Of Kiwis and Chickens

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Hattip to my bride.

This is not an April Fool’s story:



New Zealand Post has announced its couriers will home-deliver KFC fast food, in a trial that could provide a recipe for success as letter volumes continue to dwindle.

Under a pilot scheme that started this week in the North Island town of Tauranga, KFC customers can order online and have their food delivered by NZ Post drivers.

KFC operator Restaurant Brands NZ said that while it knew how to produce food, it had no experience in logistics, making the postal service a natural fit.

“NZ Post has an extensive delivery distribution network around New Zealand, and KFC is available in most towns nationwide,” chief executive Ian Letele said.

“With the support of NZ Post, we hope to service the home delivery needs of many more KFC customers throughout New Zealand.”


Go here to read the rest.  Perhaps Don the Kiwi can give us any additional info he has about this.  Considering the speed and efficiency of our own snail mail, I suspect any chicken they were delivering would have morphed into zombie chicken by the time it was delivered.

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  1. ??? KFC on demand? Or only when the NZ Post delivers the mail? Nothing quite like a cold box of fried batter to find a squab hiding in it.

    We haven’t had KFC in over twenty years.

    I hope it goes well.
    In NZ one might of considered Sonic Lamb Inc. to put a deal together, but then again chicken breast is the “other” white meat down under.

    (btw Sonic Lamb Inc. is sarcasm.)

    Eat well Don the Kiwi.
    Chicken factories are counting on you.

  2. T Shaw.
    You’d have to ask the Maori people if their tupuna (ancestors) hhanded on a recipe – kiwis are a protected bird since the late 1800’s. With rats, stoats and weasels being introduced with the white man, these animals raid the nests – they are at ground level – and dogs kill and eat the mature birds. Until humans came to NZ – the first being the Maori in the late 1200’s – NZ birds, many flightless, had no natural predators, except for a giant eagle, whci hdied out before the Maori, and another flightless eagle, that became extinct in the 1600’s with the Maori predating all their natural prey. Up to 60% of NZ birdlife has been extincted in the past 500 or so years. NZ is now a world leader in eliminating threats to indigenous species and setting up sancturaries so the endangered specis can be reared in a protected environment, then released back into the wild to repopulate areas that have been denuded, Several species which were on the brink, or thought to be extinct, are now thriving and one can hear a great variety of birdsong when walking through the native bush. I have been back to an area recently where I used to hunt deer 50 years ago, and the change is amazing.

  3. Philip .
    Like you, I haven’t had KFC in many years, but now that there’s a delivery in my home town, amybe I should try? 😉
    Actually we eat chicken a couple of time a week – my wife buys fresh chicken, and we generally barbecue it, or bake it. Yum. There are the big chicken outfits, Tegel and a couple of others who provide plenty of variety, and NZ lamb is dearer here in the shops than it is in the UK, and I believe in some parts of the US – and we export lamb and live sheep to the like of Iran and Saudi Arabia.

  4. Actually, Pizza Hut are doing a test run with drones to deliver pizzas – will be interesting to see how it goes, with kids getting their eye in using BB guns and shangeyes (catapults)

  5. Thanks Don the Kiwi!
    Drones, BB guns, kids and pizza!
    That’s known as the Perfect Storm! ?
    Thanks for the update and we too like our BBQ chicken…less the skin. 🙁

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