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I have come to loathe some of the attorneys and co-workers at my job. They haven’t changed. I have. Either my tolerance level has lowered or it’s because they have become completely unhinged since the election and are not careful with what they say. I come from a working class family and it is unnerving to hear how much my Harvard and Yale bosses despise normal people. Whenever they have to go on trial outside of the East or West Coasts they moan and groan as if they are going to Calcutta. I over heard two attorneys talking about how they ventured beyond Whole Foods, Trader Joes and their favorite farmer’s market —gasp— went to a regular grocery store as if they went on safari. I think if they went to Walmart or Sav-a-Lot they’d have a stroke. It’s like the Floating World of Edo era Japan. The inhabitants have their drivers, their cheap illegal nannies, gardeners and to Hell with everybody else. I guess I need to start looking for another job.

We have a new blog in the blog role, Dymphna’s Road.  I always appreciate writing that packs a lot of meaning into a few words, and the above quote is a sample of what Dymphna at her blog can do.  Go here to have a look at the blog and I think you will put it on your regular blog reading list as I have have.

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  1. It was never about equality, liberty, or fraternity.

    It’s all good. I need to emigrate to America. I’m looking at Sheridan, WY. It is close to numerous site of Plains Indian Wars battles (Fetterman, Wagon Box, Rosebud, Little Big Horn, etc.) and near (enough) the Tetons and Yellowstone.

    Years ago, the “New Yorker” magazine produced a cover that communicated this animus.

    Yet, these geniuses completely support the worst political class in US History, which class is fundamentally transforming America into a third-world hell hole.

    Do they think, somehow, that they will escape the catastrophe?

    Anyhow, guilty as charged. I frequent Walmart and Costco dressed in my worst. To be fair, we proles (including me) can come off as “quaint.”

  2. My type of work (accounting and tax work, in the SF Baytheist Area, to boot) also puts me in a situation where I often have to endure the painful overhearing of many loco, and increasingly bitter, political conversations floating over the cubicle walls these past 12 mos. St. Dymphna’s observation that people here, in this case, on the Left Coast, cannot possibly ken what the Flyovers think and believe—but worse, the smug condescension is nauseating.

    Now, for my part, I scrupulously avoid political talk (which is a company policy, BTW) since to me it is completely unprofessional and entirely too personal: tax and accounting issues need to be kept to the cold unemotional facts, just the facts, ma’am (and the numbers, and the applicable statutes ).

    Yet some of the EA’S and CPA’S drop their professional garb in a flash, if they read, or too often misread, and inject themselves, into a charged political exchange that is way off course from the work at hand. I don’t see them doing their client a favor, even those who agree with them. But the conversations, and the bitterness, I have heard… Unspeakable, and often, highly charged, very enraged and very personal.

    I am convinced people here in Cali continue to distill and display their particularly inbred form of radicalism—it’s on the schools, the media, the “entertainment “—a Fort Sumter-type moment is forthcoming (just as Congressman Scalise ‘s shooting is analogous to Bleeding Kansas or perhaps Harper’s Ferry ). No good will come from this increasingly fevered ‘thinking’, if it can be called that.

  3. Thanks Donald. Agree. With 11 kids I understand the Progressive prejudice. Even worse one of my kids is a ABC political commentator who can’t wait to get off another criticism of our dear Donald.

    And thanks for the St.Dymphna’s blog site recommendation.

  4. Please forgive my use of a personal frame of reference in this regard but it facilitates succinctness. My political inclinations are disparately influenced by such as William F. Buckley Jr. and his National Review, and by my altogether working class Irish and Italian American roots. The former draws from Catholic and classical sources, while the latter draw from the earthy experience of ordinary life. I think Trump, through his lifelong association with the working classes of the construction industry, is much influenced by that latter experience. Not to support him in the office he holds would work against the interests of most Americans.

  5. If naming your blog after Saint Dympha, is a subtle reference to those with liberal leanings as being mentally ill, it is an affront to those who actually have a mental illness,and perpetuates the stigma already associated with it. Who are the mentally ill? They are our fathers and mothers, sisters and brothers, neighbors and friends.

  6. I doubt if that was the intent of Dymphna Bob, although I can’t speak for her. As for most contemporary liberals, if only they had mental illness as an explanation for the madness they embrace.

  7. Bob, the blog is named Dymphna’s Road because my mother was terribly fond of an Irish co-worker named Dymphna and it’s one of my names. Thank you Mr. McClarey for the kind words.

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