1917: The Star Spangled Banner


Thomas Alva Edison, among his many other achievements, was the first entertainment mogul in the United States which was only fair since he invented the motion picture camera.  His favorite singer was soprano Anna Case, who appeared on Edison records frequently, and who in 1917 gave the rendition of The Star Spangled Banner above.  Born in 1888, she would live until 1984.  An ardent patriot, in 1917 she lent her talents to selling Liberty war bonds and volunteered to sing the national anthem to troops waiting to ship out for France.

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  1. From the movie, “The Sand Pebbles” Lt. Collins’ Flag Day Speech…

    “Today we begin cruising to show the flag on Tungting Lake and the Hunan Rivers.
    I want all honors rendered smartly.

    “At home in America, when today reaches them it will be Flag Day. For us who
    wear the uniform every day is Flag Day.

    “It is said that there will be no more wars. We must pretend to believe that.
    But when war comes, it is we who will take the first shock, and buy time with
    our lives. It is we who keep the Faith…

    “We serve the Flag. The trade we all follow is the give and take of death.
    It is for that purpose that the people of America maintain us. And anyone of
    us who believes he has a job like any other, for which he draws a money wage,
    is a thief of the food he eats, and a trespasser in the bunk in which he lies
    down to sleep.”

  2. T. Shaw.

    Excellence and purity of speech from your quote from Lt. Collins.

    Thank you kind sir.
    Beautifully written.

  3. The American Flag belong to each and every citizen in joint and common tenancy. and NO, it is not freedom of speech to burn the American Flag. It is an act of violence against peaceable assembly to petition the government for redress of grievances.
    So, how did we come this far from reverence and respect for ourselves?

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