Dave Griffey at Daffey Thoughts Finds That Telling Truth Out of Season can be an Unpopular Avocation

So Deacon Steven Greydanus has banned me from his Facebook page.

We’ve had some good discussions he and I.  We haven’t always agreed, but generally we’ve debated well, and I’ve certainly learned some things.

But this time the topic of immigration came up.  He posted an editorial about immigration (this was posted on Mark Shea’s webpage, since I can’t access Deacon’s FB page at this point), what it is, America’s rights and immigrants and all.  We’ve heard it a thousand, million times. 

I responded by something that’s been buzzing around my head for a couple days.  When Trump said he would do away with DACA, you had the obvious outcry: But the babies!   While this was being done, the MSM ran out and found case after case of people who would be hurt by this.

While doing this, some news outlets also went a different direction.  I believe they were trying to say ‘Look how unfair this is!  People who have lived their lives, and are now firmly set in a path toward contributing to society, will be uprooted and thrown out!’  To that end, they interviewed various business leaders, tech giants and even Ivy League universities about all those undocumented individuals who will be hurt by this.  Undocumented workers who have good jobs, are attending college, going to Harvard, and on and on.

And that got me to thinking, as I am wont to do.  Isn’t it possible that sympathy for people who have spent their lives breaking the law, who are now attending Harvard, might go down hard for Americans who are struggling to pay bills, can barely feed their own families, and have no hope for their own children affording college?  I mean, I’m not hearing much from the Church about that.  Oh, the Church talks its usual concern for the poor and injustice at home.  But how does it square supporting people who have broken the law, spent their lives breaking the law, and our now reaping great rewards while their surrounding citizens are watching their fortunes diminish?

Isn’t it possible that sympathy for that Harvard grad who never became a citizen might not be easy to extract from that struggling American family who can barely afford cloths and a decent car for their family?

Go here to read the rest.  Open Border advocates, and make no mistake that is what we are talking about, wish to destroy the care and concern that members of a nation should have for one another.  Instead, those at the lower rungs of the economic ladder, who have to compete with illegal aliens, are lambasted for noticing that they are the ones who pay the price when the nation’s immigration laws are treated like so much tissue paper.  Their wages are reduced due to a plentiful supply of illegal alien labor, they live in communities where they have to deal with the stress that illegal aliens put on social services, they are the victims of crimes by the gangs that follow illegal aliens like fleas on a dog.  In exchange for virtue signaling by elites, almost always safe in well guarded, and prosperous, communities, their lives are made manifestly worse.  When they seek to raise their voices, a right they have as Americans, they are shouted down as bigots and racists, while their adversaries pat themselves on the back as being liberal and/or very good Christians.  If a second Civil War ever comes to this fair land of freedom, please recall that the Open Border crowd already made the concept of this nation irrelevant and citizenship in this nation meaningless.

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  1. I think the point about DACA is that it is the prerogative of Congress to enact laws about immigration, not the President. Obama did an unconstitutional thing by his edict giving amnesty to children of illegal immigrants. Congress (Democratic from 2008-2012) had the opportunity of enacting legislation to do whatever they thought would be needed with respect to immigration. They didn’t do anything, whence DACA.
    So all Trump is doing is giving Congress 6 months to enact appropriate legislation. The issue is not whether children of illegal immigrants should be granted the rights and perquisites of U.S. citizenship–although that is a legitimate topic for debate–but whether the executive branch has the unconstitutional authority to do by fiat what should or might be done by legislation.

  2. PS–this is exactly what Pope Francis and the USCCB doesn’t understand. I can appreciate that Pope Francis, given his background in Peronista Argentina, would not know about the ins and outs of the US Constitution, but it is sad that U.S. Bishops are not cognizant of how our government should work.

  3. “But how does it square supporting people who have broken the law, spent their lives breaking the law…?”

    All the while being aided and abetted by a U.S. government that refuses to enforce the law.

  4. “but it is sad that U.S. Bishops are not cognizant of how our government should work.”

    Dr. Kurland, they know. They just don’t give a damn. On these issues, they are leftist ideologues, pure and simple!

  5. The irony here is that open immigration probably hurts – wait for it – African Americans more than anyone. It counters one racism by possibly enabling another.

  6. Can somebody tell me….why can’t people who bring their kids here get themselves & the kids on the path to citizenship? Isn’t this the duty of the parents? Why do they choose to live here illegally? And why are they mostly Mexican? When the children grow up and strike out on their own lives to Harvard as mentioned, or anywhere, why aren’t they filling out forms for citizenship? Why don’t the colleges help them? Why aren’t they becoming legal? Isn’t this what immigrants did in the past? I have not heard one person address their lack of responsibility, their duty to get on the right track and become Americans. Of course it also seems that there is no need for them to do that since it is no obstacle to school, healthcare, jobs, food stamps, entitlements, language classes, childcare, etc. Why bother? And if we wait much longer they will be given the right to vote too. Many have already voted illegally. All the bleeding heart sympathisers could have been helping them get their citizenship; schools & churches could be facilitating the process for the parents & the kids. Community organisations who are so vocal in defending them, could have done something to actually help them. I don’t understand how this has gotten so out of control….

  7. Christine, in the past those who went on to become citizens came here legally. Those who are here illegally would be hardpressed to become citizens because they would encounter barriers beginning with their illegal status. At least I hope they would.

  8. I can appreciate that Pope Francis, given his background in Peronista Argentina, would not know about the ins and outs of the US Constitution,

    Argentina is a federal republic whose central government is ordered according to the principle of separation of powers and has a Constitution enacted in 1853 (one of the world’s oldest discrete charters). It has also had an elected administration (without interruption) since 1983. I doubt you can find a provision in the Argentine constitution which allows the president to legislate by decree or to decline to execute duly enacted laws. If Francis doesn’t understand how this works, it’s more likely due to pig ignorance.

  9. Follow the money… all this “welcome the stranger” BS from these bishops is just window dressing for the millions they receive from the US government for “refugee resettlement” and “immigrant services.” http://www.wnd.com/2014/07/religious-charities-profit-from-open-borders/
    It’s a cash cow for an anemic church that’s hemorraging members.

    The Office of Refugee Resettlement’s budget has an allocation of $950 million for the DACA program. Even if the whole kit-and-kaboodle were turned over to Catholic agencies, it would amount to $47 per Mass-going Catholic. That doesn’t explain the bishops’ advocacy, or Francis’.

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