Where No Rational Thought Has Gone Before

Hattip to Instapundit.  I have two words for Ms. Judd:  electroshock therapy.

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  1. What’s concerning is that so many actually believe this nonsense. One of the problem is these nut cases get little push back. I would like to see Donald Trump open up on them.

  2. Please folks. ECT had a habit of erasing Short Term Memory. She already has trouble finding herself. TR.

  3. So, this is what we are up against. Horrific.
    “I would do the right thing and take my chances! Sir!” pg 102 WINGS HELD UP BY HOPE by Timothy Reed. Our Founding Fathers said the same thing.

  4. This post about rabid Ashley Judge again reminds me of the rabid behavior of former Obama appointee NRC Chairperson Gregory Jaczko back in 2011 and 2012. I talked about him in comments on a different post here at TAC before. In addition to Kristine Svinicki (Trump has appointed her as current Chairperson – hooray!) reporting on his abusive behavior to Congress and the Whitehouse, so did fellow Commissioner William D. Magwood (who is now at the Nuclear Energy Agency – he didn’t get the nod from Obama to stay on at the NRC, nor after this would he have). I have met Mr. Magwood, listen to him give a talk and had the opportunity to shake his hand. He is a tall, imposing black man, and when he walks into a room, you can rest assurred that he IS the smartest person in the room, and he doesn’t need to brag about it. What a great speaker! And nuclear safety was always number 1 in his book. ALWAYS. I cannot express how impressed I was. Now kindly read pages 2 through 4 of Mr. Magwood’s testimony to Congress about how Jackzo, a rabid bureaucrat, behaved:
    You have to understand something. The NRC is a place of scientists and engineers. Only safety and science and blood & guts engineering matter. Not politics. Not who knows whom. Not who is greasing whose skids. Just the science – that’s it. That’s all that matters. Never before in the history of US nuclear regulation has ANY commissioner behaved like Jackzo. NEVER. Just read and see. So when I learn that Ashley Judd is behaving like another rabid animal, it’s just par for the course with these wild beasts. This is who and what they are. And that they have been given such voice nationally when any sane society would relegate them to a mental institution is due to the singular fault of Barack Hussein Obama.

    Now have managers yelled at me during my previous work? Yup, and I goaded them to also. But no one – not a one – ever did this kind of thing. Not a one acted like such a rabid animal. Ashley Judd, Gegrory Jackzo, they are all the same. And it makes me madder than a wet hen that under Obama these kinds of people got put into positions of authority over safety issues that they have no ability to deal with.

  5. The progressive left reminds me of HAL9000. They act like they are foolproof and incapable of error. Their mission is too important for them to allow anyone to jeopardize it. HAL did go on a rampage against the crew.

  6. Wow! I couldn’t watch it all. I felt like I was watching a mentally ill person saying embarrassing things in front of a crowd. Couldn’t someone help her off of the stage?

  7. My earlier comment was about the cleverness of the video creators. After reading a short bio this woman is to be pitied. She is damaged from childhood rape. Ashley Judd’s performance is the most bizarre I’ve seen. Surely the producers must have known how known have known she was on another planet.

  8. My typo fits the subject – it sure have read, “Surely the producers must have know she was on another planet”.

  9. Seasoned drinker or progeny pride? Ancestral pride increases given its distance from rationality. Star Trek ancestor obviously rode their pride to an oxymoronic brilliant embarrassment. Ashley stands proudly among inane ancestors. Give the deadly sin of pride an audience and she waxes her thoughts irrationally. If you want to get an atheist mad, get someone to pray for this Ashley rant.

  10. Too bad we don’t have the draft any more. A few months in boot camp would teach her the rewards are for those who shut up and listen.

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