liked Mary before you did Tim..Na na na nahh na na nahh. 🙂 had to get my four year old self out. sigh..I feel better now.

    Have a Great Feast of the conversion of St. Paul.

    St. Peter…Pray for us.. please.

  17. Philip….My brother, and I, were attracted to the same girl in High School. We argued over who should be the one to ask her out. As luck would have it, we both showed up dateless at a school Dance. And there she waltzed ( she didn’t walk…she waltzed ) thru the front door. Both our hearts sank as we got a look at her date. He was at least 7 or 8 years older than us, obviously rich, and might have been the Middle Linebacker for Green Bay. TR.

  18. High School?
    Seven or eight years your senior.
    Mom and Dad would of had a cow if they knew…Her parents of course.

    Well Timothy…
    I’m going to step aside.
    As much as this hurts it’s only right.
    You both have my blessings.

    My cyber crush is over. 🙁

  19. I’m going to make an observation. I think, as a Society, that the more tech advanced the Society becomes, the more Evil it will become. Do you think that the devil carries a cell phone ? TR.

  20. TR.

    St. Maximilian Kolbe used the latest media of the day to warn the faithful of sinister regimes coming to power. Radio and his printing presses. The internet has help influence the hearts of many in ways profitable for their souls as well as the opposite. Which wolf do you feed?

    The impersonal aspects are worrisome and the pursuit of the ( fountain of youth ) always seemed a dangerous venture since life on earth is not our eternal goal, but for wealthy non-believers it may be there only hope for eternity. Cryogenics, to me, seems freaky. Maybe they can thaw a person out in 2525 to heal their life threatening hang nail.

    I’m old fashioned I guess.

  21. @Timothy Reed

    I know that I’m going to enjoy your story!

    Your dedication is perfect.
    Absolutely perfect.
    This, from a common leper trying his best to serve the healer.
    I’ll drop into it tonight after dinner.


  22. @Timothy Reed.

    “The Bible says that we are fearfully and wonderfully made. No wonder, then, that the Lord does not want us to judge on another.” -TR


    “Charlies” are gifts from God for certain.
    It is beautiful. Kindred spirits that help hold up our wings…encouraging and engaging in our trek through this valley.

    Thank you for sharing your story.
    Half way through. Your childhood memories, pains, disappointments and answered prayers are soul stirring. Miraculous and marvelous.
    “Accepts the dreams of children as prayers.”

  23. Philip…a short explanation of my book : I have seven Grandsons. And I began my book as a Journal for them. I wanted them to glean the lessons that I have learned, throughout my life, without having to learn them from personal experience. The main lesson is simply to do the Right thing, even when it might be tied to a consequence. I quit my “dream” job ( and you can figure which one that was ) because I came to realize that, in order to keep it, I would have to compromise my Christian beliefs. And it has had lasting effects. It was very much a self-demotion. My pension as a retired Police Officer is not near what I could have had. And sometimes, when I have to tell my wife that we cannot afford this, or we cannot do that,
    I have to fight against feeling guilty, for having done the right thing. But I will continue to convey to my Grandsons that I “willingly” made the sacrifice in order to please my God, rather than please other men.

  24. @Timothy Reed.

    Your leaving them a priceless inheritance when your freedom bird leads you into the Cerulean Blue. The sharing of Faith and Trust in Jesus in our lives is tapping into the living waters spoken of in our Bible.
    Waters that quench a thirst that can not be quenched by any other means.

    Your helping your grandsons to come to know this spring, this source. Truly a blessing for all grandsons everywhere.

    When you land safely into the kingdom we long for, I believe you will hear the sweetest song; “Well done, my good and faithful servant.” Be not surprised when He substitutes servant for the word friend.
    For as it is written; “……But I have called you friends because all things whatsoever I have heard from my Father I have made known to you. 16 You have not chosen me, I have chosen you…” John 15: portion of verse 15 and16.
    I believe you are bearing good fruit with Wings held up by Hope. I look forward to finishing your treasure this evening after work.

    I’m glad you mentioned that you had written this work. I’ll be better for having read your story. I know it. 🙂

  25. TR.

    btw…When we and our household sacrifice for God’s glory by following the promptings of the Holy Spirit, we give up nothing. Rather our reward we be great in a kingdom that is everlasting. No “thing” or man or angel can take away the treasures given you once you enter into God’s kingdom.

    My wife too has suffered because she has allowed me to follow the Holy Spirit into the nursing home environment. No more trips to the Caymans, but we are better for having made known the True Paradise that awaits for those who love God and neighbor. Your sacrifices and those of your wife, will be rewarded abundantly… Forever!

  26. One day, after Church, I was walking down the sidewalk towards my truck; when suddenly, 5 or 6 small girls came running up the same sidewalk towards me. One of them tripped and fell and sat there crying in misery. I approached her ( we did not know each other ), examined her while straightening her dress, and simply said, “You’re alright”. She immediately stopped crying, got herself up, and ran after the others ! I was amazed, and had this thought : ‘That is whar my Lord, my Friend in Heaven has been doing for me. TR.

  27. What a perfect example of the indwelling of the Holy Spirit. Prayer.. Church is over(really just starting.) = Action, your works=results..Stopped crying.. Confidence regained= refreshing revelation of His mercy in our daily struggle.

    He is so alive if we only have the hearts to see him.

    Thanks again.

  28. Philip…I am very grateful for your feedback and encouragement. You are an example, for me, of a guy that is doing great things, and yet humble about it. Timothy Reed

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