Mark Shea and Charlie Gard

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Hattip to commenter Nate Winchester.  An example of how far down the dark path Mark Shea has gone:

With supreme cynicism, the anti-abortion-but-not-prolife Congress of Trump takes a step to grant Charlie residency for a sketchy experiment that holds extremely little promise of hope–by attaching it to a bill funding Trump’s idiotic border wall designed to maximize waste for the taxpayer and cruelty to refugees:

The amendment has been added to a controversial bill that includes money for US President Donald Trump’s border wall and enhanced immigration enforcement, which could take a significant amount of time to be voted into law, if it is at all.

In other news, a hard-working taxpayer and father of four who has committed no crime other than being brown is being deported to Mexico to the orgasmic cheers of Christians for Cruelty, aka, Trump Defenders.  His name is actually “Jesus” and still these Pharisees applaud without irony.  Convinced that petty rule-keeping is their real savior, they hide behind paperwork while families are viciously destroyed and admire their righteousness in punishing the least of these.  And they dare to call themselves “prolife”.


So, let’s see:  efforts to help Charlie Gard’s parents defy the edicts of courts in Europe that they cannot give their son treatment, and that he must die, are futile and efforts to enforce our immigration laws, laws that every nation on Earth have, are racist.  Right.


Two fitting responses to Shea’s tripe:


Amazing how you ignore the fact that GOVERNMENT BUREAUCRATS have told parents, “Nomore treatment for your child! You can’t take him home. No further treatment, even if it payed for by private (pro birth hypocrite) donations
I guess it doesn’t fit in with the progressive “glories of socialized medicine” template.


How does Trump’s border wall “maximize cruelty to refugees?” Are illegal immigrants synonymous with refugees?

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  1. It sounds like Mark Shea (a white man) hates his own race (the white race). Suicidal. But such is liberalism.

    For the record, I am a white man married to a brown skinned legally immigrated tax paying Asian woman who works her pretty little butt off helping me to pay the bills and keep the household running. And damn straight I am racist! My race is human, but I wonder about Shea! A pox on him! Let him be anathema!

  2. Why can’t the father of four take his children with him to Mexico? I understand that the native born children can choose to return to America when they are emancipated.
    Charlie Gard’s permanent residency is called political asylum from the death peddlers and humanity.

  3. Shoot, could you imagine how much this fella’s grocery bill would increase if all those ag jobs were filled with documented workers?

    Why do our bishops and other leftists desire to see the exploitation of brown skinned folk?

  4. This may seem like an impertinent observation, but I will make it nonetheless. Mark Shea is not a part-time writer. In other words, he ostensibly foreclosed full-time and more secure employment in some other endeavor in order to become a full-time writer and apologist. This was by no means an ignoble pursuit – just the opposite, in fact. We need men and women devoting their lives to spreading the Gospel.

    And yet, how much of his public ministry has been devoted to this pursuit? He has written about eight or nine books. I’ve read one of them, and it was quite good. But that’s over a 20-30 years as an active, full-time writer. He has written blog posts and contributed to other online publications, of course, but many of these, especially in recent times, are more political than apologetical. Even if you want to include his blog and Facebook writing as works of apology in a certain sense, the ways in which he has engaged his audience in these public fora are hardly constructive for evangelization purposes.

    This is a very long way of saying that this guy supposedly dedicated himself to evangelizing, yet it seems most of his public life is spent on petty political arguments. What a waste.

  5. Gee, how much “hope” was there that Terry Schiavo would recover from her infirmity if her parents were allowed to tend to her? Yet Shea was bellowing like a goaded steer about how infamous for courts to order her death. But now that some Bergoglio-appointed punk has declared that death is the best thing for the feeble, Shea falls right in line and can’t wait until they off the kid.

  6. I seem to recall he really began to go off the rails around 2005. The reasons for that are occult (I suspect, to anyone not familiar with him face-to-face).

    I think his first book hit the presses in 1996. Eight or nine books in 21 years is adequate. I doubt you can make much of a living off the audience for that sort of literature and I suspect it’s almost always a bad idea for people to pursue creative occupations professionally.

  7. If Mr. Lopez was, indeed, on a legal work permit, then he made an agreement– sending him home after he broke it is simply not cruel. Him setting his kids up like that? That might be cruel.
    He screwed up, and there are consequences. He got to spend two decades in the US without bothering to go through the legally required steps for those advantages.

    Want to hear about cruelty, look at what the coyotes do to the people they smuggle across.

  8. What specific aspect of “illegal” does Mark-who not understand? IN any case, tehse ignorany, mendacious liberals have no clue as to how angry Americans are with the mass, illegal alien invasion and the dastards (anti-Americans liberals and chamber of commerce Republicans) that promote it.

    I daily perform numerous penances for my uncountable sins. However, reading that nut-job’s liberal crap is not one of them.

  9. Dr. Mabuse: Terry Schiavo was a ward of the court since Michael Schiavo tried to deny her her Right to Life. Shrugging off their duty to protect Terry Schiavo’s life annihilated the Court and anyone who supported their dereliction of duty.
    A person must first discard the Holy Spirit to embrace the zeitgeist. A person who discards the Holy Spirit discards God and may not be called CATHOLIC

  10. What specific aspect of “illegal” does Mark-who not understand?

    To T.Shaw, foxfier, and others. Shea will say it over and over again: “The law was made for man, not man for the law.” Essentially if a rule makes him feel bad enough (because it would break up families! or send people back into danger! etc), then it should just be ignored or not enforced.

    And yes, it is hilarious to see him advocate for things like living wages, gun control, and universal health care with “man was not made for the law” in mind.

  11. It Takes A Village To Raise A Child. Totalitarian translation: It Takes A Village To Take A Child. Guy McClung, Texas

    “Precious Child”

    by Guy McClung
    Catholic Lane site, Feb 11, 2017

    If we wants the child,
    The precious,
    Get it from mommy and daddy,
    How can we does it?

    We hides us,
    We sneaks around,
    Near the ground,
    And we calls us, “Village”.

    We means “steal,” but we says “raise”.
    “Village” is good, “raise” is good.
    Takes a village to raise a child!
    We gets the precious child !

    The child loves us, Village,
    And hates mommy
    Hates daddy.
    We gets the child to dead them all.

    Dead the mommy and the daddy ,
    Dead the aunties and the uncles.
    Dead the brothers and the sisters, and
    Grandma and Granddad, dead.

    All done dead, the family – dead.
    Us Village alive.
    The precious, the child,

    Copyright © Guy McClung 2017

  12. So our actions, violating the just laws of the country to maintain it’s borders, has no consequences. We are now the church that promotes the idea there are never any consequences for our actions. Do what you want, and the church will back you.

  13. The speed with which so many Catholics who went to the mattresses over Terri Schiavo are suddenly saying the kid is a hopeless case, so the State should step in and insist the parents let him die is breathtaking. I understand it’s a complex problem. I know that the child’s suffering, as Terri’s, is worth considering. I just can’t help but notice the change. And it’s a change that is quite consistent with how so much of the Church appears to be embracing.

  14. Nate- heck, that would be an argument worth respecting. Man is NOT made for the law, but law for the man– so the burden is to show that the law is working against man, rather than “this law is bad because I say so.”

  15. The really dangerous line is this so called line of reasoning is that “suffering” is something without purpose that is to be avoided if at all possible. That’s how the whole “Life Unworthy of Living” thing got started.

  16. Charlie’s parents just announced that they are ending their legal battle. The latest MRI, done at the behest of his American doctors, shows it is too late for the experimental medical treatment. Was Charlie given a death sentence by his genes, or by the 5 month delay caused by the hospital and their lawyers?

  17. Very sad news today. But what gets me the most about it is the number of people in this country — including some allegedly pro-life Catholics — who actually defended the government’s decision to deny the parents their parental rights to seek healthcare alternatives. I can only assume they felt inclined to defend it so as not to reflect negatively on the future prospects of government-run health care in this country.

    It profits a man nothing to give his soul for the whole world … but for single-payer?

  18. It profits a man nothing to give his soul for the whole world … but for single-payer?

    It’s doubtful the cost allocation was ever the issue here. This issue here was the authority of cadres over parents. Some variation of that is commonly the issue in this day and age.

  19. The government of course having a vested interest in shutting down treatment that is expensive and experimental, especially when the treatment will not restore to normal but leave someone potentially dependent upon the State for life.

  20. Shea’s latest comment on the matter.

    You know… Mark wouldn’t have to have a conversion to the side of reality and sanity. Just some ACKNOWLEDGEMENT from him that oh, maybe government healthcare can have downsides and trade offs once in awhile would be a major improvement from him.

    But no, anything less is just executing people. As if the government could legislate death away.

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