PopeWatch: Lavender Mafia

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It should always be recalled that a large part of the impetus behind Pope Francis and his attempt to transform the Catholic Church into an Episcopal Church with worse music is the Lavender Mafia.  One of the poster children for the Lavender Mafia is Father James Martin, SJ.  Liturgy Guy connects the dots:

With each passing week the pace quickens. The revolutionaries continue to grow more emboldened. There is no time to lose. For those who wish to remake the Church in the image of fallen Man, instead of defending the immutable Truth of Our Risen Lord,  the time is now.

With every new tweet to his 125,000 followers on Twitter, or every pro-LGBT article shared to his half a million Facebook followers, Fr. James Martin, S.J. ups the ante. The rogue Jesuit (which might be redundant), described by some as a wolf in sheeps clothing (or Roman collar), has apparently made it his personal mission to change the faith of our fathers.

As I’ve written about before, Fr. Martin’s latest effort is Building a Bridge: How the Catholic Church and the LGBT Community Can Enter into a Relationship of Respect, Compassion, and Sensitivity (Harper Collins, 2017). The book is interesting enough for the simple fact that it largely comes from an address Fr. Martin gave to New Ways Ministry in October of last year.


What is different now from the past, however, is Rome itself. Leading the defense of orthodoxy and doctrinal clarity back then was Pope John Paul II and Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger. While Fr. Robert Nugent and Sr. Jeannine Gramick could spread their errors and ambiguities, they did so with the condemnation of the Holy See. That is not the case with Pope Francis.

To understand who is really responsible for today’s revolutionary spirit, one that seeks to make the LGBT’s agenda the Church’s own, go back to the back…of Fr. Martin’s book that is.

Who else do we find endorsing Fr. Martin’s 2017 repackaging of the New Ways message of the 1990’s? None other than three of Pope Francis’s most recent episcopal appointments: Cardinal Joseph Tobin of Newark, New Jersey; Cardinal Kevin Farrell, Prefect of the Dicastery for Laity, Family, and Life; and Bishop Robert McElroy of San Diego, California.

All three of these prelates, much like Cardinal Blaise Cupich of Chicago, are viewed as Francis bishops: big on “mercy”, light on doctrinal clarity.  Personnel is policy.

But it’s worse than that. For Pope Francis has withheld the red hat from traditional episcopal seats like Philadelphia (Archbishop Charles Chaput) and Los Angeles (Archbishop Jose Gomez); both men viewed as far more conservative and consistent regarding the Church’s teaching on marriage and sexuality. The elevation of Joseph Tobin to the College of Cardinals speaks volumes, as the Archdiocese of Newark had never had a Cardinal archbishop before.

So what does Cardinal Tobin, very much a Francis bishop, say about Fr. James Martin’s book:

In too many parts of our church LGBT people have been made to feel unwelcome, excluded, and even shamed. Father Martin’s brave, prophetic, and inspiring new book marks an essential step in inviting church leaders to minister with more compassion, and in reminding LGBT Catholics that they are as much a part of our church as any other Catholic.

Bishop Robert McElroy, appointed by Pope Francis to head the Diocese of San Diego last year, has immediately demonstrated his willingness to embrace the New Ways agenda of Sr. Jeannine Gramick and (now) Fr. Martin. He writes:

The Gospel demands that LGBT Catholics must be genuinely loved and treasured in the life of the church. They are not. [Fr. Martin] provides us with the language, perspective, and sense of urgency to replace a culture of alienation with a culture of merciful inclusion.

Go here to read the rest.



Father Z gives us an example of a recent hissy fit by Father Martin:

A little while ago, His Excellency Most Reverend Thomas John Paprocki, Bishop of Springfield in Illinois, issued a Decree “Regarding Same-Sex ‘Marriage’ and Related Pastoral Issues.”

This Decree reaffirmed Catholic teaching that a marriage is only possible “between one man and one woman.”

The Decree included the following directives:

  • No member of the clergy or representative of the Diocese should assist or participate in a same-sex marriage;
  • No Church property should be used to host same-sex marriage ceremonies or receptions;
  • Persons in a same-sex marriage should not present themselves for Holy Communion, nor should they be admitted to Holy Communion;
  • Those in a same-sex marriage can be restored to communion with the Church through the Sacrament of Reconciliation;
  • In danger of death, a person living in a same-sex marriage may receive Holy Communion “if he or she expresses repentance for his or her sins.”

You saw how Ed Peters handled one critic HERE.

Immediately, homosexual sex obsessed Jesuit James Martin blasted Bp. Paprocki HERE:

If bishops ban members of same-sex marriages from receiving a Catholic funeral, they also have to be consistent. They must also ban divorced and remarried Catholics who have not received annulments, women who has or man who fathers a child out of wedlock, members of straight couples who are living together before marriage, and anyone using birth control. For those are all against church teaching as well. Moreover, they must ban anyone who does not care for the poor, or care for the environment, and anyone who supports torture, for those are church teachings too. More basically, they must ban people who are not loving, not forgiving and not merciful, for these represent the teachings of Jesus, the most fundamental of all church teachings. To focus only on LGBT people, without a similar focus on the moral and sexual behavior of straight people is, in the words of the Catechism, a “sign of unjust discrimination” (2358).

This, friends, is the raving of a lunatic.


Go here to read the comments.  Pope Francis may or may not be an anti-Pope, PopeWatch leaves that to future Church historians.  Whether he is or isn’t, he certainly is giving power within the Church to those who are anti-Christian.

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  1. “The Gospel demands that LGBT Catholics must be genuinely loved and treasured in the life of the church. They are not. [Fr. Martin] provides us with the language, perspective, and sense of urgency to replace a culture of alienation with a culture of merciful inclusion.”

    Here is what St. Paul said near the end of his condemnation of sodomy and lesbianism in Romans 1:18-32:

    “Who, having known the justice of God, did not understand that they who do such things are worthy of death; and not only they that do them, but they also that consent to them that do them.”

    Do you liberal progressive feminists out in la-la land get that? Worthy of death! That’s what sodomy and lesbianism merit (along with adultery, fornication, murder, theft, false witness, covetousness, disobedience towards parents, etc)! That’s why Jesus implores us over and over and over again, “Repent for the Kingdom of God is at end.” That is why the prophet Ezekiel says: “Be converted and do penance for all your iniquities, and iniquity shall not be your ruin. Cast away from you all your transgressions, by which you have ttransgressed, and make to yourselves a new heart, and a new spirit: and why will you die, O house of Israel? For I desire not the death of him that dieth, saith the Lord God, return ye and live.”

  2. Jesus said to his disciples:
    “Beware of false prophets, who come to you in sheep’s clothing,
    but underneath are ravenous wolves.
    By their fruits you will know them.
    Do people pick grapes from thornbushes, or figs from thistles?
    Just so, every good tree bears good fruit,
    and a rotten tree bears bad fruit.
    A good tree cannot bear bad fruit,
    nor can a rotten tree bear good fruit.
    Every tree that does not bear good fruit will be cut down
    and thrown into the fire.
    So by their fruits you will know them.”

    Today, through out the world these words from Matthews gospel will be uttered.
    Bravo Bishop Paprocki.
    Fr. Martin…. shame.

  3. “It should always be recalled that a large part of the impetus behind Pope Francis and his attempt to transform the Catholic Church into an Episcopal Church with worse music…”

    That was too funny! How true.

    To think that Catholics threw out the Te Deum in order to sing Kumbaya.

  4. The Lavender Mafia are addicts to sodomy and the vice of lust. All addiction violates the human being’s free will and deconstructs his sovereignty over himself, making his a lost soul.
    The Lavender Mafia must take responsibility for every sexually abused child, for teaching that sodomy or anal penetration is no sin. Sodomy is assault and battery of another person while denying their transcendent soul, the indwelling of the Holy Spirit and virginity.
    “you will know them by what they do”
    I suspect that the Lavender Mafia is blackmailing Pope Francis. Nobody can be that unorthodox. Peter denied Jesus Christ out of fear. Maybe Pope Francis does not want to be a martyr for the Faith.

  5. Mary De Voe perceptively and correctly wrote, “The Lavender Mafia are addicts to sodomy and the vice of lust.”

    I highly recommend Sexaholics Anonymous: http://www.sa.org/

    The Twelve Steps

    1. We admitted that we were powerless over lust—that our lives had become unmanageable.
    2. Came to believe that a Power greater than ourselves could restore us to sanity.
    3. Made a decision to turn our will and our lives over to the care of God as we understood Him.
    4. Made a searching and fearless moral inventory of ourselves.
    5. Admitted to God, to ourselves, and to another human being the exact nature of our wrongs.
    6. Were entirely ready to have God remove all these defects of character.
    7. Humbly asked Him to remove our shortcomings.
    8. Made a list of all persons we had harmed, and became willing to make amends to them all.
    9. Made direct amends to such people wherever possible, except when to do so would injure them or others.
    10. Continued to take personal inventory and when we were wrong, promptly admitted it.
    11. Sought through prayer and meditation to improve our conscious contact with God as we understood Him, praying only for knowledge of His will for us and the power to carry that out.
    12. Having had a spiritual awakening as the result of these Steps, we tried to carry this message to sexaholics, and to practice these principles in all our affairs.

    PS, early on in sobriety some decades ago – and not due to homosexuality but to other reasons – my 12 sponsor and my priest confessor (his sponsor) threatened to send me to Sexaholics Anonymous unless I started straightening and flying right (which meant no more womanizing, no more prostitutes). The 12 steps worked. But only if you work them. 😉

  6. Has anyone followed up on this story at Gloria.tv, about the special police assigned to the Holy See breaking in on a homosexual party rife with drugs at an apartment in the very Palazzo del Sant’Uffizio is located in Rome?
    An unnamed monsignor who is a secretary to one of the major sacred congregations was taken into custody, according to the story.

  7. One of the basic problems in taking this on is that most Catholics couldn’t care less about these issues–as, after all, most of them and their children have been engaging in contraception, etc. for years. We need divine intervention.

  8. Aristotle said something that perfectly applies to Fr. James Martin, SJ: “Men become revolutionaries for personal reasons.” I think it’s pretty obvious that Fr. Martin has a dog in the fight.

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