Democrat Hypocrisy

Just a little reminder that when Democrats these days act horrified at all things Confederate, their abhorrence is of very recent vintage. (The shade of good Democrat Jefferson Davis nods in vigorous agreement.)

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  1. When one recognizes that every thing they have is both deceitful and stupid, it all makes sense.

    It’s not their fault. The devil makes them do it.

  2. The Democratic Party is no more.
    Ends justify means, truth means nothing, it’s all about “the narrative”.

  3. I find that modern liberalism, in keeping with its Marxist roots, is all about finding the latest group divisions between the heroic victims and the evil oppressors. And if it turns out to be a group they only recently proudly identified with? So be it.

  4. Oh, the Democrats have very few issues they are absolutely unwilling
    to sacrifice on the altar of political expedience– the party’s unwavering
    love for abortion and its hatred for the Second Amendment are the only
    constants that come to my mind.

    Here’s a video of then-President Bill Clinton sounding very much like
    Trump as he extolls the virtues of strong borders and immigration
    control. The same speech today would get Trump branded a ‘nazi’
    by the left:

    And of course, here’s Hillary in 2004, declaring that the defense of
    marriage as being between one man and one woman is a “bedrock
    principle” of hers: Just imagine a
    Democrat saying such a thing just a dozen years later…

    The left, and their presstitutes in the mainstream media, seem to be
    so accepting of the idea that these supposedly ‘bedrock principles’
    were just lip service to the rubes that neither Clinton seems to have
    been called to account for their 180-degree change of heart on these

  5. I find that modern liberalism, in keeping with its Marxist roots, is

    It doesn’t have Marxist roots. You see people like Howard Zinn who had an affinity for Marxism and then for contemporary race-class-gender blather, but there is an emotional and psychological nexus that generates both affinities. One doesn’t grow out of the other.

    The authority of your ancestors and elders and the instruction of common sense and acquired experience stand in the way of cadres of all kind.

  6. Art, I say that because of the explosion of ‘Rethinking Marx’, “Marx and the Gospel’, and ‘Why Marx can work’ I’ve seen over the last few months. Whether there has ever been a deep, consistent unpacking of Marx’s writings within the modern Left, I can’t say. But whatever has happened, these last months, more than any time I can remember, have allowed at least a fair number of those who associate with the Left to rethink the Mark question.

  7. Ten years ago a good friend of mine was hiking with the local Sierra Club chapter. Some members were quite open about their Marxism and insisted that the real problem with Communism was it hadn’t really been tried.

    No, the anti-Marxism of the 1950’s ADA is long dead.

  8. No, the anti-Marxism of the 1950’s ADA is long dead.

    The ADA, like the NAACP, is an organization which will close up shop only when the funding dries up. It was founded in 1947 by actor Melvyn Douglas and others to oppose the red haze element in the Democratic Party (gathering around Henry Wallace). It has long had no institutional mission.

    The Democratic Party is a wretchedly troublesome organization (starting with tolerance of ferocious criminality and it’s horrid lawfare games). Much of the legal profession, higher education, and the media is just appalling in ways it was not 70 years ago. Chater about ‘Marxism’ is a distraction.

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