A Coastal Party

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With the West Virginia Governor switching parties to Republican from Democrat, the Republicans control the state legislatures and the statehouses in 26 states.  The Democrats control the state legislatures and statehouses in 5 states.  (The Connecticut Senate is evenly divided.)  The Republicans have 35 governorships, and the Democrats now have fifteen governorships.  Republicans control the legislature in 32 states to 18 for the Democrats.  The Republicans control 67 of the 98 state legislative chambers.  (Nebraska has a unicameral state legislature which is officially nonpartisan, but which is heavily controlled by Republican nonpartisans.)  Political success often is ephemeral in the US, but the big political story thus far in this country in the twenty-first century is the collapse of the Democrat party on the state level, rendering it largely a coastal party.

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  1. The Democrat Party is devoid of ideas,
    Sound philosophical strategies or any means to effectively govern. Open hostility to Christianity, public embrace of perversion, hatred of the Middle class, exploitation of poor people by getting them addicted to a government check and an arrogance that disallows any critical thinking….. this is the Democrat Party. When they win elections outside of the coasts it is almost always due to Republican stupidity.
    There are exceptions, of course. Cities almost everywhere are controlled by the Evil Party, or as I refer to them, The Party of Organized Crime. A really tough minded Attorney General could clobber the Organized Crime Party with RICO.

  2. 26 June 2017: Kurt Schlichter: “Look Democrats, you’re doing great. After a half year of Trump and several special election moral victories – which are the best kind of victories – America is digging your vibe. Everyone loves the Democrats and their can-do message of opposition to Trump, entitlement to our money, resistance to Trump, demands for even more of our money, and dog-whistlin’ about murdering Trump and anyone else who doesn’t hate Trump or want to give Democrats our money.”

    Truth is hate. America’s dirt-bag left pathology in one sentence from Bookworm Room.. “Remarkable, really, that a group of people who measure intellect by knowing who Buzz Lightyear is and who trade in personal insults as a form of political commentary, think that they’re America’s ‘elite.’”

  3. I’m not one to confuse the GOP with the Church, but it does seem as though the Democrats’ main strategy is to divide people up into as many demographics that hate each other as possible. All the while convincing people that while God has His qualities, it’s only through The State that healing and righteousness can occur. For some reason, people along the coasts seem to buy into that more than everyone else. I wonder if the same is true in other countries in the West.

  4. Over the past twenty-five years, I have come to view the Democratic Party as incompatible with Catholicism. Perhaps some can reconcile the two, I cannot.

  5. I think there’s a residual element in Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, and perhaps Michigan which is congenial to the Church as the Church. The Democratic Party’s line is incompatible with the abiding moral teachings of the Church and those teachings as they would have been understood in 1958. It’s not incompatible with most instances of everyday parish Catholicism. I’d wager 30% of the priest corps votes Democratic as a matter of course.

    The thing is, the Democratic Party is the electoral vehicle of the word-merchant element. The Church, or what’s left of it, is a standing rebuke to that element’s pretension. The pretense has been that their cadres are the proper allocators of status and recognition contra vernacular opinion and contra tradition and received orthodoxy. The legal profession, the mental health trade, higher education, and the media and entertainment business all have a rather fanciful conception of their own value. The Republican Party is largely run by mediocre men who have haphazard and confused responses to these challenges. When one of these Republican state legislatures shuts down a corrupt state college or withholds appropriations to a bad appellate court, I’ll be more impressed.

  6. Because of Democrat control of most of the media. The “reality based” community is good at producing illusions. The problem for them is that too many leftists have swallowed the Koolaid and ignore the fact that they have begun a journey into what might be a very long and dense political wilderness. Additionally, too many conservatives are born pessimists, an affliction I, God be praised, have never shared.

  7. Additionally, too many conservatives are born pessimists, an affliction I, God be praised, have never shared.

    Well, the Republican congressional caucus, especially Addison Mitchell McConnell, has been behaving according to type, so I’m not expecting any accomplishments over the next four years. We’re all on a wild ride with Mr. Trump. I’d much rather one of the conventional Republicans had been able to establish a rapport with the electorate (instead of listening to their donors, political professionals, and the media). We’d have less drama and we might be able to get some serious border security past the Democratic Party of Rackets and the gelatinous mass of Lindsey Graham.

  8. The Trump administration is still early Art. Let’s wait and see.

    I’m a fat middle-aged man. I don’t have much choice but to do that. I’m rooting for Trump re a selection of his objects, but not expecting much. The country has been, for 40-odd years, in this policy equilibrium which no one can seem to alter but with which everyone seems discontented. Mr. Reagan had a number of successes, but these were mostly in the realm of matters you could address administratively. (There were two pieces of tax legislation which had salutary features).

  9. Yet another area that the Democratic Party has never connected with the ordinary person was their latent but persistent effort to invalidate the Second Amendment and the effort to dispossess the common man of his right to self-protection. People do get the implicit threat that the Democrats represent to their safety — along with their insatiable drive for absolute power.

    Even here in California, where to purchase a legal firearm it is almost easier to qualify for the next NASA space shot, during the waning days of the Hillary campaign up to the November election, if you went into Bass Pro Shop, the lines to purchase a firearm were virtually out the door.

    And in the rest of the country I frequent, which is Utah and Arizona and sometimes Idaho and Wyoming, you can imagine how bitterly hostile people are to Democrats on this matter.

    And they just don’t get it.

  10. As the temperature of the water around them continues to rise, the frogs take comfort in the elections they have won. Of course they would not want to turn back the clock to an hour ago, when the temperature was 140 degrees Fahrenheit; they only want to hold to the current temperature of 160 degrees, or at least to slow down the rate at which the temperature is increasing so they have more time to adapt. This is what they have been doing since the heat was first applied, and it is what they will go on doing until they are boiled alive, all because they dare not be so gauche as to seriously address the real problem.

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