Assassination Chic

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You can always tell when a Republican is in the White House because the arts and crafts crowd begins to fantasize about murdering him.  A tradition that goes back to John Wilkes Booth and the first Republican President,  we see that this proclivity is alive and well today.  This is why I tend to roll my eyes when reading any leftist bemoaning the loss of civility.  Lack of civility for most leftists means a conservative who actually has the temerity to answer them back.

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  1. If the President is – God forbid – assassinated, I think there will be a tremendous upwilling of anger that liberals will rue the day they had the temerity to even suggest such a thing. I think we should pray for the President’s safety.

  2. Yes to Lucius Quinctius Cincinnatus.
    We must pray for our President and his safety.
    The thugs who started antagonizing Trump supporters, the thugs who silenced Milo at Berkeley and the thugs who gaslight news (MSM) …these are the John Wilkes Booth of our day.. granted they haven’t assassinated a President however they have assassinated his character and the freedom of speech and also trample on Religions Freedom. These thugs… Michael Moore are you listening (?)….these thug’s need a boot in the ass and a one way ticket to Cuba.

    Run on sentence specialist…. guilty as charged.

  3. I think liberals will rue the day already in the manner they’ve attacked this president. They’ve lost middle America, they’re just too arrogant to realize it.

  4. Imagine the appropriate outrage if such a piece of “guerrilla theater” had had Barry Soetoro in the cross-hairs.

    Worse, than the “assassination chic,” worse is the closely cherished liberal lie that President Trump is a tyrant deserving of death.

    We should have been similarly, continually aggressive beginning in January 2009. I shall not make the same mistake if, God forbid, the anti-American totalitarians get back in power.

    It appears s of the left will not stop until they get somebody killed.

  5. Arminius, I went to the link you provided and read (mostly) what was posted. Interesting (sort of) but wrong. His list of “Republican” beliefs is not credible. I’m a life long Republican, just to right of Reagan, a strict Constitutionalist and NO ONE I have ever met would agree to half of his list.

    Here’s a simple example, “An end to all funding for foreign aid, the arts, and scientific research.” People of many political strips want the end of FEDERAL funding of these items. Where does the Constitution grant the Federal Government the Authority to do this? Some may also want their States to follow suite but that should be up to the individual States and the private citizens. Who has stated that no one should fund scientific research? No one. But I have heard liberal Democrat activists falsely accuse Republicans of this charge.

    How many unConstitutional activities should we accept? Should we bring back slavery? Ignore the “Bill of Rights”? Or should we ONLY accept the unConstitutional activities that some people think are acceptable and those who disagree be damned or more likely locked up.

    He also has a warped sense of reason. Such as, “What if the woman’s best reasoning tells her that the six-week-old fetus growing inside her isn’t yet a human life? What if her conscience tells her, therefore, that the abortion she wants, for her own, well considered reasons, can harm no one?” What if her “reasoning tells her” that her one month old is too much trouble and needs to go? What about the 3 year old? The 72 year old? This so called “reasoned” woman IS harming someone and this writer fails to see this simple truth.

    As I said, some interesting points, but falls far short of good or moral.

  6. Obviously the people behind this production do not like Trump so I have to wonder if they have thought this through. In the play, the assassins come to bad ends because Marc Antony eulogizes Caesar and points out that Caesar was not guilty of all the things the killers claimed.

    It is a very clever scene that begins with “I come to bury Caesar, not to praise him.” And yet he lists all the things Brutus said about Caesar that were not true, “But Brutus is an honorable man.” The crowd turns on the killers and Brutus and Cassius have to run.

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