Caesar Signals Thumbs Down on Charlie Gard

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For deluded Catholics who believe that Moses carried down an eleventh commandment stating “Caesar picks up the tab for Healthcare!”, Dave Griffey gives some food for thought at Daffey Thoughts:


God bless these parents and this beautiful child.  Already facing a fatal genetic condition, the child has struggled to live during his short life.  The parents had hoped to bring the child to the US to try an experimental procedure in a last hope of saving the baby.

In a turn of events that explains the general hesitation about turning such matters over to the State, the UK courts have said the parents can’t do this.  The hospital will remove the child from life support.  The parents appealed and took the matter to the European court.  But the court refused to overturn the lower court decision.  The child will die.

Not because the child was left to die, or because the child was removed from life support.  But because the parents were forbidden to bring their child to the US for the experimental treatment.  Therefore, after hearing the case brought by the hospital and the parents as prescribed by UK law, the courts and the state have dictated that the child will die.  Perhaps he would have died anyway.  But it doesn’t take much to see why people are bothered by the fact that it was the courts, and not the parents, that had the final say.

I can’t imagine what those parents are feeling right now, and that precious child who knows nothing of this.  God grant peace and strength to all involved in the coming weeks, and bless young Charlie Gard with all your love.

Go here to read the comments which, on Patheos, promise to be a hoot.  Charlie Gard is not a slave of Caesar.  He is a child of God entrusted to his parents.  They should be free to seek a treatment that could benefit him.  That courts in Europe stand against them says something appalling of the power of the Culture of Death in Europe and the infinite foolishness in putting Caesar in charge of healthcare.

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  1. This is the world pope Francis has repeatedly advocated in his writings. He believes we need to turn more and more of our lives over to the state. Totalitarianism always ends the same. God Bless little Charlie.

  2. For an extra angle of horror– they already have the funds for it, too. They just need the hospital to LET GO of the kid.
    But no.

  3. The medical profession is untrustworthy in these types of situations. As for the judiciary, it’s impossible to think of an occupational sliver who are worse at what they do . Just repulsive.

  4. “SINGLE PAYER: Devastated parents of Charlie Gard spend their last night with their baby and blast ‘heartless’ doctors for refusing to let them take him home to die before they turn off his life support later today.

    Robert Bidinotto posted on Facebook yesterday:

    They have already declared him, explicitly or tacitly, “brain dead” or vegetative. If they are correct — and I have no reason to doubt their medical judgment — then no issue of protecting the child’s rights or “interests” exists any longer — by their own premises.

    What the parents are proposing is thus no threat to the child, his rights, or his interests. It is simply to exercise THEIR right to conduct an experiment of sheer desperation, in order to see whether they can salvage their child. If that child is already medically irretrievable, then please define for me whose “interest” would be threatened by allowing the parents to exercise that right.

    There is no rational or moral reason to deny them this right. The only conceivable “interests” involved are those of the denizens of the socialized-medicine regime, who do perceive a threat — not to a child they have already written off, but to their power to make and enforce life-or-death decisions over the disposition of healthcare. No, sorry: This case is not about science; it is not about the child’s rights or interests; it is about exerting state power against a perceived popular menace to the socialized medicine system, which would come from allowing individuals the freedom to exercise their rights to make their own personal medical choices.

    What is happening to the Gards is just “necessary” reminder of the individual’s place in the socialized scheme of things.

    Posted at 8:25 am by Stephen Green”

    The inhuman bastards who did this, unless they repent, may find out why Love Incarnate found it necessary to have a Hell.

  5. Another case of the courts usurping an individual’s right to life and the rights of the parents to protect and care for their child. Yet the courts continue to protect the “reproductive rights of women” aka abortion. (Apparently men have no reproductive rights).
    I first saw the story about Charlie and his parents on this evening and immediately looked on TAC. Thank you for posting the interview with his parents.
    To deny this child a chance of positive medical treatment is evil. To prohibit the parents from taking baby Charlie to their family home where he can die naturally in the warmth and love of his parents’ arms is beyond cruel.
    Perhaps the hospital and the court is afraid that Charlie in his parents’ care may not die after all?

    Even a family pet being put down at the vet is allowed to feel its owner’s touch and hear the comforting voice of its beloved master.
    I am praying for Divine intervention for Charlie and his parents.

  6. Charlie deserves EVERY opportunity to live, not to be ‘euthanized’ by removing his breathing apparatus. This is not a natural death, it is an intentional death. God has brought Charlie to the world’s attention for the world to wake up to these cases. People are being euthanized without their consent and hopefully the world will start to take notice of the realities going on without our knowledge.

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