Things to Do to Observe Obama Day

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The State of Illinois now celebrates each August 4 as Obama Day, a state holiday.  It is a curious holiday in that state workers will remain on the job.  President Reagan has a similar non-holiday, holiday in Illinois.  So what do you do to observe this day?  A few suggestions:

  1. Play golf.
  2. Try to stop the tides from rising.
  3. Sign your kids up for a very expensive private school.
  4. Double your household debt.
  5. Send out drones to deal with your enemies.
  6. Make a speech in favor of Planned Parenthood Worse Than Murder, Inc.
  7. Snack on some dog.
  8. Mispronounce corpsman.
  9. Look in the mirror and gaze admiringly at yourself for a few hours.
  10. Schedule an important meeting and be at least fifteen minutes late.

Put your suggestions in the comboxes.


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  1. Do nothing. The man was a fine example of Spam-in-a-can. He brought nothing to the table, so what you saw was the resultant of the vectors operating in the Democratic Party. (i.e. constant PR exercises, lawfare, puke money at clients, and fold-spindle-mutilitate the military and other institutions to please sexual deviants of various sorts.

  2. art, Excellent analysis as usual.

    In commemoration of Obama’s human rights victories (the most successful gun salesman in the Universe), I will buy a big, black assault rifle with several massive magazines, and 600 rounds of ammunition. Bonus: I will use my credit card wherein the NRA gets 1% of all purchases.

  3. Call police “stupid”. Study the Austrian language. Name all 57 state capitals. Have David Axelrod write two books about your meaningless life. I could go on but I want to take my kids for a bike ride.

  4. Obama was Saul Alinsky’s protege. Obama taught THE RULES FOR RADICALS in Alinsky’s school. That was before as senator from Chicage Obama ordered that babies not be given medical treatment if they survived their own murder by abortion. When Obama met Melissa Oden who survived a saline abortion he said to her: “You should be dead” The president of the United States of America to one of his constituents, a citizen.
    Who in hell cares about Obama day. Let Obama join his victims.

  5. Maybe I’m nitpicking here but this is NOT a “holiday” per se; it is merely a “commemorative day” along the same lines as Ronald Reagan Day, Arbor Day, Coal Miners’ Day (Nov. 13, the anniversary of the Cherry Mine Disaster, the worst coal mining disaster in IL history) and other days that are not “holidays.” See the State Commemorative Dates Act, 5 ILCS 490, which distinguishes between actual holidays and merely commemorative dates.

  6. Make Islam the state religion in the USA.
    Make a speech without a teleprompter.
    Toke up on a good MJ joint made with Hawaiian weed and recall the ‘Choom gang’.
    Selfie with all the pretty female foreign dignitaries and not the scowl from Michelle.
    When do we stop…………;-)

  7. I’m lining up six blood parasites, turtle, and setting them on a bobble head Hillary Clinton doll.

    Oh the joy!

  8. Go to church and thank God that that awful, awful man is no longer President of my country! Next, while on my knees, I give thanksgiving that the only person who would have been a worse president, is not. Bye, bye Hillary! Thank you, Jesus!!!!

  9. Don’t forget the Demonic glare, if you displeased him. Britain had Tony Blair , and we had Barry Glare.

    Just like an angry petulant child whom has never been told no. Truly it was demonic.

    They particularly amazing thing about this declaration, is that it contains in its commemorative language the statement to the effect of how Obama ” brought people together.” ? Really.

    It is the most amazing doublethink and doublespeak of the modern left.

  10. Just like an angry petulant child whom has never been told no. Truly it was demonic.

    I hadn’t thought of that. Obama as Charlie X from Star Trek.

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