Barney Fife: The Law

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Don Knotts was a comedy genius but he understood that his creation, the bumbling Deputy Barney Fife, needed depth to be an effective character.  Here he faces down two men, each far more physically powerful than himself, simply because his badge represents the Law and the people the Law represents.  It is an example of a character overcoming his fear and helps explain why Sheriff Taylor had Fife as his Deputy.  A bravura performance from the Silver Age of Television.

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One Comment

  1. Where oh virtue do you hide in Television today? You, who once graced the airwaves have vanished as vice has conquered the day, yet the days​ light is not out completely.
    The moon refects the the promise of the return. The Mother who reflects the brilliance of her son’s rays separates the vice from virtue, the dark from the light.

    Fear not the brut who teaches the dark is light and wrong is right. Fear not the short lived clouds that are swept away by the breath of God.
    Your office is secure you who fear God.
    Your priesthood is predestined by the Grace of God, for the age of this world is only a footnote in the book of Life. A reminder of the foolish wanderings of the forgetful pilgrim who is lead astray by the seeker of honor and riches.

    Barney Fife is a reminder of our calling.
    Our frailty. Our duty. Our complete reliance on God. For our weakness is inevitable, yet His strength is never failing. His work is made manifest in our weakness when discouragement and doubt is finally over come by His power.

    A power that surpasses all understanding. All deserving.
    For it is when we are weak His strength manifests within us to give All glory to God in the highest. Forever and always.
    In 1959 and 2959… timeless and without earning or deserving… Amazing Grace…how sweet the sound.

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