Requiescat In Pace: Martin Landau

Actor Martin Landau is dead at age 89.  I became familiar with his work as a child sitting through endless Mission: Impossible episodes.  A very good character actor, he had the talent of drawing attention to the role he was playing rather than to himself.  Unlike many in his profession, he kept whatever private political views he had private.  The above video has my favorite of his many, many roles.

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  1. I believe that that is the face of Max Von Sydow. Correct me if I am wrong. Jesus ‘ hair was not to be cropped as Christ was a Rabbi. and people talk in church as though the Real Presence was not present.

  2. Didn’t care for this version of Jesus, way too tame. Will miss Landau, as a kid loved him in Space 1999 and Mission Impossible; in later years he always seemed to be a gentle man. RIP

  3. LQC, I remember him in that role best as well. Looking back at Space 1999 the special effects are cheesy but it was entertaining at the time, kind of a bridge between Star Trek reruns and the soon to arrive Star Wars.

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