Pure Schadenfreude

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I am beginning to think that the maxim Pride goeth before a fall will be permanently attached forever more with a picture of Hillary:


Hillary Clinton was so confident of victory last year that she bought a second house next to her residence in Chappaqua, New York, to accommodate White House staff during presidential retreats there.

“I thought I was going to win,” she said.

The New York Post reported last year on the Clintons paying $1.16 million for the three-bedroom, ranch-style home next to their house in Chappaqua. The newspaper’s source said at the time it was thought to be a weekend retreat for their daughter Chelsea’s family.


Go here to read the rest.  Clinton last year was simply going through the motions of a campaign that she assumed she could not lose.  She surrounded herself with aides and campaign officials who believed the same.  The only dissenter in her inner circle was “hubbie” Bill, who could see the signs of a coming defeat:


For Hillary Clinton’s chief strategists, the unique challenge of reconciling working-class and white rural frustrations with the Obama administration’s handling of the economy proved too difficult a riddle, and they chose in the end to focus their efforts elsewhere, much to Bill Clinton’s reported protestation.

The former president saw early during the Democratic primary that his wife had a real problem connecting with these voters, many of whom overwhelmingly preferred Sanders’ message on jobs and trade.

Bill Clinton reportedly warned the campaign that they needed to address the issue immediately, but “his advice fell on deaf ears,” according to the New York Times.

Hillary Clinton’s 36-year-old campaign manager, Robby Mook, dismissed the advice of the 70-year-old former president as the ravings of an aged athlete desperate to regain his former glory, and insisted instead that young, Latino and black voters were the key to winning 2016.

“Bill Clinton had railed … for months” against the campaign’s disinterest in the working-class, “wondering aloud at meetings why the campaign was not making more of an attempt to even ask that population for its votes,” Politico reported.

“Bill Clinton’s viewpoint of fighting for the working-class white voters was often dismissed with a hand wave by senior members of the team as a personal vendetta to win back the voters who elected him, from a talented but aging politician who simply refused to accept the new Democratic map,” the report added. “At a meeting ahead of the convention at which aides presented to both Clintons the ‘Stronger Together’ framework for the general election, senior strategist Joel Benenson told the former president bluntly that the voters from West Virginia were never coming back to his party.”


Go here to read the rest.  Pride ever deafens our ears to warnings and darkens our intellects toward where we are heading.





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  1. A picture of Grand Vizier Kara Mustafa should go along with that picture of the Hildebeast. Her disdain for the working class has been a part of her makeup since she was in college.

    She could not lead a pack of rats to a garbage dump. At least Kara Mustafa did that much.

  2. “…the voters from West Virginia were never coming back to his party.”
    He was right, but he thought it didn’t matter.

  3. Mook is a scion of the New England professional-managerial bourgeoisie, born in 1979. Both parents were employed by Dartmouth College. He attended Columbia University. He’s run campaigns his entire adult life; that’s his business. He has no wife and no children and makes a public point of his homosexuality. With a background like that, a bad case of bubblitis is a grave risk. You have to wonder what she thought was the up-side of hiring this man.

  4. “Some girls are born to lead”??? She never held an executive position until she was 61 years old, and gave the world the toilet server and the Benghazi fiasco as examples of her administrative acumen. As for the staff that swirled around her, she has a reputation for abusing subordinates (security personnel in particular). Nor is she identified with any nexus of causes other than that of promoting the career of Hillary Rodham Clinton. (Contrast with Margaret Thatcher, Ronald Reagan, or lesser figures such as Rick Santorum and, yes, Bernie Sanders). What Carly Fiorina said, “Activity is not accomplishment”.

  5. She probably never gave a thought to the launch date of her book or yet another whining session was so close to the anniversary of her participation in the death of the four at Benghazi. I wish she would crawl back under her large bolder or be imprisoned for her crimes against the American people.

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