Worse Than Murder, Inc Hardest Hit

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Among the provisions of the ObamaCare repeal and replace legislation passed by two votes in the House yesterday is the defunding of Planned Parenthood Worse Than Murder, Inc.  We will see what the Senate does now, but for now Worse Than Murder, Inc. is in full panic mode as the above video indicates.  Worse Than Murder, Inc is big business and federal funding accounts for about 40% of their annual revenues of 1.3 billion.  Let’s make Bill Gates or some other well-heeled pro-abort pick up the tab instead of the American taxpayer.  The Democrats will fight tooth and nail since to them abortion has become a sacrament, and pro-aborts their main source of money and campaign volunteers.  When Stephen Douglas proposed his Kansas-Nebraska Act he predicted, correctly, that it was going to “raise a hell of a storm”.  We are in for that type of fight.

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  1. Fight we will.
    Please call your respective Senators​.
    Tell them..No more federal funding for the Americans cesspool P.P. Let the $ fund poor women’s health care at Federally Qualified Health Centers through out our country. Give women real choice without stepping foot into our national death camps.

  2. Unfortunately, Mr. Nachazel, calling my respective Senators here in California (Harris and Feinstein) and urging them to vote to defund PP would be about as useless as life skills training for suicide bombers!

  3. Greg Mockeridge: Tell them anyway and always as citizens have been disenfranchised of our say in this matter.
    The last part of her speech was a double edged sword. She calls upon all persons who care about lives.

  4. Hi Greg.
    I do appreciate your opinion.
    I’ve written to Michigan’s Senators, Peters and Stabanow, over the course for several years relating to Pro Life causes and Religious Freedom infractions, HHS mandate. Yes..to no avail. I still write​. Mary De Voe I correct…tell them anyway.

    btw…the response generated from their respective offices make great salmon wrap. We have an abundance of salmon in North Western Michigan.

  5. Senator Bob Casey, alleged Catholic, will certainly vote against the repeal of Obumblercare because he is the media’s idea of a Catholic – Casey ignores his faith when it conflicts with Democrat ideology.

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