Imperial German Plans to Invade the US

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Other than the diplomatic debacle of Germany attempting to tempt Mexico to engage in a hopeless war with the US if America and Germany went to war which led to the Zimmerman Telegram, Imperial Germany had no plans to invade the US, having more than it could handle in Europe and the Middle East.  However, plans had been drawn up to invade the US from 1897 to 1903 at the request of the Kaiser who was perturbed at the growing global influence of the US.

The first plan written by a German naval Lieutenant envisaged a naval war of the east coast of the US with raids against American east coast naval bases.

After American victory in the Spanish-American War, the plan was revised to include German troop landings and occupation of Boston and New York.

A third and final plan concentrated on bringing America to the negotiating table by seizing Puerto Rico and establishing a  naval base there and polished up the ideas of invading at Boston and New York.  The plan noted that none of this could be undertaken unless Germany enjoyed peace in Europe.

The plans were shelved in 1906.

The late author Robert Conroy, who specialized in alternate history novels, published 1901 in 1995 which posited an Imperial German invasion of the US at Boston and New York as outlined in the German invasion plans.

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  1. This is time to recall—as my father advised me, who had Pentagon clearance in WW2, and worked during 1943-45, in the “Pineapple Pentagon” in Honolulu–that after Pearl Harbor and the anticipated final devastation of the US carrier fleet at Midway, the Imperial Japanese High Command had plans for a full military occupation of San Francisco and it’s military and naval facilities there, from which their massive battleships, the Musashi and Yamato, would sally forth with aircraft carrier coverage and devastate Los Angeles, Seattle, and San Diego, and force the US government and its “soft American” populace, to sue for peace. (Those plans, decoded from their highest-level communications, because we had cracked the IJ naval code, was why Japanese -Americans were force-relocated in 1942, inland, under Roosevelt ‘s order 9066).

    I don’t know who had/has the more distorted vision of reality–the Imperial German military in 1897-1903, or the Japanese High Command in 1942, or Pope Francis in 2017.

  2. “(Those plans, decoded from their highest-level communications, because we had cracked the IJ naval code, was why Japanese -Americans were force-relocated in 1942, inland, under Roosevelt ‘s order 9066).”
    Thank you, Steve Phoenix. The revisionist history makes victims of the internment of Japanese during WWII.

  3. Interestingly, the U.S. military appears to have fully anticipated these plans. They anticipated in the 1890’s that an Imperial German landing would occur on Long Island, and that it would take at least 2 months to dislodge them. It was these war games which led to the creation of what became the Great White Fleet (along with the theories written by Mahan and Roosevelt).

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