Wise Words from Cardinal Sarah

Some may object that I am paying too much attention to the small details, to the minutiae, of the Sacred Liturgy. But as every husband and wife knows, in any loving relationship the smallest details are highly important, for it is in and through them that love is expressed and lived day after day. The ‘little things’ in a marriage express and protect the greater realities. So too in the liturgy: when its small rituals become routine and are no longer acts of worship which give expression to the realities of my heart and soul, when I no longer care to attend to its details, when I could do more to prepare and to celebrate the liturgy more worthily, more beautifully, but no longer want to, there is a grave danger that my love of Almighty God is growing cold. We must beware of this. Our small acts of love for God in carefully attending to the liturgy’s demands are very important. If we discount them, if we dismiss them as mere fussy details, we may well find, as sometimes very tragically happens in a marriage, that we have ‘grown apart’ from Christ—almost without noticing.–Cardinal Robert Sarah, Talk: “Silence and the Primacy of God in the Sacred Liturgy“, 14 September

Ipse Dixit.

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  1. The time spent before our Lord in Eucharistic Adoration is, in a small way, similar to tending to our spouse. Listening.

    That’s the big one imo.
    Listening to our loved ones.
    Stop my busyness, empty my concerns and just listen to Him, Jesus.

    Cardinal Sarah and Dr. Kurland.
    Thank you.

  2. Each and every person is in the Sacred Heart of Jesus in the tabernacle and on the altar. The saints in heaven, the just on earth and the souls in purgatory are in the Sacred Heart of Jesus eternally.
    Disrespect for Jesus in the tabernacle and on the alter is disrespect for the person, our brothers in Christ, Through Him and with Him and in Him. God said: “You are men sacred to me for I, the Lord, your God am sacred.”
    The Sacred Heart of Jesus disrespected is every man disrespected.

  3. “…Lord, look not on our sins, but on the faith of your Church.” It is phrases like this that occur routinely throughout the Mass, that sometimes brings me to tears.

  4. I feel blessed to have been able to read the words of Cardinal Sarah with my mind totally open to considering his every word within the context in which he wrote (spoke) them. I truly thank God for my very recent ability to see that I was still in ways, despite my prideful efforts in the past in which I felt I was already reading in the fashion I just described earlier in these comments, when in actuality, I wasn’t. Cardinal Sarah has demonstrated a tremendous gift of being able to coherently elucidate his understanding of spiritual matters in a way that can be understood by the common person. I pray that God will continue to bless Cardinal Sarah in his ministerial and pastoral ministries and may God bless each and everyone of us in our efforts to open our minds, to help us to walk deeper and deeper into a life of true humility. As for me, I thank Cardinal Sarah for these particular words as they will help guide me along this journey heavenward, which I will strive to do by the grace of God.

  5. Speaking as a woman married 43 years it is equally true that how I relate to my spouse has changed over time and were we to do things exactly as we did in our first years it would not be appropriate. Marriage and liturgy are about relationship. Not just details.

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