The Orville Open Thread

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  1. Possibly, somewhere in the Universe, the loose crew will uncover evidence of Russian collusion with President Donald J. Trump in the recent election.

  2. One important thing that has probably missed the attention of most Americans, who are generally landlubbers. 🙂
    However, it may then have missed your notice that a couple of weeks ago, Team New Zealand beat Team Oracle USA for the Americas Cup – the oldest trophy in the world in sporting endeavours, even if it is just sailing. But with the usual Kiwi ability and penchant for No. 8 wire technology, our Kiwi IT dudes beat the Oracle Larry Ellison IT Giant at their own game and cleaned them out, despite the engineered rules to attempt Oracle to retain this amazing trophy. So now the rules will be changed to ensure that noting is stacked in favour of the holders, that the teams will have to have their own countrymen as 80% of the crew/team ( there were only two Americans in Oracles team – the rest were Aussies and Kiwis) and, despite the magnificent location and atmosphere in Bermuda, the Americas Cup contest will be sailed in Auckland, NZ – the true modern era home of the Americas Cup. 🙂

  3. Actually Don, every 4 years – next event 2021. Start brushing up your sailing skills – you’re gonna need ’em. 😉

  4. “Unless you honor me I will make of you a no people”
    Does surgery and hormones change Bruce Jenner’s immortal rational soul? Jenner claims that his soul has eternally been a woman, that “the Laws of Nature and Nature’s God” brought forth a man with a woman’s soul, the metaphysical, transcendent human soul clothed with flesh of the wrong sort. Aristotle said, 384 years before Jesus Christ, that the immanent soul is the form of the body, that the body grows to be whomever the rational soul is created to be. Therefore, the rational human soul does not make mistakes about the human being’s body, being that the immortal soul directs the growth, the physical and spiritual growth, of the human person.
    With Caitlyn Jenner, Hans Christian Anderson’s tale “The Emperor’s New Clothes” is taken to a new level of swindle by the Croucher. The flesh of the man is refurbished into a female flesh.
    The destiny of the sovereign personhood of the rational soul cannot be accomplished before death. Therefore, no one can determine that he or she has completely pursued their Happiness in the fulfillment of his or her destiny until the grave.
    Bruce Jenner has died and now Caitlyn Jenner faces the second death.
    Lesbians, sodomites and transgendered people do not procreate. LBGT are a no people.
    The devil is no atheist. The devil makes people into atheists. Do as I say but not as I do. Or else. Or else is The Crucifixion, the coliseum, the political correctness of our indecent culture.

  5. Why in the world does this feel more like Star Trek than the trailers for the next star trek series??? (I know the answer, just let me vent)

    Ok, 2 more things.

    1) I would feel better if MacFarlane was in a lower role. I think he’s funniest when he’s not the star. Having him be like the ship janitor would be a much funnier and lead to it being funnier I think.

    2) I wonder how it would be if they made it a legit Trek series. Like it takes place in the main trek universe, but deals with one of the “other” ships that we never see anything about. In a way it could give an excuse for why the Enterprise is always “the only ship in range.” It’s really the only competent ship in range. I dunno, I think it could have been the breath of fresh air the franchise is needing.

  6. *headdesk*
    No, no, heck no… so tired of “parodies” that feel like they’re a parody of a parody of a parody of a parody…and have an idiot ball to boot.

  7. Our culture has descended into the anal stage. Not acknowledging God or the transcendent rational soul, potty jokes and crude sexual jokes have taken over serious comedy.

  8. July 21 We know that Bruce Jenner has a Bruce Jenner rational, immortal human soul, because 384 years before Jesus Christ was born, the Greek philosopher, Aristotle, said that the soul informs the flesh and directs its growth into the man (and in the inclusive language, as the word “man” no longer represents the glory of man, the woman) so, I must add: the woman. Whoever the soul is created to be, the man and/or the woman will become through the direction and form of his and/or her soul.
    Transgendered folks deny that they have a soul or that their soul is who they are destined to be and become.
    The human being is composed of mortal body and immortal rational soul, endowed with life, free will, intellect and sovereign personhood The soul is who directs the life and growth of the human being from conception until death. Death is defined as the soul leaving the body.
    Some transgendered folks and/or atheists will deny existence of the infused rational, soul. Innate human rights that become our unalienable civil rights cannot be denied. Unalienable human rights are inscribed in our Founding Principles. When citizens with sovereign personhood deny their sovereign soul, they forfeit their citizenship for themselves and further by denying innate unalienable human rights for all humankind.
    Mankind is formed by the Holy Spirit operating in and through the soul of man. Man is created equal in original innocence, moral and legal innocence that becomes the standard of Justice for the state. The sovereign personhood of the newly begotten human being, body and soul, institutes the state from the very first moment of his existence. God is existence.
    “their Creator” infuses an innocent soul into every newly begotten human being. His soul directs the physical body of man to survive and grow into adulthood.
    Bruce Jenner’s innocent, rational soul directed his body to grow into an adult man.
    The devil lied and swindled Bruce Jenner to forfeit his adult manhood for a Caitlyn body…
    Caitlyn Jenner has a male soul whose name is Bruce Jenner.

  9. Caitlyn Jenner has no feminine curves. Caitlyn Jenner has corners, male corners. Caitlyn Jenner is built like the man, Bruce Jenner.
    Science can build a nose on a man’s forehead, so, no award for Jenner’s boobs. In fact, boobs and the male voice box, the adams apple on the same human body is incongruous and grotesque.
    Caitlyn Jenner has a male soul whose name is Bruce Jenner.
    Bruce Jenner has been swindled out of his male body and his male identity. Who is Caitlyn?

  10. Dred Scott might have been our first black president. The free men of the South would have voted for him. The free men of the North would have voted for him. I would have voted for him.
    By refusing to acknowledge the sovereign personhood of Dred Scott and denying Scott his innate human rights that become his civil rights the politically correct court of Roger B. Taney accomplished what they set out to avoid: the tyranny of lawlessness, politically correct ignorance.

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