Testimony from a Victim of Hate

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inspired by the SPLC.

Best line:

The Southern Poverty Law Center is a living testament to Godwin’s Law: that given enough time, all arguments end with comparisons to Adolf Hitler.

I’m pretty sure it was mentioned here– the Family Research Council shooting was directly inspired by the “Hate Map” put out by the SPLC, and the guy brought the Chick-fil-a sandwiches not as some sort of a pitiful attempt at a disguise– “Look! I’m one of you!”– but in order to desecrate the corpses of his victims by literally rubbing their faces in a “hate sandwich.”

The article starts slow, but dang.

I also didn’t know they’d added the ADF to the list– I had heard that the lady who had to flee a European country because being a former Muslim, female, doing the whole “tell all” thing about Islam was a risk her neighbors didn’t want to live near– had been put on the list.

I also hadn’t heard that the baseball practice shooter was a follower, nor that at least one of the mobs of “tolerant” folks “not tolerating intolerance” (ie, violently silencing those they disagree with) had been inspired by the SPLC.

Part of the problem is probably that I haven’t respected them since roughly when I got out of the Navy– I can’t even remember what it was, specifically, but they got shown up as selling the King invisible clothes.

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  1. The SPLC claims to be a non-profit, “charitable” organization, and as
    such is not subject to tax. Recently, it came out that the SPLC has
    been moving millions of dollars into offshore accounts. Being a non-
    profit appears to pay very well indeed…


    One illuminating fact pointed out in the Liberty Counsel article I’ve
    linked: “The SPLC states it has a staff of 75 lawyers who practice in the
    area of children’s rights, economic justice, immigrant justice, LBGT
    rights, and criminal justice reform, but reported spending only $61,000
    on legal services in 2015. However, the group spent $20 million on
    salaries in 2015…”. The SPLC is of course a giant scam.

  2. Some years ago the DLPC named Traditional Latin Mass attending Catholics as a hate group. The SLPC is organized crime.

  3. SPLC’s motto is “No Enemy On The Left.”

    If SPLC met me, I’d head the list of one-man hate groups. I’d consider it a badge of honor.

  4. The $PLC was exposed 17 years ago (in Harper’s as a sleazy direct mail mill. They’re a money racket with no mission other than lining the pockets of their small staff. Contribute if you want to help enhance Mrs. Morris Dees collection of odd knick-knacks.

    It’s an indictment of the competence and integrity of the media that these grifters remain a reliable and valued quite farm.

  5. The SPLC has suffered the most serious setback possible: it has become irrelevant. Accordingly, it is lashing out like a wounded animal. A sharp lawyer with a good case could cure them of that in short order.

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